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Neighbours Episode 2747 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2747 (Anne Wilkinson's first appearance)
Australian airdate: 19/11/96
UK airdate: 26/05/97
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Anne Wilkinson: Brooke Satchwell
Summary/Images by: Emily
Mal takes Jo go to the drag races.
Lance admits to Phil that he and Hannah made it all up; he's actually got himself a job.
Number 32
It's time for Lance to admit to his mum what has really been going on. She can't believe he has been lying to her all this time, and even worse, getting Hannah to join in on the lie. Lance explains to his mother how he was saving up the extra money to be able to send her and his dad away to a fancy hotel. Ruth is shocked.
LANCE: I just want things back the way they were.
Ruth admits to her son that although she loves his father, she is no longer in love with him, and it is unlikely they will be getting back together, but that it was a lovely thought. Lance is clearly upset by the realisation of his parents separation, but tells his mum it was only an idea and not to worry about it. He heads off to his room.
Number 26
Hannah appears to ask her dad for an apology, but he refuses to give her one, based on the fact he wasn't told the truth from the start. Debbie thinks it's only fair, given that Hannah led them to believe she was dating Lance. With their dad gone, Debbie teases her sister for having a crush on Lance, but Hannah only points out that now Danni has left, her sister could still have a chance with Luke. Debbie would rather choose her self- respect over any guy though.
Drag Racing Track
Jo has had a great time at the races, and suggests they go on to the pub. Mal however would rather go home and chill out in front of the late night television.
Number 24
Lou has come by to collect Louise. Marlene is more than happy for her to stay with her for the night, but Lou wants her to start getting used to her new home. Lou comes back to his idea of them all living together, to help give Louise some family stability. Marlene agrees, but they still have a setback - getting Darren to agree. On cue, Darren reappears carrying a sleeping Louise, he offers to help Lou by carrying her home, so they head out together.
Number 30
Luke is amused at how Mal's plan to let Jo down backfired in his face. Cath doesn't understand why Luke finds it so funny, and reckons it's cruel for Mal to be leading Jo on if he doesn't want to go out with her. Luke explains that Mal just didn't want to hurt her feelings.
CATH: Well you hurt people a lot more in the end if you don't tell the truth.
Jo and Mal arrive back, but Mal decides to head off. Jo is surprised but doesn't let him go without first kissing him on the check. Once outside Mal just looks more baffled than ever.
Number 24
Darren arrives back, so Marlene takes the opportunity to tell Darren about her ideas. He agrees that she is the most important female in Louise's life now that Danni has gone, but he refuses to live in the same house as Lou.
DARREN: No, look, we are being civil at the moment, but that's a far cry from living in each others pockets. Nan, it's just not going to happen.
Marlene asks him to think of Louise, but he refuses to be made to feel guilty and heads off to bed, leaving Marlene to come up with Plan B.
Ramsay Street
Mal and Luke finish up their run, and the topic of conversation is still Jo. Mal feels as though it's going to be even harder to break up with her now that they've kissed, so Luke suggests Cath's idea of going with the truth.
As they continue to mull over ideas, Ruth arrives home with a young girl. She introduces the two lads to her daughter, Anne, before heading inside.
Number 32
Ruth has shown Anne around, but Anne doesn't have much to say, other than she won't be staying more than a few days. Ruth heads through to the kitchen, leaving the siblings together. Lance can't understand why Anne doesn't want to live with them, but Anne just thinks he's looking for a fight, like they always used to. He wonders if his sister misses living with him, and although it looks like she does, she won't admit it.
Lance tells his sister of the plan he had to get their parents back together, but Anne say it wouldn't work given their dad already has a new girlfriend. Ruth has overheard but is relieved to hear he's moving on. It seems Lance is the one most upset by the break- up and asks his mother if their father ever meant anything to her before storming out.
Number 30
Luke has come inside from his run and is telling Jo about Mal's poor fitness levels. Cath sends him off to have a shower and takes the opportunity to inform Jo that Luke is just doing Mal's dirty work for him. Cath explains Mal isn't interested in her and is just trying to dissuade her from seeing him, but Jo doesn't understand why he just doesn't say it honestly and refuses to believe Cath.
Number 22
Marlene has come by to visit Louise. Lou explains she's had a rough night and the sooner they sort out living arrangements the better. Marlene explains she has already spoken to Darren, but feels it is still too soon. Lou isn't put off and sees it as a challenge to make the peace with Darren.
Number 26
Ruth pops over with rent and a bill for Phil. It is clear Debbie still hasn't forgiven her for the accusation she made, and Ruth admits she was in the wrong. Phil reappears so Ruth asks if he could meet her later at the Coffee Shop for a chat. He agrees; calling it a date!
Number 28
Darren finishes up paying Mal for the job. Mal reckons that his dad didn't do too badly, but Darren jokes he could still do with some co- ordination. Darren heads off just as Jo appears at the door.
Jo admits she knows the truth. Mal admits that he does like her, he just didn't want to hurt her and would rather they were friends. Jo understands that there is no need to rush things and suggests they go and enjoy the show again next week, with no pressure.
Coffee Shop
Ruth wanted to clear the air with Phil. Phil admits he feels bad for what he said to Lance, but Ruth can understand where he was coming from. She apologises for calling him a bad parent, but Phil tells her not to worry. Ruth admits that Lance's plan wasn't going to go anywhere anyway, as things are over between her and Bill. The two end up sharing stories about how their kids join forces and gang up on them.
RUTH: It's funny, you are always going to love your kids, but why is it so difficult to like them sometimes.
She apologises for whinging, but he's fine about it, so long as she returns the favour sometime.
RUTH: What, a regular whinging session?
PHIL: Well it must be healthy, we haven't even got to my problems and I feel better already.
Number 30
Luke heads off to post his uni application form, as Jo arrives back. Cath enquires as to how things went with Mal. Jo reckons Cath and Luke were confused as Mal just wants to take things slowly. Cath isn't so sure though and believes it's Jo who is confused.
Ramsay Street
Outside the boys share their side of the situation. Mal is chuffed that he got Jo to agree to just being friends, but Luke isn't so sure to believe his mate, and reminds him that Jo might not see 'friendship' in the same way he does. Mal is sure he's in the clear.
Number 32
Anne is telling Lance about their dad's new girlfriend. Lance can't understand why Anne hates her so much if she is as pretty and intelligent as she says she is. Ruth reappears, having scrubbed the bathroom for hours. She suggests they go out and do something as a family, but the kids are more than happy just sitting around doing nothing. Ruth gives up and heads off to continue cleaning.
Chez Chez
Darren has come to grab some lunch, so Lou takes the opportunity to give him the cheque for his share of the bar. Darren is pleased to have the money and explains it'll go towards his business. Lou asks him to reconsider his feeling about moving in as a family, but Darren is having none of it and tells Lou to just accept he will not be moving in.
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