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Neighbours Episode 2746 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2746
Australian airdate: 18/11/96
UK airdate: 23/05/97
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Emily
Hannah becomes Lance's 'girlfriend'
Karl can't bring himself to see a patient.
Ruth and Phil argue over their responsibility as parents
Coffee Shop
Lance informs Hannah that, as far as his mum is concerned, she is now his official girlfriend. Hannah recons they should start acting the part, by holding hands and stuff, but Lance isn't so keen. He declares that once he's got the money, then they can stop pretending and her dad will never have to find out. Hannah is more than happy to pretend for as long as it takes.
Number 26
Philip has arrived home in a rage, desperate to find Hannah, but Helen informs her son that Hannah is out. Phillip is furious to have learnt that Hannah is dating Lance.
PHILIP: I've had had a gutful of that family. If it's not Ruth ticking us off like little school kids, it's him sneaking around behind our backs.
Helen reminds Phil that Lance hasn't done anything wrong and they don't know the details of what's going on, but this doesn't change Phil's views at all.
PHILIP: He's 16 years old Helen, and my daughter is only 14.
Helen mentions that it doesn't prove a thing, and it could just be milkshakes and skateboards. She suggests that he talks to Hannah rationally before jumping to conclusions. Helen eventually establishes that Philip isn't happy because Lance and Hannah have lied to him. She encourages him to calm down and listen to Hannah's side of the story; otherwise he'll only go about making matters worse.
Number 28
Luke has popped over to see Susan, and reveals he's applied for a DipEd; Susan is impressed and congratulates him. He feels it's time he embarked on a career that is rewarding and she is pleased that her class didn't put him off.
While Susan answers the phone, Luke asks Mal about his preparations for that evening. Mal is shocked to learn that Jo is talking about their 'date' as more than just an evening between mates. Susan comes off the phone, concerned as to Karl's whereabouts; he didn't show up for his house call appointment.
Lassiter's Park
Karl is strolling through the park. He stops and stares out across the lake as his pager goes off. He turns it off and puts it back in his pocket.
Number 28
Susan is concerned she can't get hold of Karl, as he's not answering his pager. Luke decides to head off, but Mal quickly asks him what to do about Jo. Luke suggests he does something a little less romantic than going to the theatre, and heads off. Mal tries to reassure his mum that there is probably a logical explanation as to why his dad hasn't made contact
Number 30
Luke arrives back as Jo is trying to decide on an outfit for her evening with Mal. Luke suggests she goes for a more casual look. Jo can't figure out why Luke is making such a big deal. He admits he's been feeling lonely now Dannii has left.
Number 32
Ruth, Lance and Hannah are talking. Ruth thinks it's sweet that they are together and doesn't see why they felt the need to keep it so secret. Lance and Hannah are pleased that there idea is working, though are shocked when Ruth admits she let slip about their relationship to Philip.
Number 30
Mal explains to Jo that he's double booked himself for the evening, and that a friend of his had already invited him to go drag racing so he won't be able to go to the theatre with her. Jo is intrigued by the drag racing and keen to come along, so Mal agrees to pick her up later on that evening.
Ramsay Street
Lance and Hannah are heading over to face Philip together. Hannah believes she'll be fine by herself, but Lance wants to come as he is part responsible. Lance wonders if they should just tell her dad the truth, but Hannah points out that if he wants his parents to get back together then he needs to be able to save the money to pay for a trip for them.
Number 26
Lance and Hannah are forced to stand and listen as Philip tries not to explode in their faces. He tactfully asks how long they have been 'going out' and Hannah admits it hasn't been long, and that they are good friends. Phil asks Lance why he didn't pick a girl his own age, at which point Helen suggests that Lance heads home, leaving Phil and Hannah to talk.
Hannah doesn't get a chance to explain to her dad, as the father and daughter duo descend into a shouting match. Once again Helen is forced to separate them, and Hannah is told to listen to her father. Phil is adamant that his daughter will obey his rules.
Number 28
Susan is still concerned that they can't get hold of Karl, but Mal reassures his mother that if there has been an accident, someone would've called. Susan continues to fret as a subdued Karl returns home. He admits he couldn't go through with the house call and heads straight out to the backyard, leaving Susan concerned
Number 32
Lance is worried about what Phil's reaction will be towards Hannah, but Ruth believes him to be a rational man, and is sure he won't be too angry. Ruth suggests it may be best if Lance and Hannah take a break, but Lance says they can't; they could just hide it from Philip. Ruth doesn't agree and reckons a break would help calm things down.
Number 28 Backyard
Susan comes out to find Karl staring out across the garden. He admits he just froze at the house call, and kept thinking of all the things that could go wrong. Susan believes he needs to allow time to let his confidence return, but Karl feels he still hasn't got over the effect of Cheryl's death.
Karl sits down and reflects on how he was unable to make it through even a single day of medicine. He wonders if it really is time to call it an end. Susan comes to sit next to him, offering support in only a way that a wife can.
SUSAN: You have to do whatever makes you happy.
Susan informs Karl that he was a wonderful doctor before Cheryl's accident, and that maybe he just needs more time. Karl doesn't feel that time will improve things. He's finished as a doctor and he just needs time to re-build his life again. They hug.
Drag Racing Track
Mal and Jo take their seats to watch as the drag racing starts. Mal tells Jo his mate won't be racing till later.
Number 28
Susan has laid the table and got rid of the kids, to allow them to spend the evening together and give them a chance to talk. Karl is grateful and gives his wife a hug. He acknowledges that he needs to start sharing his thoughts and feelings with her again, and she agrees. She apologises for pushing him back into it; she just wanted them to have a secure future.
Karl reckons the next step will be to sit down with all the kids and explain his final decision to them all. Susan agrees to support he husband; no matter what the children remark. He knows he's made the family suffer and apologises, but Susan understands, and believes the children do as well, deep down. Karl knows he can't change any of what's happened, but he can move forward. Once the coroner's final report is out at the end of the week, it'll be time to move on.
Drag Racing Track
Mal is loving watching the races, but Jo isn't so keen. He apologises for bringing her along, but she insists it was her idea. He suggests they leave early, but with only three races left, she is happy to sit it out.
Number 26
Lance comes by to see Phil, but Hannah tries to persuade him out of it. Philip spies Lance at the door and comes to yell at him to go. Lance asks for a chance to speak, which peacemaker Helen permits. He explains the full story to Philip. Yes, they lied; but not in the way he thought. He isn't really dating Hannah, but working night shifts and needed something to cover the story to his mum, as he's saving the money up to see his parents back together. He informs Philip that it's not Hannah's fault and apologises.
With Lance gone, Philip asks why Hannah didn't explain, but she points out to her father that he didn't give him a chance, and he would never have listened to her anyway.
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