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Neighbours Episode 2730 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2730
Australian airdate: 25/10/96
UK airdate: 01/05/97
UK Gold: 23/04/03
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Brett Stark: Brett Blewitt
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Anthony Davies: Justin Braine
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Brina
Sarah telling Catherine it's time for her to move out
Billy finding a personal message to Melissa inside the CD she 'bought' for him
Brett telling Libby it would be better if she left him
Chez Chez
Karl and Mal are discussing the Billy/Melissa situation when Lou starts talking about the renovation job he wants Mal to do with Darren. Mal refuses to work with Darren though and says he'll get Karl to help him. Lou seems happy enough with that and gives him a list of what needs doing so that Mal can give him a quote. Mal goes off to look around the pub and Karl and Lou start talking. Although Karl is enjoying working with Mal Lou says that he'll always be a better doctor than he will a handyman. That might be the case but Karl says he finds it very comforting that if he makes a mistake with this work he can take it apart and put it back together again.
Number 24
Libby wonders if Darren would have lied to her if she hadn't have found out about last night but Brett doesn't really know anything anymore. He's clearly fed up with the way his brother is behaving and I don't blame him. He still thinks Lib would be better off out of it because she'll only end up getting hurt, but Libby thinks she might be in love with him. She then realises that she only ever went over there for Brett's advice not to be talked into breaking up with Darren and all but accuses Brett of trying to make a move on her. She quickly apologises though and says that in the end she is the only one who can decide what to do.
Number 30
Sarah is vacuuming the sofa when Catherine walks in and sees a load of her stuff piled up. Sarah says it's some of the things she'll be taking with her when she leaves but Catherine seems to have other plans. Sarah says she doesn't have a choice though and the two start bickering. Catherine refuses to move out and says that they're just going to have to learn to get along.
Number 24
Darren comes in and immediately starts having a go at Brett about what he and Libby talked about while he was out. Brett says Libby's not doing well at school because of everything that's going on with Darren but Darren refuses to apologise for falling in love with her. He thinks he understands what's going on - it's more than friendship for Brett. Brett looks less than innocent. He doesn't admit anything though but Darren has decided he's not going to take anymore of Brett's advice and says that he'll eat out because the company has to be better than it is there.
Coffee Shop
Darren has ended up buying food there and Catherine is on another shift. Libby and Melissa then walk in and Darren decides not to bother with the sandwich he's ordered because he 'wouldn't want to interrupt anyone's precious study time' and storms off. Melissa wonders what's going on and when Libby tells her that he went out with someone else the night before Melissa doesn't think Libby should worry. If it was serious he'd be going out of his way to hide it. Voice of experience speaking there at all?! Apparently not - just common sense.
Libby thought Darren understood how important this year was for her but obviously not. She's not sure what she'll do if things don't work out but there's no point in dragging it out if it's not working.
Number 28
Susan and Toadie are coming out from round the back of the house with Susan on her way to work and Toadie off to post a letter to his mum. He was up early studying (I.e. watching Grand Final videos) so needs a break. Mal is packing up the car before he goes to work too and mentions that the kids these days have got it easy as far as exams and studying goes. Susan begs to differ though and says that he spent a lot of time watching TV too.
Mal appreciates having the use of the family car while he has no ute (Susan's using the bike) and says that Karl is doing OK too. Susan wonders if he's really happy though and Mal thinks he certainly enjoys having no pressure on him. He also mentions the trip away, at which point Susan thinks she must be the only one who has no idea about any holiday. Karl seems to be telling everyone that they're going away but has not told Susan.
Inside Number 28
Melissa is finishing up on the phone (presumably to Anthony) when Billy comes out of his room. Billy is in a foul (but civil) mood and makes small talk about studying and why Melissa needs to go to Trish's house to swap notes.
Random street
Toadie has just posted his letter when he sees Melissa running to get in a car with Anthony. Billy then appears too on the other side of the road obviously having followed her. Toadie tells him that the guy in the car did not look like an ex-boyfriend.
Danni's shop
Sarah's had time to think about things and tells Catherine that she was stupid to ask her to move out. They've both said some nasty things to each other but Sarah doesn't want Catherine to move out anymore. Before Catherine leaves she hand Sarah a letter that came for her and it turns out it's from her ex, Steven) who has got her address from the dodgy journo and wants to speak with her. Sarah's not too keen on that idea but Catherine just tells her to do it.
Number 28
Billy reckons he must be the biggest idiot ever because both Mal and Toadie told him Melissa was cheating on him but he still refused to believe it. Just then Toadie tells him that the boyfriend has dropped her off outside! Billy's got some talking to do and asks Toadie to leave them alone. Melissa walks in and Billy confronts her straight away. He then asks her if they're finished.
MELISSA: I'm just sorry it had to happen this way. I wanted to tell you, I just didn't know how. Please don't hate me.
BILLY: Get your stuff...and go.
There's a knock at the door and it's Anthony dropping off a book that Melissa left behind. Billy invites him in (the more the merrier!) and it's quite clear that the guy knows nothing of Melissa being in a relationship with Billy. Melissa decides to go and get her stuff and leave with Anthony now so Billy keeps yelling at him. Anthony says if he knew Melissa had been in a relationship he would have made her sort things out but also that she seems to have made her choice. He goes to wait in the car.
Karl and Susan seem to be trying to find a nice place to have some lunch together and are chatting about the fact Karl had to go into the surgery to pick up some post. Apparently all the patients are really disappointed that he's stopped practicing. Susan tells him he'll be difficult to replace but Karl reckons the new locum will do just fine. She brings up the issue of the holiday and Karl says he was more just thinking allowed - they haven't got the money anyway. Susan thinks it would be lovely to get away and maybe they could go with one of the aid agencies. They get a wonderful experience and the agency gets someone with much needed skills - like doctoring. Karl's not having it though. He opens one of the bits of post he picked up and it's from the Coronor's Court telling him that the inquest into Cheryl's death starts in four weeks.
Number 28
Toadie comes into the lounge and tells Billy that Melissa's still packing. She then comes out and starts to apologise to Billy. He asks her how long she's been seeing Anthony and she says nearly a month. He'll always be special to her though. Billy reminds her what she was like when they first got together - she hardly spoke and he was the only one who noticed her. He wishes he'd known then what a 'two-timing liar' she would turn out to be. Melissa turns it back on him though saying that he's hurting now as much as she was when she walked into his room and found him with Georgia. She gives him one final kiss and leaves.
Park picnic table
Karl and Susan are having lunch and Karl says he's just going to stand up in court and tell them Cheryl's death was his fault. Susan tries to tell him that the inquest is not aimed at him but will look at every possible cause of death but Karl's not having it. He needs to find a way to forgive himself.
KARL: Or live with what I've done.
Susan thinks part of the problem is that he thought being a doctor would mean he would know what to do in any emergency, but he's just found out that that's not the case.
KARL: Not knowing what to do and doing the wrong thing are worlds apart.
SUSAN: Come on Karl, don't be like this. Cheryl dying, it was a tragedy, but you're still living and you're giving up.
KARL: What do you expect me to do?!
SUSAN: Fight. Fight the way you tell the kids to fight when things get tough. You can get through this. We all can. Don't let us all down by not standing by your own advice when it counts the most.
Although still looking very upset and despondent, Karl seems to realise that maybe Susan has a point.
Number 28
Toadie asks Billy if he wants to do something. Like go down to Tony's and let the handbrake off his car. Billy is still wondering how he didn't work out what was going on though. The fact she was always telling him that she loved him meant there was no reason to suspect anything. Toadie tells him that the girls at school know Billy's a nice guy (and someone who wouldn't suspect a girl of cheating on him), but he didn't deserve what Melissa did to him. Billy says he told her stuff he hasn't told anyone else. It's not fair though because he still loves her and he doesn't think that's ever going to change.
Chez Chez
Darren comes in and wants a pint of beer. Lou asks him where he's been - he's got some work for Darren to do at the pub. Darren had other more important things to do though and he's just been told he's got the school fencing contract too so Mal will be spitting chips. Mal walks in and gives Lou his quote for the pub work. Darren asks 'what work?' He's furious at Lou when he finds out that that was what Lou wanted to talk to him about and that he didn't give the job straight to him. He also doesn't want any changes being made to the pub without his consent. Lou reminds him that he still owns the pub though and very soon Cheryl gets brought into the discussion. Lou thinks she would have wanted Darren to respect whatever decision she made and not try to fight with Mal. She'd be disappointed in him, but hardly surprised. Darren actually looks on the verge of tears at this.
Number 30
Sarah has spoken to Steven who wants things to go back to the way they were. Catherine thinks he sounds like he still loves her but Sarah doesn't love him. Catherine still believes that honesty is the best policy here though.
Chez Chez
Darren is sitting alone when Libby walks in and sits with him. He wants to go out and have a meal with her to celebrate his new job but Libby says they can't just ignore what's happened recently between them. In fact that's why she's there. She doesn't think they should be going out anymore and wants them to have some time apart. It's not the end forever but just for now. Darren can't believe what he's hearing.
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