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Neighbours Episode 2742 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2742
Australian airdate: 13/11/96
UK airdate: 19/05/97
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Old Man: Bruce Lee
Old Woman: Diana Lee
Young Boy: Jared Daperis
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal
Brett is disgusted with the Starks fighting and announces that he's leaving Erinsborough.
Ruth tells Lance that it's ok for him to see his father after she catches him lying about where he's been.
Madge says that Harold has run off.
Number 26
Helen and Madge are in the living room. Madge is frantic that she can't get any help to find Harold and is upset that no-one is taking it seriously that he's ill. Helen says that he's been integrated back into society and is leading a normal life.
MADGE: Normal?! He can't even remember anything!
Helen says that she understands but from their point of view, he's fine. Madge says that he should be under treatment and that she needs to find him. She's extremely upset that he doesn't appear to be interested in her.
MADGE: Wherever he is, he doesn't love me and what's worse is that he doesn't even want to bother getting to know me. I've lost him again, Helen! It's just too much, it's tearing me apart.
Number 26
Phil comes into the kitchen, where Ruth is. He's surprised that Ruth's finished with Helen already but she tells him that Madge interrupted. She tells Phil that Harold has left Erinsborough and offers him a cup of tea.
RUTH: Not that you deserve one after the shower curtain.
PHIL: What are you talking about? It's a lovely colour!
RUTH: I'll get that shower screen out of you yet.
PHIL: In my day we didn't even have running water in the village!
Ruth apologises for being difficult - she's still troubled over Lance. Phil wonders if it's the mysterious caller, but Ruth tells him about Lance lying to go and see his dad. She's worried that he wants to and live with Bill fulltime because he misses Anne.
RUTH: It's bad enough being without Anne. I'd be lost without Lance.
Number 22
Darren visits Lou and Lou warns him that he doesn't want any arguments infront of Lolly. Darren assures him that he's just there to talk and promises not to fly off the handle. He fusses over Lolly and apologises for his behaviour last night - the stuff over the headstone was out of hand. Lou apologises in return and says that Darren and Danni were right - their father should be included. Darren says that there's enough room for both their father and Lou to be mentioned because he was a part of Cheryl's life.
DARREN: After all, you are Lolly's dad, aren't you?
LOU: That's right.
Darren seems reluctant to leave and Lou offers him a cup of coffee.
Ramsay Street
Danni spies Brett coming out of Number 24. She's surprised that he really meant what he said about leaving. Danni gets really angry, telling him that he's really selfish, shooting through without warning.
BRETT: You've got to be joking - you're giving me a lecture on being selfish?!
Danni says that she'll be sad to see him go, but Brett laughs it off - he's got plans.
Lassiter's Lake
Harold is sitting on a bench, his suitcase next to him. A couple walk past laughing happily and he solemnly watches them pass.
Coffee Shop
Danni bursts into the Coffee Shop and tells Luke that him and her are going overseas as she's just been offered the job of a lifetime. He looks shocked.
Number 32
Ruth is in the kitchen making a fuss of the puppy and passes it to Lance as he arrives through the backdoor. Ruth asks him if he likes the food she cooks, and he says that he does. Ruth then says that she dreads to think what the food is like that Anne and Bill eat, reckoning that it's probably fast food. Lance tells her that he likes fast food. Ruth asks him if he wants to go and live with Bill! She tells him that she wouldn't stop him if that's what he wanted.
LANCE: Are you trying to get rid of me?
Ruth tells him that it's the last thing she wants but she understands that it could be hard for a teenage boy to live with his mum. Lance is confused about why this has come up and Ruth tells him that she didn't understand why he lied about being on the skate park when he was visiting Bill.
LANCE: It wasn't true when I said I went to see dad.
RUTH: What are you telling me? That you lied to me to cover up another lie?
LANCE: Well...yeah.
Now Ruth's really confused! Lance tells her that he has got a girlfriend. Ruth is relieved and asks why he didn't tell her. He tells her that it's private and stalks off!
Coffee Shop
Danni is stoked - they leave for Sydney tomorrow and then they're off to Malaysia for 6 months. She talks about making arrangements for Sarah to take over the shop but Luke interrupts her flow, saying that he's found out he can apply to do a teaching course next year.
DANNI: Oh right. Well, you won't be back in time so you'll have to defer it. Now do you have a current passport?
Luke can't work out why Danni thinks that he automatically wants to go with her. Danni is a bit shocked - there's nothing to keep him in Erinsborough. She'll be earning enough money for the both of them, so Luke can just have a holiday.
LUKE: So your plan is that I go and just hang around doing nothing while you're working and paying all of the bills?
Danni tells him that the money is terrific and that she doesn't mind keeping him. (Do you think she's missing the point?!)
Number 28
Libby is inside with Brett and answers the door to Darren. Darren reveals that everything is patched up with Lou and Brett is relieved, saying that he can leave without feeling like a loser.
DARREN: But you are a loser.
He does the 'what's that on your shirt' trick and taps Brett's face. Brett laughs and makes his excuses.
DARREN: You're going to miss him, aren't you?
LIBBY: Yeah, he's been a really good friend. ...but as long as you're here, I'm sure that I'll be happy.
DARREN: Well, you don't have to worry because I'm not planning on going anywhere.
They kiss.
Number 26
Helen is playing with plastic cups. I imagine this is supposed to be part of Ruth's pretend physiotherapy! Helen tells Phil that he doesn't have to come rushing home. Phil protests and tells her to stop worrying. Madge comes through - she's packed to leave. She can't find Harold, so she might as well go. Helen tells her not to give up hope. Madge tells her that she won't ever give up hope, but she feels totally defeated. Phil suggests that she should stay for a few more days, but Madge refuses.
MADGE: I know this sounds silly to you, probably, but it's worse for me down here. I mean, there's so many memories of Harold and me. Somehow my life in Brisbane is separate. I think I'll cope better up there. I'm sorry.
Madge says that if Harold ever does want to find her, he can always pop around to 26 and ask. Helen tells Madge that Lou will be very disappointed that she's leaving so quickly.
MADGE: Well, at least he won't be as upset as last time I left!
Madge leaves. Helen reckons that she's making the wrong decision - and Phil agrees.
Lassiter's Lake
Harold is wandering around and walks past a small boy who's playing with a remote controlled car. The boy stops him and asks if he would fix his car for him. Harold agrees and as he's looking at it, the boy asks him where he's going.
HAROLD: I don't know.
He passes the mended car back to the boy. The boy tells him that his grandpa normally fixes it for him, but he's asleep (we see him on a bench in the background). Harold chuckles, and the boy asks him if he's a grandpa as well. Harold tells him that he doesn't know.
Number 22
Madge is surprised at Lou's skill with nappies, and Lou tells her that he had to learn. He's sad that she's leaving so soon - she's got friends here.
LOU: I can't understand Harold wanting to run away from you. I think he needs his head read.
The pair laugh, and Madge reckons that Harold is probably worried about what's in his head. Lou says that you'd think he'd want to know. Madge supposes that it must be overwhelming.
MADGE: If Harold doesn't want to remember his past life, I can't make him.
LOU: I'd give anything to have my life back.
Madge sympathises. She invites him to stay in Brisbane.
Number 30
Danni is still excited about the move, but Luke tells her that he's not going. He's annoyed that she's taken it for granted that he'd go. She's surprised - they love each other. Luke tells her that he's in remission and he needs his medical things. He hated Japan when he went with Ren - and the move to Malaysia would be exactly the same. He doesn't like the idea of Danni supporting him. Danni tells him that's his stupid male ego. Luke tells her that he's sick of wasting time. He needs to do something important in his life. Danni asks what will become of their relationship.
Number 26
Helen is sad that Madge wants to leave, especially with so many unanswered questions. Madge tells Helen that the questions will remain unanswered wherever she is as they depend on Harold and his attitude. Helen tells her that it's been lovely to see her and that she'll miss her a lot. Tearfully, she'll says that Madge is her closest friend. Madge invites her up to Brisbane, but Helen says that she isn't up to travelling yet. Madge thanks Phil for putting up with her and he says that they need to get to the airport. They open the door to leave and Harold is on the other side. He goes to Madge.
HAROLD: I have to know. Am I a grandpa?
Number 32
Lance is playing with the puppy and Ruth asks if he's thought of a name for it yet. Ruth wonders if Lance's girlfriend could think of a name. Lance quickly goes to leave and Ruth tells him not to be embarrassed - she'd just like to meet her. Lance tells Ruth that his girlfriend is pretty shy. Ruth suggests that he bring her round for tea, but Lance says that she's studying and her olds hassle her for going out on schoolnights. Ruth tells him that she just wants to meet her.
Number 26
Madge says that she can tell Harold everything he wants to know about his past - they've known each other since school, but she's worried about how much it'll be to take in. Harold says he wants to take it slowly. He apologises for leaving - he was just upset about finding out too much. Madge is sympathetic and wants to work things out together. Harold is upset at the idea that he might discover that he wasn't a person of good character.
MADGE: You were a wonderful person, Harold. You were loving and warm and generous.
HAROLD: But a bit pompous?
Madge laughs and agrees that he was a bit pompous! She asks why he asked that and he says that people tell him now that he's pompous and he wondered if he had always been that way. Madge tells him that it was part of his special charm. Harold asks if he'll like his old self.
MADGE: Yes, I think you will. Afterall, I loved you. And believe me there are only good things to be learnt about Harold Bishop.
They both decide to go and unpack as they'll both be staying in Erinsborough for a while longer.
Number 30
Brett has heard about Danni's trip and is excited for her, but laughs about the guilt trip she'd laid on him. Danni says that she's not going anymore. Brett is very surprised but Danni says that although the trip was everything she'd ever dreamt about, she's not taking it. Luke is stunned and Danni tells him that she's not taking it because he won't go with her. Luke can't believe she'd give it up all for him. Luke leaves for the doctors and tells her they'll talk when he gets back.
BRETT: I don't believe it. You're willing to give all this up because of Luke?
DANNI: ...no!
BRETT: But you just said-
DANNI: Yeah, I know. Look, I was just piling on the pressure. Ok, by the time he gets back, he'll have decided that he wants to go with me instead of me missing out.
BRETT: That is emotional blackmail, Danni!
DANNI: Brett, I'm going to Sydney tomorrow - I don't have time to be nice!
Danni tells Brett that she's doing it for Luke's own good because the trip will be good for him. Brett is absolutely astounded at her behaviour.
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