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Neighbours Episode 2731 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2731
Australian airdate: 28/10/96
UK airdate: 02/05/97
UK Gold: 24/04/03
Writer: Marieke Hardy
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Grumpy Man: Cliff Ellen
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
Sarah telling Catherine that Steven rang and wants things to be the way they were; she's asked him not to come, but he's a very determined guy.
Billy murmuring to Toadie that he thought Mel loved him - and he still loves her and doesn't think that's ever going to change.
No. 30
Sarah exclaims to Sarah that she can't believe this is happening: she left the guy at the altar - when's he going to get the message? Catherine tells her that it's the same as with her and Stonie: if she'd been honest with him at the beginning, it would have saved a lot of heartache. Sarah sighs that every step of their engagement and their separation ended up in the papers and she can't go through that again. Catherine comments that it's not like her sister to be so stressed - she's normally so calm. Sarah snaps that she could kill that idiot reporter for giving her address out. Catherine comments:
CATHERINE: I don't understand, right. He's coming here to talk to you. Why is it making you so anxious? What on earth happened between you that makes you so afraid just to talk to him?
Chez Chez
Darren is sitting with Libby asking with a pained expression why she doesn't want to see him. Libby tells him tearfully that she has exams coming up - she needs some time apart. Darren tells her that he needs her to say they're not breaking up; doesn't she love him anymore? Libby just stands up and storms out, muttering that he doesn't listen.
A garden
A grumpy man is telling Darren what he wants done with his garden, but Darren is looking the mobile 'phone he's holding in his hand, not really listening. The man tells Darren to be careful of his flowers - he'll be watching to make sure he does his job properly. Darren starts the lawnmower.
Holy Roll
Toadie is talking on the 'phone. He hangs up and then tells Billy, who's sitting at the counter, that they've got a tortoise - isn't that insane?! Billy doesn't look impressed. Toadie mutters that he's a *real* ray of sunshine. Billy grumbles:
BILLY: Sorry for *living*. *You* try being dumped and see how cheerful *you* are.
To try and cheer him up, Toadie points out that the school holidays are coming up: they can go camping or fishing or play some basketball. Billy, however, insists glumly that he'll be fine.
No. 28
Libby is sitting with her father, who points out that he's the *last* person who should be giving her advice about Darren: they're not exactly bosom buddies. Libby murmurs that she's just confused. Karl tells her that if Darren cares about her half as much as he claims to, he'd understand that she needs to be in control of her life right now. The 'phone starts ringing and Libby leaps up to answer it. Darren comes on on his mobile and tells her that he really needs to speak to her and sort things out properly. Libby retorts that she's already told him what she needs to say and doesn't want to fight about it.
A garden
The grumpy man watches Darren he hangs up his mobile and puts it back in his pocket. Not really paying attention to what he's doing, Darren restarts the lawnmower and then pushes it forward and runs over the man's flowers. The man yells at him. He orders Darren to get out of there: he never wants to see him again.
No. 28
Libby is studying at the table and Karl asks how it's going. Libby replies that it's OK - it's just hard to keep her mind on it. There's a knock on the front door and Karl goes and opens it to Darren, who barges in, saying he has to see Libby. He walks over to her and tells her that he wants her to have the guts to tell him how she feels; either they're going out or they're not. Libby asks in astonishment if he's giving her an ultimatum. Darren retorts that he just wants to hear her say that they're still together. Libby stands up and snaps at Darren:
LIBBY: It's over.
DARREN (astonished): What?
LIBBY: I don't want to have anything more to do with you. If you insist on behaving like such an idiot then I want you as far away from me as possible.
DARREN (exclaims): You're serious...?
LIBBY: Yes, I am. Now, will you leave?
Darren hesitates before walking out. Karl gives his daughter a hug.
Holy Roll
Toadie is mopping the floor before closing and he suggests to Billy that they have a pre- exam party tonight. Billy, however, retorts that he doesn't want a party if Melissa's not going to be there. Toadie sighs that he's sorry the two of them broke up, but Billy should get over it. Billy retorts:
BILLY: I don't know why I bother talking to you - you wouldn't have a *clue* what it's like.
TOADIE: What do you mean?
BILLY (angrily): I've been going out with Melissa for ages and she dumps me. You have been going out with no one for - let's see now - no time at all and you're telling me to get over it?
TOADIE (mutters): I don't believe *you*. I may have never had a girlfriend, but I know what it's like to get burnt, all right? Do you know how many girls have told me to get lost? "No, let's just be friends, Toadie." "I don't like you in that kind of way, Toadie." It almost goes into double figures.
Billy mutters that he's not helping, and he storms out.
No. 24
Darren is sitting on the couch in the dark, staring into space, when Danni comes in. She asks him what's going on, but he tells her it's nothing. She sits down with him and asks what the matter is. Darren murmurs:
DARREN: It's Libby...
DANNI: Did you have a fight?
DARREN: No. She gave me the flick.
He explains that she said she had too much study - but they could have worked *through* that. He goes on sadly:
DARREN: I don't know what's happening. You know, everything's going along fine and now it's all stuffed. Mum died... and the business folded... and even Libby's walked out on me now. Things don't get much better than *this*, do they...?
The front door opens again and Brett comes in. He asks Danni what she's doing there and she explains that she came to get another kettle: theirs seems to have stopped whistling. Brett then asks Darren if they're on for tomorrow at the school, but Darren murmurs that they're not, as the school doesn't want any noise during the exams. He heads off to bed, leaving Brett to remark:
BRETT: *He's* cheerful.
Danni tells him to give Darren a break: he just broke up with Libby. Brett looks suddenly interested...
Holy Roll
Toadie is sitting having breakfast the next morning when Mal comes in and joins him. Toadie asks what's going on with Libby, as he could hear her crying last night. Mal explains about her breaking up with Darren. Toadie mutters that Darren's a veg- head. He adds that Billy needs cheering up as well.
No. 30
Catherine and Jo are in the kitchen when Sarah comes in and asks who's used all the hot water! Luke joins them and asks the same thing - plus whose undies are they hanging over the shower screen?! The 'phone start ringing and Luke answers it. Sarah says that it that's Steven, she's not there. It's Danni, though, and Luke leaves the room to talk to her. Jo comments to Sarah that Steven must be very much in love if he keeps calling her - he sounds like a wonderful guy. Sarah looks at her in surprise and Jo explains that she read about them in one of those English magazines; that's how she recognised Sarah when she first saw her. Sarah just snaps that this is her personal life: how would Jo or Catherine like this if all *their* mistakes ended up in the paper?
Holy Roll
Billy comes in and sits down at a table. Mal joins him and tells him that he understands about Melissa: she was probably a great girl and, although it probably doesn't mean much at the moment, there are plenty of them out there. He adds that he felt the same way when he broke up with Danni - but in about a month, Billy will probably have forgotten that any of this happened. Billy, however, snaps:
BILLY: You can't be serious. Melissa was the greatest girl I've ever met. Obviously Danni didn't mean a *thing* to you if you believe that.
He gets up and storms out.
Danni's shop
Danni serves some customers, who leave the shop. She then walks over to Sarah, who's standing staring into space, and comments pointedly that she could do with a little help with the sales... Sarah apologises. Danni asks what's wrong. Sarah tells her that she thought all her problems with Steven were over, but it's just a nightmare: Jo's been rattling on about it after reading something in a British magazine. Danni asks what's *happening* with Steven, and Sarah replies that he said he's coming out to see her. She goes on that Catherine's making the whole situation ten times worse: she's acting like she's siding with him and she doesn't even *know* him. She cries that she doesn't know what to do.
No. 28
Libby is trying to memorise Shakespeare quotes from a textbook as Karl puts on a tie. Mal joins them and asks his father where he's going. Karl replies that he's got an appointment with the AMA lawyer this morning. Mal offers him a lift, but Karl insists that he'll be fine. Brett comes in through the back door. Mal suggests that Brett stay and look after Libby and he'll give Karl a lift so that he won't be later. The two of them head out. When they've gone, Brett crouches down next to Libby and says:
BRETT: I heard about Darren. You OK?
LIBBY: Yep. I'm just doing my best not to think about it.
Brett suggests that she do some relaxation exercises. Libby tells him that she can't take a break. Brett, however, puts on some gentle music and starts rubbing her shoulders gently.
Holy Roll
Luke is sitting with Danni, ranting about Jo hogging the bathroom while they're all waiting at the door in their jammies! Danni raises an eyebrow and queries:
DANNI: Oh. Sarah and Catherine in their pyjamas? Just wandering around, were they?!
LUKE: These girls have no modesty! And I wouldn't exactly call what Sarah was wearing 'pyjamas', if you know what I mean!
Danni grins that she's not sure if she's too keen on him living in a house with all these gorgeous half- naked women! Catherine joins them and asks Danni if she's spoken to Sarah today. Danni asks if she means about the two of them fighting. Catherine says everything was fine until this Steven thing blew up - Sarah's over- reacting at the moment and it doesn't make sense. Danni says she doesn't see what *she* can do. Catherine replies:
CATHERINE: If you can think of anything, Danni, *anything*, I would be forever grateful - before one of us goes totally crazy.
Danni's shop
A while later, Danni is talking about Sarah about designing together, but Sarah sighs that it's a really bad time. Danni suggests to her that she think of it as therapy. Sarah, however, insists that there's just no point: she can't get motivated about fashion when her life's such a mess. Danni suggests that she take the rest of the day off. Sarah tells her that she can't let Danni down. Danni says:
DANNI: Whatever you're going through, you're just going to have to hang in there and deal with it.
SARAH: It's easier said than done...
No. 30
Catherine arrives home to find Sarah locking a suitcase. She asks her what she's doing, but Sarah retorts that she's got no choice. Catherine tells her that if she runs, Steven's just going to come and look for her; this is cowardly. Sarah retorts that she's not a fighter. Catherine sighs:
CATHERINE: OK, fine, just pack up and leave, but if you can't solve your problems with me and the others to support you, you're never going to get *anywhere* in life. And if you *do* go, then don't think about coming back.
SARAH (exclaims): What? You can'tó
CATHERINE (curtly): No, let me finish. I want you to be someone who is upfront and honest, not someone who runs and hides at the first sign of any trouble - so if you go, then don't think about seeing me ever again.
Sarah sighs heavily.
No. 28
Brett is still massaging Libby's shoulders as she relates Shakespeare quotes out loud from memory. Brett sits down next to her on the couch as he smiles that she's a brilliant woman! Libby grins:
LIBBY: Yeah, yeah, I know!
BRETT (seriously): No, I mean that. You were an inspiration to me when I went overseas.
LIBBY: Really?
BRETT: Yep. I thought about you all the time. How much I missed you... how beautiful I remember you being...
LIBBY (awkwardly): Well, what can I say? I'm a perfect specimen!
BRETT: No arguments here...
Brett stares into Libby's eyes. He then moves in and starts kissing her. Libby doesn't resist. After a few seconds, Brett pulls away and murmurs that he's sorry.
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Catherine O
Catherine O'Brien, Sarah Beaumont

Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2731
Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy

Darren Stark, Grumpy Man in Neighbours Episode 2731
Darren Stark, Grumpy Man

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2731
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2731
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Grumpy Man in Neighbours Episode 2731
Grumpy Man

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2731
Darren Stark

Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2731
Toadie Rebecchi, Billy Kennedy

Danni Stark, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2731
Danni Stark, Brett Stark

Malcolm Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 2731
Malcolm Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Catherine O
Catherine O'Brien, Joanna Hartman, Sarah Beaumont

Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2731
Malcolm Kennedy, Billy Kennedy

Danni Stark, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 2731
Danni Stark, Sarah Beaumont

Libby Kennedy, Brett Stark in Neighbours Episode 2731
Libby Kennedy, Brett Stark

Catherine O
Catherine O'Brien, Luke Handley

Danni Stark, Sarah Beaumont in Neighbours Episode 2731
Danni Stark, Sarah Beaumont

Catherine O
Catherine O'Brien, Sarah Beaumont

Brett Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2731
Brett Stark, Libby Kennedy

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