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Neighbours Episode 2743 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2743
Australian airdate: 13/11/96
UK airdate: 20/05/97
Writer: Susan Bower
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Adam Young: Nathan Godkin
Summary/Images by: Emily
Susan reassures Karl that everything will work out okay in the end.
Danni reveals to Brett that she is emotionally blackmailing Luke to come with her to Sydney.
Chez Chez
Karl has bought Mal a drink. Mal warns him that although he's doing well as an apprentice, but he needs to slow things down a bit, and not rush at things like a bull at a gate. Lou pops by and informs Karl that the money is his; all he has to do is pay the legal bills. Karl is relieved. Marlene comes over to congratulate Karl, but Karl can't help but feel like a charity case.
Coffee Shop
Luke can't believe that Danni would give up the job to stay in Erinsborough for him. Debbie can't believe she is hearing correctly, but Luke admits that he doesn't want to go with her. Debbie wonders if maybe Danni is playing with Luke's feelings to get him to go with her.
DEBBIE: I know I'm not president of the Danni Stark fan club, but I've known her for a while. She's a very determined person when she wants something.
Luke is left to wonder.
Number 24
Brett comes across Darren's list of items for his farewell party. Darren admits he's going to miss his little brother - though only in the work sense! Brett suggests that Darren should talk to Mal again, as they've worked together before. Darren agrees to think about it.
Marlene arives back and is disappointed to learn that Brett has found out about his party. She is, however, impressed that Brett has managed to get Darren thinking about working with the Kennedy's again. Trying one last time, she asks her grandson if he'll consider staying a while longer; he sticks by his word though, and gives his gran a hug instead.
Number 28
Susan is pleased to hear about Lou helping with their financial situation, but Karl still doesn't like the idea of being a charity case. Susan reminds him of her meeting at school, she is really hopeful for the position of Year 12 co- ordinator, but admits even though the workload will be much greater, the pay will only go up a little.

Over at the table, Toadie continues to pester Billy as he tries to study. Susan suggests that Toadie goes and tidies his room instead.
Libby comes through from the bedroom and attaches herself to her mother like a limpet, eating the food as Susan prepares it. Mal wanders in and Libby reminds him that it's Brett's farewell party that evening.
SUSAN: Do you think I need more beans!?
LIBBY: Oh no thanks, I've had enough, ta.
Chez Chez
Darren has popped in to pick up the booze for the party. Lou is pleased to see him and Brett getting along again, and Darren admits that there is no point in fighting all the time. Darren asks Lou if they could possibly look at him buying out Darren's share of the pub, so that he is able to put some more money into his own business. Lou agrees, and offers him a drink on the house.
Number 24
The gang have gathered to wish Brett a safe trip. Darren does the older brother thing and asks them all to raise their glasses (of champagne) to Brett. They cheer and Debbie walks over to give him a farewell hug. Watching on Luke reminds Danni that it could be her that they wish a good trip to as well, but he is glad she's staying for him. He gives her a kiss and wanders over to talk to the others.
Darren takes the opportunity to ask Mal about work. Mal reminds him that there was a time when he thought he'd never be able to work with him again. Darren understands, but Mal hasn't cut all options yet and points out that he's got Karl working with him. Darren reckons they could come to some kind of agreement.
Ramsay Street
Outside Libby is saying goodbye to Brett. He wishes her luck in her upcoming exams.
LIBBY: I hope so.
BRETT: I know so.
Libby admits it was tough last time he left, and it's going to be even more difficult this time. She reminds him that he is a very special person the way he's been able to pull his family back together.
LIBBY: You're very special to me too. We are closer than just friends.
BRETT: I've never felt closer to anyone in my life.
He kisses her and they hug, longingly. Breaking apart, Libby, almost in tears, admits she can't deal with him leaving again. She turns and runs off, leaving Brett alone. Brett turns to look back at the house, and spies Darren. He was watching all along.
Number 24
Brett returns inside to be met by Darren. He is all ready to run, but Darren reassures his brother he's not about to beat him up. Brett knows Darren will look after Libby and that's all that needs to be said. Darren gives his brother a sailor's hat as a present, and Brett agrees to think of him as he wears it.
Over on the sofa, Marlene is counting up the members of family who have left her over the past few weeks. Turning to Danni, Marlene is glad that she isn't going anywhere, but Danni can only look guilty.
Number 28
Libby and Billy are preparing themselves for their exams. Billy is panicked by the fact he can't find his calculator, but Susan comes to the rescue, complete in her new interview outfit.
SUSAN: Do I look like the new year 12 co- ordinator or what?
Karl is annoyed to have his breakfast is cut short as Mal informs him they are working at the school today with Darren, and have to leave now. Billy is mortified to hear that Karl will be at the school, and claims he will be bullied something rotten by the other boys, but Libby just finds it amusing. Susan worries when Billy admits he hasn't had any breakfast.
SUSAN (holding some toast): Billy, eat this.
BILLY: No, I can't.
TOADIE (grabbing the toast): Shame to waste it.
And with that, the troops head out the door, all one of them heading for the school.
Erinsborough High Playground
Billy is trying to get some last minute cramming done, but Toadie reckons it's too late. Libby goes over to see Darren, Mal and Karl who all wish her luck for her exam. Over in the playground, bad boy Adam winds Billy up about the fact his father is digging at the school. They watch on as Karl makes a fool of himself. Billy has had enough and walks off.
Number 30
Danni pops over bright and early to visit Luke. Luke reckons she ought to tell the company she isn't taking the job sooner rather than later. She admits she has something to tell him, but he's already figured it out. She doesn't want to give up the job; she'd just hoped he'd change his mind.
DANNI: Guilty as charged.
She admits defeat, but would still love him to come with her. He knows, but his heart is set on enrolling at uni.
DANNI: But this is a chance of a lifetime.
LUKE: For you, not me.
DANNI: Luke, please come with me.
LUKE: I can't.
Danni wonders if it means they are breaking up, but Luke promises that should she change her mind, he will be there when she comes home. She asks if he will come to the airport with her and he agrees; he doesn't want to have to leave her until the last minute. They share a kiss.
Erinsborough High
Karl is struggling to move the posts, so Mal tries to help, but Karl won't accept it. When Mal points out the error Karl has made with the digging, Karl can't help but feel got at. The kids appear out of their exam, Libby is pleased at how it went, and Toadie reckons he aced it, but Billy doesn't want to talk, and when Karl runs over to see him, Billy tells him to back off, leaving Karl lost and confused.
Number 24
Marlene is shocked to hear of Danni's plan to go to Malaysia. Danni admits the company only gave her short notice, and she's booked on the same plane as Brett to go to Sydney. Danni points out that she could be back in six months, and Brett promises to write.
MARLENE: It's not the same. I love you both very much, and I'm going to miss you.
Lassiter's Lake
Danni and Luke share a moment at the lake. She wonders what might happen with them in two different countries, but admits that she wouldn't want to call their relationship off. Luke reminds Danni that she was the most important person in his life when he needed her, and will continue to be.
Number 24
Lou has packed the car, so Brett and Danni say their final goodbyes. Brett warns Darren not to turn into the nice guy so quick, and Marlene sheds a tear or two.
Number 28
Susan comes home as Libby and Mal are enjoying celebratory pancakes. Susan is disappointed however to not be given the job, but Karl doesn't see it as a big deal.
SUSAN: No, I wanted that promotion. A little bit of support and understanding from you, wouldn't go astray.
KARL: I had no idea you felt that way about it.
SUSAN: Well you should have.
Susan storms off to the bedroom, upset and Karl starts to follow, but is sidetracked by Billy coming home. Karl asks how the exam went, and Billy claims he bombed out, and only managed to answer only half the paper. Karl is disappointed, and tells his son he should've worked harder for it.
BILLY: Why should I bother? I can just follow in your footsteps and be a labourer. Obviously all your study was a waste of time.
KARL: Don't you take this out on me. I've made an important decision in my life; at least I had a choice.
BILLY: Yeah, a stupid choice. And everyone in this house thinks so.
LIBBY: Will you stop it.
BILLY: You had it all, money, respect. But you threw it all away, because of some stupid mid- life crisis.

Billy runs off leaving Karl shocked at his son's outburst.
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