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Neighbours Episode 2741 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2741
Australian airdate: 11/11/96
UK airdate: 16/05/97
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Madge Bishop: Anne Charleston
Harold Bishop: Ian Smith
Summary/Images by: Emily
Darren is finally ready to say goodbye to Cheryl.
Lance asks Hannah to cover for him, but won't say why.
Madge is determined to help Harold return.
Darren is at Cheryl's grave as Lou arrives with Lolly. Darren notices that the flowers Lou has brought with him were Cheryl's favourites; gerberas. Darren watches in silence as Lou switches the new flowers with the old, and realises that Lou has brought her favourite colour too; pink. Lou asks if they can drop the hassle between them. Darren is determined to stick by his mother, but Lou points out that he feels the same, and maybe they should be helping each other through it, rather than fighting.
Number 26
Helen isn't too impressed with the list of Do's and don't's that Ruth has brought over for her, though Phil finds it highly amusing. Helen would like to be out in the garden pruning, but Ruth points out that it's too early to be 'playing with knives' as she could slip and hurt herself.
RUTH: It's just common sense, as far as the kitchen is concerned.
HELEN: Common sense is equal to boring as far as this list goes.
Ruth offers to go and have a look at the garden with Helen, which pleases Helen. Ruth however takes the opportunity to quiz Phil about the lack of a smoke detector in her new place, which shocks Helen. Helen informs Phil he must get onto it as soon as possible, though he is rescued by Madge, to go and help with the tea.
While Ruth and Helen head outside, Madge shows Phil the scones she has been baking. She is keen to take them across to Harold, but Phil warns her not to rush things, and suggests she talks to the people at Harold's rehab centre first so as not to scare him - besides they are all still strangers as far as Harold is concerned.
Number 32
Lance is trying to name the new dog, but can't decide on a name. Hannah is curious to know where Lance went last evening, and declares that if he doesn't share where he went, then she'll just have to tell his mum he was with her. Lance agrees, so long as she doesn't tell anyone else.
Lou and Darren are talking about Cheryl. Both men admit they expect to see her when they look up or turn a corner. Lou is pleased that they are talking again and suggests they all come back to his for a meal that evening; Marlene can put hers to one side. Darren admits that if Marlene knows they've called a truce, she'll agree to stop cooking.
Number 26
Madge has been on the phone to the Salvation Army team, they suggest that she brings Harold in for another assessment with them; rather than try to force his memory herself. Phil agrees that it's probably a good idea, and Helen points out that Harold is over at Marlene's visiting right now. Madge heads off leaving Phil to dig into the scones.
Number 24
Harold is not best pleased at Madge running his life, and declares that he will remember things at his own pace. Madge is keen for him to go to the appointment, and states she will pick him up in the morning, as it is what's best for him, but Harold just storms out.
Marlene wonders that maybe Harold doesn't want to remember the truth because it's too hard for him. He'll have to rebuild his life from scratch again.
MADGE: What are you saying? That maybe it's easier for him to forget?
Number 32
Ruth spots Lance heading out with his rucksack. He claims he is going to see Hannah, and his rucksack is because he's taking his skates with him. This reason pleases Ruth enough, so she sends him on his way.
Phil arrives with a screwdriver and smoke detector. Ruth asks that he puts it up in the hallway, so Phil asks for a ladder. Ruth admits she doesn't have one so he'll have to go and fetch one.
Number 24
Lou informs Danni and Marlene that he and Darren are talking once more, and that he was hoping to have a barbeque around his place that evening. Marlene agrees that perhaps the food she is busy preparing could be brought around to Lou's instead. Lou is also keen for them to live together as one family, so that Lolly can grow up with all her siblings around her. Danni isn't so sure.
DANNI: Time out, we still haven't had this barbeque yet, so don't go packing your bags. And, Lou; I would go slowly with Darren, cause he can still be pretty volatile when it suits him.
Number 32
Phil is up the ladder trying to fit the smoke alarm for Ruth, but isn't having much luck.
RUTH: Face it, as a handyman, you are a great accountant.
Phil knocks the pot of screws to the floor, which amuses Ruth greatly. Hannah arrives to find them both on the floor tidying up the mess.
RUTH: We're just clearing up your fathers mess..
RUTH and HANNAH: Typical.
Phil isn't amused by the support he is getting, but continues to figure out how to fit the smoke alarm all the same. Hannah came by to see Lance, but Ruth reminds her that he's gone to the skate ramp already. Ruth is puzzled by Hannah's response, but Phil doesn't see any issue, and recons Hannah is always in a daze.
Number 22 Deck
With Lou by the barbeque and the rest of the family at the table, conversation is little to none. Lou attempts to get the conversation going, but all Darren can do is agree that they haven't had a barbeque in a while. The phone rings, so Danni rushes off to get it.
Inside, Brett has followed Danni in, and she reveals the phone call was from Graeme Williams, offering her a meeting about a job. Brett believes it could open some great opportunities for her, but Danni believes she is happy just running the store the way it is.
Back outside, Marlene asks the family to listen to her idea for Cheryl's headstone. She would like to list Lou as 'life partner', herself as Cheryl's mother, and name the children. Darren doesn't believe that Lou is worthy of being Cheryl's life partner, over his own father.
LOU: I loved your mother more than anyone.
DARREN: Yeah, well you've got a pretty funny way of showing it. Running off into the country. Custody battles over Louise.
LOU: I came back here to patch things up.
DARREN: It's too late.
By this point, Brett can't take anymore, and standing up declares that their family is beyond repair, with all the petty fighting and arguing. He decides it's time to head off; he's leaving Erinsborough.
Number 32
It's the middle of the night, and the smoke alarm is ringing continuously. Ruth however isn't able to reach it due to not having a ladder, so calls Phil, whilst Lance leaps around in the background trying to poke it with a stick.
Ramsay Street
A sleepy Phil is busy trying to grab the ladder, whilst putting his dressing gown on a the same time and runs across to Ruth's.
Number 32
Ruth is glad to see Phil arrive, and the alarm is turned off so they can all return to bed.
Next morning, Ruth is curious to see Lance still doing his homework. He eventually admits that he didn't go to the skate park last night, but he went to see his dad. He thought Ruth would be hurt, but she tells her son he has a right to see his father whenever he chooses.
Number 26
Madge is in super duper organisation mode, as she gets ready to meet Harold. Helen reminds her to just relax, but Madge figures if she gets the worrying done now, she won't have to worry when she meets Harold.
Ruth arrives just as Madge heads out the door. Joining Helen and Phil at the dining table, Phil presents Ruth with a new shower curtain, as part of his ongoing landlord duties.
PHIL: As a landlord, I am required to maintain a serviceable shower. Last night I went beyond the call of duty.
RUTH: I didn't set off the alarm. Someone didn't install it properly.
Ruth doesn't understand why they have to be so petty, but Phil heads off to leave the ladies to their meeting.
Number 24
Brett apologises to Marlene for his outburst at the meal last night. Marlene is surprised to hear that he is still planning to leave, as is Darren who thought he was joking. Darren admits that Cheryl's death has thrown them apart, and that he in particular has been behaving like an idiot, but Brett has had enough of trying to keep the family together and he wants to be able to get on with his own life.
Number 26
Madge returns back, almost in tears having not been able to find Harold. He's moved and she doesn't know where to.
MADGE: What am I going to do? I couldn't bear to lose him twice.
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