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Neighbours Episode 2744 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2744
Australian airdate: 14/11/96
UK airdate: 21/05/97
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Lord Steven Harrow: Stewart Morritt
Summary/Images by: Emily
Sarah tells of the difficulty with her engagement.
Jo offers Mal tickets to the races.
Billy reveals his true feelings about his father's career choices.
Number 30
Steven has sent Sarah some flowers, but it just irritates her. Jo suggests that she offers to pay Steven back bit by bit. Sarah admits that although she earned lots whilst a model, she also lived the high life and so has very little to pay him back with now.
Number 28
Karl quietly appears from the bedroom as Susan is playing solitaire at the table. Karl begins to make small talk about the cards, and admits he doesn't have anything else to say.
SUSAN: I'm sorry. I was frustrated; I thought I would get the year 12 co-ordinators job. I didn't mean to take it out on you.
Karl just feels as though everyone is getting to him, and informs Susan how Billy yelled at him about his 'stupid mid-life crisis'. Susan reminds Karl that Billy was having a tough exam day himself, and that he is proud of his father. Karl is disappointed that his son thinks he's pathetic.
SUSAN: Karl, talk to me, let me help, we've always managed to sort through our problems before.
KARL (downcast): This is different.
Karl walks off back to the bedroom.
SUSAN: Oh Karl.
Chez Chez
Mal is impressed with Jo's betting system at the races and decides that they should go somewhere again as it was fun, only next time it'll be his turn to buy the tickets. He is about to buy the drinks, when she tells him to have it on the house.
Mal joins Sarah at the table, and wonders why she is so miserable. Sarah explains that she is being hassled by her ex-fiancé, who won't leave her alone until she either gives him a lot of money or allows him to put a ring on her finger. Mal jokingly offers to sort him out, but there is no point as Steven arrives on cue.
Steven asks to meet with Sarah, and she agrees to meet him the following day for lunch at the pub.
JO: Well I think he's lovely.
SARAH: What would be lovely is if he left.
Ramsay Street
Next morning, Toadie is hanging around outside waiting for Sarah to pick up her paper. As she appears, he tries to act cool and ends up talking about the weather. Sarah is finding it all a bit odd, but when he calls her beautiful, she replies that he's 'pretty cute too', before heading back inside.
Number 28
Toadie comes back in to the chaos of breakfast.
TOADIE: She thinks I'm cute.
SUSAN: Who does?
TOADIE: She does.
TOADIE: Sarah.
MAL: In your dreams!
Mal warns him not to expect anything more as her ex-fiancé has come over from England.
TOADIE: Oh, I'm in love. Like an angel she is. She thinks I'm cute.
Billy finds it amusing that all Toadie can talk about is Sarah. Susan suggests Toadie comes back down to Earth by doing some of the washing up she's been nagging him about.
With daydreaming Toadie off doing the washing up, Billy asks about his dad. Susan warns her son that Karl isn't doing too well and that he should take it easy.
BILLY: Yeah, I know, I went a little bit too far.
At that moment, Karl appears. Billy gets up to apologise to his father, and admits he was stressed about his exams and shouldn't have said all of the stuff he said. Karl believes his son spoke his mind, and agrees that it is time he thinks about the family ahead of himself.
KARL: So, I've decided to return to medicine.
Susan and the boys are shocked.
The Coffee Shop
Billy thinks it's much better now that his dad has decided to go back to medicine, but Toadie can't believe how selfish Billy is being about it all. Billy is sure Toadie would feel the same way if it was his dad, but all Toadie can think about is Sarah. Billy can't believe Toadie is so love-struck over her, and is even more surprised when Toadie announces he won't be eating anything - for Sarah is a model, and body image is important to her.
BILLY: This will be the first diet that's ever worked for you!
Number 28
Susan is disappointed that Karl never thought to talk with her about the idea of returning to medicine.
SUSAN: If you're going to go back to medicine it has to be for the right reasons.
Mal reappears, so Karl uses it as an excuse to head off to work. Susan asks that he comes home for some lunch, so they can talk things through, but Karl can't see why Susan can't be happy by the fact he's made a decision.
Work Site
Mal recons the work is almost done, so tells his dad they can knock off early. Karl will take the opportunity to head down to the surgery, but when Mal starts to talk to him about his career plans, Karl is quick to change the subject. Asking if Mal would like to play golf with him, Mal reveals that he has arranged to meet Jo again; as friends.
Erinsborough School
Susan comes across Toadie and Billy outside the school boundary at break. Billy is still all cut up about the effect Karl's job has on his street cred rating. Susan reminds her son that they have to support Karl in whatever he chooses to do, but Billy is still glad he's returning to medicine, as 'they all know he's better off as a doctor'. Billy walks off, leaving Susan and Toadie to follow him back to school.
Chez Chez
Steven is delighted to see Sarah, though the same can't be said for Sarah.
SARAH: Have you been waiting long?
STEVEN: Ever since you left me at the altar.
Sarah isn't impressed, and is quick to ask what Steven wants from her. She knows she made a mistake leaving him, but she felt trapped. She admits she's not sure what to do about the money, but Steven asks that they take it slowly and starts talking about the lunch menu. Sarah would rather know what he wants, and get it over and done with.
STEVEN: Why do you think I'm such an Ogre? The last thing I want is to see you unhappy. I don't want your money. You were worth every cent on you. Now, can we please relax, enjoy the meal, and stop trying to solve all our problems in five minutes.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie's latest plan is to try and find Sarah's ex and chase him out of town; for once he gets rid of the competition, she will be his. Billy can't believe what his friend is thinking.
Number 28
Karl arrives back from the job, but Susan is disappointed that they won't get to talk as she has to be back at school. Karl doesn't see why they need to talk. The family wanted him to return to medicine; he's returning to medicine, so what is there to talk about? Susan can't believe his attitude towards it all, and doesn't believe he's doing it for the right reasons.
KARL: For crying out loud, I don't understand you. Ever since I quit my practise, you've been on my back about it being the wrong decision. What the hell do you want?
SUSAN: I want you to be happy? But everything about the way you are talking, this sudden change of decisions; I know you too well, it's all a front.
KARL: Oh, is it?
SUSAN: Karl, please.
KARL: I came home for a shower; not an argument.
Karl heads to the bedroom, leaving Susan alone once more.
Chez Chez/ Lassiter's Complex
Steven jokes that they could have be having this meal out in Kensington, London, but Sarah admits she feels more at home in Erinsborough as it's where her friends are. Heading outside, Steven accepts that Sarah no longer loves him, but is happy to stay friends. She is glad that they aren't parting on a sad note, and agrees to meet him that evening for dinner before he leaves. Toadie watches on, as Sarah says a tearful goodbye to Steven, and decides to follow Steven to see where he goes. Billy reminds him that he doesn't know what's happened, and worries that they should be heading back to school.
Number 28
Mal is cleaning the mud off his work boots on the kitchen countertop. He is quick to tell his mum that he will tidy it all up afterwards, and he has put some newspaper down, but Susan doesn't seem to care right now. She feels that all she does is nag and nag, and that no one ever listens to her.
SUSAN: I mean where is your father's logic? He spends an hour in the shower, just to go into the garden and get dirty all over again. Anything, rather than have a conversation with me.
Cue, Karl walking in from the garden. He's come to get some fertiliser from the car. Susan tries to talk to her husband, but he claims he's busy and continues to head out the front door.
SUSAN: Why does he keep cutting me off like that? It's like trying to talk to a brick wall.
MAL: Mum!
SUSAN: I'm his wife for heavens sakes, we're meant to share our problems.
MAL: But you know what he's like. He takes things out on everybody.
SUSAN: Well I don't know what to do anymore. I've tried everything; he won't listen.
MAL: You know he's stubborn.
SUSAN: Yes, which is exactly why he's going back to medicine; to prove some stupid point, and it's all wrong.
MAL: He hasn't realised that yet.
SUSAN: No, he's realised. But he'd rather keep it all bottled up inside, rather than admit that I might be right. Why does he feel he has to punish me in the process?
All Mal can do is stand and watch as Susan stands there hurt.
Number 30
Sarah admits to Jo, that she is relieved Steven doesn't want her to pay back all the money, and says it was like talking to an old friend over lunch. She teases Jo that maybe she and Rob will get to that stage too, but Jo admits that she is meeting up with Mal again, and is keen to go and see the new romantic comedy in the city.
Number 28
Susan thinks it might be nice for her and Karl to go out somewhere together, but Karl would rather vegetate in front of the TV. Karl recons it's her chance to get him to talk about his future, but he feels he's had enough conversation for one day.
Jo has come around to ask Mal about the comedy. He agrees to come along, so long as he can have a snooze at the boring parts. Jo recons he won't need to, and mentions Sarah and Steven. Mal is glad to hear they have sorted out their differences, and Jo believes that Steven is actually a nice guy. Overhearing the conversation, Billy recons they could have a problem on their hands - Toadfish.
Hotel Room
Toadie enters Steven's room using the room service tactic. Steven doesn't understand who he is, but Toadie informs the Englishman that he doesn't like the way he's been treating a friend of his.
Number 30
Billy and Jo have come over to warn Sarah about Toadie's latest stunt. Sarah can't believe what she's hearing, and Billy doesn't make it any better when he reveals Toadie will do anything to get into her good books.
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