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Neighbours Episode 2745 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2745
Australian airdate: 15/11/96
UK airdate: 22/05/97
Writer: Christopher Gist
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Lord Steven Harrow: Stewart Morritt
Summary/Images by: Emily
Ruth is keen to meet Lance's new girlfriend.
Karl refuses to talk to Susan about decision to go back to medicine.
Billy warns Sarah that Toadie has gone after Steven.
Hotel Room
Jo, Sarah and Billy arrive to find Toadie sitting on the hotel bed with a nose-bleed. Steven is taking it all in his stride and it would seem he did nothing to hurt Toadie; he was just rather surprised. Toadie is so embarrassed that he gets straight up and walks out; Billy follows on. Sarah offers to make it up to Steven by inviting him back to her place to cook him dinner.
Number 32
Ruth wonders if Lance would like to invite his new girlfriend over for dinner, but Lance doesn't see the point, and claims her parents wouldn't allow it anyway. Ruth is happy to talk to her parents, but Lance doesn't want to bring her home, and instead heads out to feed the puppy.
Number 30
Jo, Sarah and Steven arrive back. Jo heads off to get some champagne to celebrate Steven's last night. Sarah apologises for Toadie's behaviour. Steven tells her how Toadie went to hit him, but missed and knocked his nose on the chair instead. He asks if she would ever be able to love him again, but Sarah doesn't get a chance to answer as Jo reappears with the champagne.
Number 28
Toadie can't believe what an idiot he's been. Billy points out he did kind of jump to conclusions, but Toadie has had enough of being a fool for the day and asks to drop it. Karl and Susan arrive to see Toadie's poor nose. Susan suggests Karl take a look, but Toadie doesn't want the fuss and so heads off. Susan asks Karl if he's reconsidered going out for dinner, but he doesn't see the point in paying for a meal he won't enjoy! Charming!
Number 26
Madge can't get hold of Harold, and is beginning to worry that he won't show up for dinner, but Helen reminds her that Harold will be punctual as always. Phil points out that he wouldn't have returned if he didn't want to get back with her. Madge wonders if it's really worth it; but admits she wouldn't be able to leave him alone. Helen reassures Madge that she'll have her Harold back before too long.
Coffee Shop
Hannah and Lance have met up to have a milkshake. Lance is concerned that his mum is about to spring the fact he doesn't have a girlfriend as he's running out of stories. He realises he can't say he doesn't have one, as then his mum will find out about his job, so Hannah suggests that she becomes his 'girlfriend'.
Number 28
Billy continues to tease Toadie about his mishit, but Toadie still rekons he has a chance with Sarah. Susan asks that Billy talks to him if Toadie is in trouble. Billy takes the opportunity to ask what his parents were fighting about. Susan admits they were having a discussion about his father's job, but Billy is adamant that Karl should return to being a doctor, as he's always the one who's going on about responsibility. Susan reminds her son that they have to support Karl with his decision, not force him to return to medicine.
Number 30
Jo clears the plates away to give Steven and Sarah the chance to say goodbye. Sarah doesn't regret the time they spent together, but he understands she can't give him any more than friendship. He gives her one final kiss before heading back off to England.
Coffee Shop
Harold has enjoyed his meal with Madge so much, he could have another desert! Madge jokes that that's what he was always like - keen to get a recipe so he could do his own cooking. Harold is curious to know what the old 'Harold' was like. Madge describes him as a charming, loveable, intelligent character, just like he is now. Harold would like to find out more about what he was like, and asks if Madge would help him find his memory; under professional guidance of course. Madge is more than happy to help and they agree to start the very next day.
Number 28
As Karl is getting ready to return to the surgery, Billy is trying to fix the dodgy drawer in the kitchen and asks his dad for some advice. Karl brushes him off, telling him to ask Mal about it. Billy is curious to know why his dad is being so weird about going back to work. Karl informs his son that he doesn't need the third degree from him, and that it's none of his business.
Number 26
Madge is delighted that Harold has agreed to talk, but Helen reminds her not to expect miracles as she heads off.
Helen asks Debbie to help her make a cocoa. Debbie is concerned about her Gran starting to cook, as Ruth warned her not to. Helen doesn't like Debbie fussing so sends her out to buy some more cocoa powder.
Number 32
Ruth tells Lance that there is some food in the fridge if he wants to invite his girlfriend over. He takes the opportunity to tell his mum that Hannah is his girlfriend. Ruth isn't so sure about it, but Lance reassures his mum that nothing is going on. Ruth agrees to keep it quiet, given that Phil may not be so impressed, and heads off to see Helen. Lance celebrates with a cheerful dance.
Number 26
Debbie arrives back with Ruth, to find Helen has burnt her hand whilst boiling the milk. Ruth is annoyed to see Helen has been cooking. Helen insists that it was her fault, but Ruth continues to blame Debbie for not taking care of her Gran.
The Coffee Shop
Billy is confused by his dad's attitude towards him, but Toadie doesn't think it's anything to be worried about. Sarah arrives, so Toadie hides behind the counter. She informs Billy that she's come to say thank you to Toadie, who pops back up again as the toast starts burning. Toadie admits he stuffed up, but Sarah thanks him for being concerned enough to try and protect her. She leans over the counter to give him a kiss on the cheek; the boys are left stunned.
Number 26
Phil arrives home, shocked to see Helen's burnt hand. He is all ready to have a go at Debbie, but Helen intervenes and admits it was all her fault - she just wanted to be able to make a drink by herself. Debbie is annoyed that everyone keeps blaming her, and storms off, leaving Helen to explain what happened. Phil is annoyed to hear that Ruth stuck her nose in and storms out the house before Helen is able to stop him.
Unknown Street
Karl pulls up in his car and parks on the edge of the road. He pulls a patient's file from out of his briefcase and has a quick look at the notes before getting out the car and walking up the drive. On reaching the gate, he pauses and turns back to the car.
The Coffee Shop
Following the counselling session Harold has even more questions for Madge. He wonders why his family never came looking for him. Madge explains that she did try looking for him, but failed to find him. He asks about his children: Kerry and David. Madge is forced to tell Harold that Kerry was shot; but that she loved him. Madge reminds him that there are also positive things; and asks him not to give up.
Number 32
Phil is furious with Ruth for disciplining Debbie when it wasn't her place. Ruth argues that as long as Helen is her patient, and if he is unable to discipline his own children, then she has a right to protect Helen. Phil can't believe what he is hearing and claims she doesn't even know the whereabouts of her own children. Ruth confidently tells him that Lance is currently with Hannah, even though Phil had instructed her not to see him.
<<2744 - 2746>>
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