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Neighbours Episode 2728 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2728
Australian airdate: 23/10/96
UK airdate: 29/04/97
UK Gold: 21/04/03
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Brett Stark: Brett Blewitt
Hoon 1: Luke Anderson
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Brina
Brett telling Darren he's only going to help him out as long as things don't get dirty
Debbie refusing to pick Hannah and Lance up from the city
Darren telling Mal he's already put a quote in for the fencing job so Mal will struggle to get it
Chez Chez
Ruth and Phil are finishing off their dinner and Phil is saying she's the strongest woman he knows. Ruth thinks they should be heading back but Phil tries to keep things going by saying he knows they have sticky date pudding and he thinks she's just trying to get out of paying for another course! Ruth agrees to the pudding and it's quite clear they are both really quite fond of each other.
Number 26
Debbie is grating cheese in the kitchen and Helen starts to get worried about Hannah and Lance. She thinks Hannah should have at least rung. Debbie admits that she did ring a little while ago and asked Debbie to go and pick them up from the city so she was just leaving. Helen is amazed that they've ended up in the city and says that she would never have let them go if she knew that's where they were planning to go. Debbie tells her not to worry though and heads off to get them.
Chez Chez
Phil and Ruth are talking to Lou at the bar and telling him the meal was better than usual and that they also share a weakness for sticky date pudding. When Ruth goes off to the toilet Phil and Lou start talking about Darren and the various problems there and then Lou suggests that things are obviously going well for Phil if the physio's shouting him dinner. Phil wishes things were that simple though. Ruth comes back and they head home. Lou smiles to himself in the way that everyone else is, because it's clear that Phil and Ruth will make a great couple.
Number 28
Mal is trying to sort through the rusty box of tools on the kitchen table and asks Karl if he'd hire a workman with tools in that state. Karl admits that he hasn't seen too many men with brand new tools either. He just tells Mal that if that's all he can afford then he'd better get them into shape. Mal complains that their should have been more money in the joint account and the few sheets of paper Darren showed him didn't make sense. Karl tells him he needs to see all the proper books but Mal quips that he needs to see the psychiatrist because he trusted Darren. Karl tries to reassure him that he'd much rather have a son who trusted people than one who ripped people off and that we learn from our mistakes, but Mal's not convinced.
Mal then starts on the phone bill and says that Darren's going to cop it this time when he goes back to talk about it but Karl doesn't think that's such a good attitude to have. This is clearly not going to be easy.
Number 24
Brett is discussing business plans with Darren but Darren's too busy thinking about how to deal with the fact that Mal has the goodwill of the business. He thinks it will be OK to phone the Handy Sam's customers to tell them he's now offering an independent service but Brett tells him he can't do that. Darren agrees that he can't do it - Brett can do it instead. Poor Brett tries to explain that he gave those customers up when he let Mal keep the business name - either he does business fairly or he doesn't do it at all.
A dark city street
Lance and Hannah are wondering along dark alleys wondering if they're ever actually going to get home and saying that their parents will be furious. Suddenly they find themselves surrounded by a group of teenagers who don't seem to be too friendly.
Number 26
Ruth and Phil are just walking in through the front door chatting and laughing when Helen tells them the kids aren't actually home yet. They start wondering whose fault it was that they ended up in the city and Phil blurts out that it was Lance who got them in to trouble last time when he 'gave Hannah a hard time'. He suggests they go out and look for them but Helen says that Debbie has already gone and seemed to know where they were.
A dark city street
The gang of teens have now pinched Hannah's board and are walking off with it, with Hannah and Lance following and trying to get it back. Lance tries to pull it out of one guy's hands but he won't let go. At that moment Debbie turns up and Hannah decides they should just get in the car as quickly as possible. The gang just wave their fists at the car as it drives off and they miss out on having a fight.
Number 26
Phil is pacing up and down shouting at Lance and Hannah for going off like that and for not being back by dark. Lance says it was his fault and that they were lost long before it was dark, and Hannah says that they didn't plan it but they were just having fun. Phil thinks they were just lucky that Debbie was here to pick them up at which point Hannah and Debbie start fighting again. Ruth tells Lance he's grounded for a week and that they're going home. Once they've gone Phil starts yelling at Hannah again and Hannah thinks Lance has changed. He still doesn't want Hannah seeing him again though and tells her she's grounded. If she's lucky he'll bring some dinner into her room in a bit.
Number 24
Mal has come over to speak to Darren and tells him he just wants to get on with running his business. Darren isn't going to stop him but Mal thinks he drew the short straw when they split everything up. He wants Darren to pay for half the phone bill up to when they split and Darren says he'll pay his half. Mal then questions Darren's decision to put a quote in for the school fencing job - Handy Sam's found the job and Mal's the one with the business name. Darren says until someone gets offered the job though it's a competitive world so there's nothing stopping him from putting a quote in.
Mal is less than impressed with Darren's attitude and leaves. Brett tells Darren he can be a real low life at times and that he's a business man who uses people and that he'd be laughing if Mal went bankrupt. Darren just thinks Mal's going to have to up his game now he's on his own. Brett's had enough of all this so goes off to the pub to help Lou who is a decent bloke.
Number 28
Karl is busy doing a workout in the lounge and running on the spot when Debbie turns up at the door. She says Hannah's not allowed any dessert so she's brought it over for the Kennedys. Karl refuses to eat any though because he's trying to keep the weight off and goes back to his workout. Debbie offers to put it in the fridge for the others but Karl tells her to leave it on top of the kitchen bench because knowing Toadie, he'll have it before he goes to bed. Debbie questions whether joining a gym would be a more fun way for Karl to get fit, but Karl just says that membership is too expensive. Debbie heads back home saying she's sure he'll get there with the fitness thing eventually. Poor Karl doesn't seem to like that and ends up giving in to the dessert that's sitting there staring at him!
Number 26
Next morning and Hannah is questioning Debbie about why she came to pick them up last night. Debbie explains it was partly because Helen was worried but Hannah is just grateful and agrees to put the whole thing with Danni's shop behind them. Debbie asks what was going on last night and Hannah explains that her skateboard was pinched. They start talking about Lance and that he is kind of cute and that they've both grown up a bit since they were last dating. Hannah asks for one more favour - she wants Debbie to cover for her while she sneaks out and sees Lance against Phil's wishes. Debbie agrees as long as she doesn't have to rescue them again.
Number 28
Mal is on the phone to customers who have been phoned by Darren offering them the same job at two-thirds of the price. Karl is not surprised by this and wonders if people might believe him now about the sort of person Darren is. Mal's not standing for this and wants to go and give Darren a piece of his mind. Karl tries to tell him not to do anything he'll regret but Mal's already gone.
Number 24
Mal turns up on the doorstep and gives Darren an earful. Darren really doesn't care and says that these people are the customers of whoever gives them the best deal. Mal is fuming though - when Darren got out of jail no-one wanted to know him but Mal helped him out and gave him a start. Now this is how Darren's repaying him. Darren's still not moving though so Mal accepts it and leaves.
Chez Chez
Lou brings over a meal for Karl and Mal and Karl says that he's paying. It's not that he's feeling generous but Mal deserves a treat. Lou asks if it's because business is going well but Karl indicates that that's a touchy subject so he heads back to the bar. Brett then walks over and asks how things are going. Mal replies with 'How do you think with that brother of yours?' He starts to get angry with Brett but Brett assures him he had no idea Darren had started doing that. Mal wants to know whose side Brett is on but Karl doesn't think he wants to take sides. He agrees that he doesn't and tells Mall that it's not easy being Darren's brother and that he'll end up back inside. Karl looks quite pleased at that prospect. Mal points out though that no-one else wants to put in the time and effort to get through to Darren.
Number 26
Phil is asking Holly if she's seen Hannah and then asks Debbie. She's supposed to be grounded but doesn't seem to be in the house. Debbie tells him she sent her down to the shops to get some milk but Phil thinks she should have asked him about it first. There's a knock at the door and it's Ruth who has come to apologise for Lance's behaviour and promises that nothing like that will happen again. Lance is grounded and so is Hannah.
Coffee Shop
And so Lance and Hannah are sitting together in the coffee shop wondering if there's anyone there that they know in case they get busted for being out together. Lance tells Hannah to make sure she goes back home with the milk she's supposed to be buying otherwise they'll be in trouble again. Lance says he'll make it up to her after she had her skateboard pinched. Hannah thinks he's not as bad as she thought and is happy to remain friends with him. Lance has to go so Hannah goes to buy the milk.
Chez Chez
Mal is picking at the food but tells Lou it's not the food that's bad, he's just not very hungry. Karl tells him Mal's been caught up in a price-cutting war so Lou tries to give Mal some tips on staying afloat. Mal says it sounds like both parties are going to end up losing money for a while and Lou says they probably will but eventually one person will have to give in because they'll be losing more money than the other one. Karl points out that Mal will need a lot of finances behind him to do that so Mal wonders if he should just bow out now. Lou says Mal just need to find a price that is attractive to the clients but still gives him a profit. Darren might be quoting cheaper but will be running his business at a loss.
Number 24
Darren is on the phone again to clients telling them that he'll do a better job than Mal for cheaper and that he hates seeing people get ripped off. Brett walks in and guesses that Darren has just done something dirty and underhanded. Darren asks if Mal's being having a whinge again but Brett just points out that he's quite right to be annoyed at what Darren's doing. Darren points out that they're no longer in business together though, they're in competition so Mal shouldn't be complaining. Brett reminds Darren he only agreed to help him run a fair and respectable business and tells Darren to start doing the right thing by Mal or he's out.
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