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Neighbours Episode 2729 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2729
Australian airdate: 24/10/96
UK airdate: 30/04/97
UK Gold: 22/04/03
Writer: David Allen
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Brett Stark: Brett Blewitt
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Anthony Davies: Justin Braine
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Brina
Catherine telling Sarah she's upset at the loss of trust between them
Melissa telling Billy she still loves him
Brett telling Darren he's out of the business unless Darren starts playing fair
Coffee Shop
Darren and Libby are chatting and Darren says it's nice to see a friendly face. He wants to go for a meal with Libby tonight but she doesn't feel she can because she needs to study. Darren thinks it's really about him and Mal but she insists it isn't. He persists but Libby says she just can't afford the time.
Number 28
Billy and Melissa are sat together watching the TV and Libby is trying to study at the computer. Karl tries to relax her by giving her a shoulder massage until she decides that Brett might be able to study. Karl goes out to feed Cassie so we cut back over to Billy trying to get a bit closer to Melissa than she would like. He thinks he'll miss having her in the house and wants to do something special like having a picnic by the lake. She wants to do some study in the library but says less than convincingly that she still wants to have the picnic.
Number 24
Brett answers the door to Libby and she asks if he wants to take her exams for her. She wants to pick his brains about politics and he says they'll need to go elsewhere because otherwise Darren might kick off - things haven't gone too well between the two of them with all this stuff with Mal. At that point Darren walks in and says he thought Libby was going to be at home studying. She explains she needed some help from Brett and Darren starts getting up tight about it. Libby and Brett decide to make a quick exit back over to Number 28.
Number 28
Studying might be fun here because Karl is sitting at the kitchen table 'playing' and cleaning his guitar, and Billy and Melissa are still watching TV. Karl jokes about Libby having managed to twist Brett's arm to help out but Brett admits he was happy to escape from Darren. The phone rings and Libby answers but it's Darren. He apologises for getting angry before but starts getting angry and insecure about the state of their relationship. He brings up the fact that she turned him down for dinner and asks how she would feel if he asked someone else out for dinner. Libby says that would be entirely up to him but she's got work to do and promptly puts the phone down. Karl and Brett have been listening to the heated discussion and Libby tells them that Darren can be so frustrating at times. She's not sure she can be bothered any more.
KARL: Well, that's entirely up to you sweetheart. You know you don't have to if you don't want to.
Coffee Shop
Darren walks in and Catherine asks if she can get him anything. He starts doing the whole 'it depends what's on offer' routine because he doesn't actually want any food at all, he just wants to see Catherine, but she's not having it. He says he was just being friendly and decides to leave. As he does so he runs into Sarah who's just coming in. Lots of apologising ensues and Darren decides to try his luck with the other sister! He asks about her living on Ramsay Street because he lives there too and invites her to have coffee with him. She accepts and Catherine looks less than happy about how easily her sister was charmed by Darren.
Number 28
Karl is now sat at the piano tuning his guitar (which involves him having to sing the note he's playing on the piano too), and not surprisingly everyone else is getting fed up with it. Libby yells at him from the computer where she and Brett are trying to work and Billy asks if he ever thinks of anyone else but himself. Karl decides to wind them up a bit more though so he carries on but is very quickly greeted by a round of 'Dad!' being yelled by various children! He accepts his fate and goes off to Chez Chez muttering that it's not his fault if no-one appreciates talent. Brett tries to talk to Libby about the politics work but she's not listening because she's too busy thinking about what Darren said earlier.
Coffee Shop
Darren and Sarah seem to be getting on like a house on fire even though she's already heard all his jokes, so Darren suggests they go over to the pub for a few drinks and he'll tell her a few jokes she hasn't heard. Catherine comes over and starts clearing the table but is giving Sarah and 'her lovely friend' very short shrift. Sarah asks what she's done to upset her but Catherine just says it's none of her business who she spends her time with. Catherine decides drinks would be a great idea so drags Darren off to the pub.
Chez Chez
Karl is having a drink at the bar and chatting to Lou about what to do now he's not practicing medicine. Soon the conversation turns to Mal and Lou says that he's got a renovation job that needs doing - enough for two. Karl reckons he could help Mal out but Lou was thinking more along the lines of trying to get Darren back together with Mal. At that point Darren walks in with Sarah and there are a few steely glares from both sides. Lou doesn't think he wastes much time moving on with someone else (even though it's not actually over between him and Libby) but Karl thinks it must be Darren's mission in life to put the Kennedys through the ringer.
Number 30
The next morning and Sarah is very sleepy because she got in very late. Catherine asks if she knows Darren already has a girlfriend and she admits that she didn't - he wasn't acting like he had a girlfriend the night before. Darren was the one to ask her out though so it's his problem if he's two-timing people but all they did was have a few drinks and a laugh. Catherine doesn't seem convinced though.
Erinsborough High
Libby and Melissa are walking through the grounds talking about Billy's suggestion of having a picnic later that day but Libby seems more excited by the prospect than Melissa. Libby spots a good looking guy in a flash sports car waiting by the school gates and he seems to be waving at Melissa. The bell goes for lessons though so Libby heads off. Melissa waits until she's out of sight and then runs over to the guy in the car - Anthony. He gives her a present - a new CD that she wants and takes her back to his place for lunch with the promise that he'll get her back in time for afternoon lessons.
Number 28
Brett comes round and gives Karl a pile of books that Libby might find useful for her studies. While he's there Karl asks if he can help with this holiday he's trying to organize. The islands up north look good and fairly cheap and he was hoping Brett might be able to advise them on what's good from his travels. Brett says he'll see what he can rustle up. Karl offers him a coffee and doesn't give Brett the chance to say no. He says it'll be good to get away especially for Libby given how stressed she is with exams but Brett admits it might not all be exam stress - Darren's not helping things. Karl admits he saw Darren the other night at the pub with the girl who's just moved into No. 30 (Sarah) and Brett doesn't seem surprised at that because Darren has always been a ladies' man. Karl asks Brett to keep an eye on Libby because she might need a shoulder to cry on.
Erinsborough High
Billy is wandering the grounds with a bag of food for the picnic when Susan appears and asks him what he's up to. He explains about the picnic and says that Melissa should be here soon. Susan says she can take the hint and she'll leave them to it - as long as they promise not to wag class. Billy says they won't. Before she goes though Susan does say that she'd like to go on a romantic picnic sometime and it would be nice if Karl asked her rather than her having to ask him. Billy asks if things are OK between them but Susan says things aren't quite right because he's still got Cheryl's death on his mind.
Billy says maybe the holiday will help but this seems to be news to Susan who wonders where Karl's going to get the money from. She leaves Billy to excitedly wait for Melissa to turn up for their picnic.
Coffee Shop
Darren and Libby are talking and Darren is apologizing for being an idiot. Libby isn't sure whether to forgive him and Darren admits that he gets jealous of other people spending time with her but it's only because he loves her. She says he has to give her some space during her exams and he says she can have it. She knows he's been under pressure too but they need to learn to give and take. They kiss. Catherine comes over with their coffees and asks Darren how last night was. Before he can answer she says it must have been pretty good given her sister didn't get in until 3am - she's sorry but she's sick of people being lied to. Darren tries to explain but Libby's not having any of it and says she has to go back to school. Bang goes their relationship getting back on track.
Erinsborough High
Billy is still outside waiting for Melissa but gives up and puts the bag of food in the bin.
Number 30
Catherine gets home from work and flops out on the sofa. Sarah wants to talk to her about all their fighting and she thinks that it's time Catherine moved out. Not right now but she wants her to look for somewhere else.
Number 28
Karl is busy playing the piano when Billy walks in slamming the door, throwing his bag down and sitting on the sofa. Karl asks how school was but gets no response so he starts trying to find out what's wrong. Billy doesn't want to talk about it so Karl goes back to playing the piano. Billy decides talking to his father would be better than listening to him play the piano so he tells Karl that Melissa didn't meet him for lunch as they'd agreed. Karl doesn't think that's the end of the world but from Billy's silence it appears it is. Just then Melissa walks in and Billy jumps up to ask what happened. She makes up a story about having been at a friend's house for the free period and that she lost track of time, but that doesn't explain where she was for the rest of the afternoon.
Melissa very quickly says she went to by him a present and pulls out the CD that Anthony gave her earlier on. Luckily it's one of the ones Billy wanted but he's still not happy or convinced. She suggests they have the picnic now but Billy says he threw it out. He then notices there's something written on the CD insert - 'To my beautiful girl, Love Tony'. Melissa obviously hadn't seen that yet so she tries to cover by saying it was already there when she bought it because she got it from a second hand shop - that's why it took so long to find. Billy says it's the latest CD though. Melissa says maybe the girl didn't like it but didn't want to tell Tony so she sold it straight away. Billy doesn't want it though and walks off to his room leaving Melissa to wonder if the cat has now been let out of the bag.
Number 24
Brett is trying to cheer Libby up with biscuits but she's not having it. Brett says Darren's just doing what he wants because he's upset and the best thing she can do is to leave him because he's not good for her.
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