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Neighbours Episode 2727 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2727
Australian airdate: 22/10/96
UK airdate: 28/04/97
UK Gold: 18/04/03
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Bill Wilkinson: Ian Stanley Pearce
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Brina
Debbie telling Hannah that she's not doing her any more favours
Luke suggesting Jo goes for a meal with them despite the fact Danni already has plans
Ruth telling Phil that Bill could get violent if he knows she's there for the car
Chez Chez
Marlene says that she'll try and get Danni's money back for the meal but Danni's more bothered about the fact that their missing spending time together in the first place. She says he seems to be more aware of other people's feelings now with his cancer but that doesn't necessarily mean her feelings. Marlene thinks she should just help Jo out while she needs the help and that Luke will give her all the attention she wants in time.
Outside Bill's house
Ruth and Phil are sitting in the car talking about Bill, when Lance comes home. They get out of the car and Ruth introduces Phil to Hannah, although they already know each other because Lance used to be friends with Hannah. Phil and Ruth try to make excuses about why they're there but Lance isn't buying it. He agrees to go back to Number 26 with them anyway though much to Phil and Ruth's relief.
Number 26
Hannah is trying to get Debbie to do her Geography assignment for her but Debbie refuses even though Hannah once again tries to blackmail her. Debbie walks off though leaving Helen to ask what was going on. At that point Ruth and Phil get back with Lance. Things are clearly awkward between Hannah and Lance but they make their excuses and Phil gives them some money to go and have a chat at the coffee shop. Ruth apologises for everything but Helen says it's fine and suggests that Lance is told the truth - he looks like the sort of boy who could take it. Ruth wants to try and get the car stuff sorted beforehand though so Phil offers to go back with her to Bill's. Once they've left Helen looks less than happy about it all.
Number 24
Jo has come round to see Marlene and Marlene says that Luke's place must agree with her because she's looking better. Jo says she's had loads of support but Marlene says Jo has always given them support. She asks Marlene if she has a lemon meringue recipe because she wants to make it for Luke later. Marlene tells Jo she can't rely on Luke forever but Jo thinks that both she and Danni are very lucky to have someone like Luke in their lives. Marlene looks a little concerned about things now.
Outside Bill's house
Ruth and Phil are back in the car waiting for Bill to come home. Ruth explains that the kids still love their father even though they know he's not entirely blameless in their parents' divorce but don't know the extent of things between him and Ruth. Ruth doesn't want to hurt Anne by telling her what's really going on.
Number 30
Marlene has come over to talk to Luke about Jo and tells him to make sure he doesn't get too close or take advantage of her. Marlene almost spills the beans on Danni's surprise that she planned for the two of them but goes on to tell Luke just to remember that Danni wants to be sure that Luke still sees her as number one.
Coffee Shop
Hannah and Lance are talking and Hannah says she didn't think she'd ever see Lance again. Lance apologises for his past behaviour and says he's not a monster and that he respects her. He's grown up since then and wants to be around her - either she's ready to forgive him or she's not. Hannah changes subject and asks what Lance's new school is like and he says it's alright but it's just convenient for where they're living more than anything. Hannah goes to get more milkshakes and bumps into Danni. Hannah explains who Lance is and that they used to go out but isn't sure whether to be friends with him again. Danni reckons she should give it a go again and Hannah agrees.
Outside Bill's house
Ruth and Phil are now walking along the street and Ruth is explaining how Bill came home three hours late one night smelling of another woman's perfume. He still wanted his dinner hot though so Ruth picked up his plate of salad and put it in the microwave! The kids came home as Ruth was serving Bill a plate of steaming salad so she can understand why Anne decided to take her father's side. She still feels guilty for dragging Phil into all of this after everything he's been through but Phil suggests that maybe that's why he is so keen to help her through it all. Ruth thinks they should head home but Phil is happy to stick it out a bit longer.
Number 26
Lance and Hannah have got back to the house Lance is asking Helen where Ruth and Phil have gone. Helen makes an excuse that they've gone to the shops but Lance is still suspicious as to why Phil is driving her around so much. Helen wonders if maybe it's being repaired so Hannah suggests they go for a skate. Helen says that's fine as long as they stay off the roads and they're back before dark.
Danni's shop
Luke can't believe Danni talked to Marlene about how she felt before him, but Danni says it's no big deal she just needed to let off steam. Danni mentions the dinner flight but Marlene hadn't said anything. She tells Luke all about her plans and Luke says Jo would have understood and that they could go tomorrow night. Danni didn't get her money back though and it still wouldn't be fair on Jo. He says he can never accuse her of being selfish again and apologises. He suggests they go to the movie with Jo and then sneak off together somewhere.
Number 30
Luke comes back and is surprised to see Jo making lemon meringue for afterwards. Luke thinks that maybe Jo should have an early night though but Jo insists she needs to be around people as much as possible at the moment and that she'd be lost without people like Luke. Luke goes off to have a shower but Jo asks if something's wrong. 'No, what could possibly be wrong' comes the not so convincing reply from Luke.
Outside Bill's house
Ruth and Phil are still sitting in the car waiting for Bill to come home. Ruth wonders if he decided to take the car back to her place but he didn't as he now drives up. Ruth and Phil get out to go and speak to him and Ruth says Phil should stay back if Bill gets angry. Bill wants to know what she's doing here and Ruth says she's come to get the car. Bill says it's in his name but Ruth reminds him that she got it in the divorce settlement so it's stolen property if Bill's driving it. If he doesn't hand over the keys she'll report him to the police. Bill doesn't take the threat very seriously though and wants to know who Phil is. He doesn't believe either of them when they say Phil is just a friend but the fact that Phil has managed to keep Bill's attention and make him turn away from the car has allowed Ruth to nip round and take the keys out of the boot. A very silly place for someone to leave the car keys when they want to hang onto the car!
Ruth tells Bill to leave Phil alone now that she has what she came for and warns Bill that there's a witness to anything that he might do. Bill doesn't like the idea of being mature about it though and points out that he could flatten 'this sad excuse for a boyfriend' in a second. Ruth's had enough though and tells Bill to play anymore of these games with the law. Bill storms off and Ruth suggests they get out of there. Phil congratulates her on the way she handled the situation.
Number 26
Helen thinks both Ruth and Phil are very brave for standing up to Bill but Ruth is just grateful for the support she's had from both Phil and Helen. She insists on buying Phil dinner to make up for it and won't take no for an answer even though Phil thinks he should be the one buying Ruth dinner. Ruth say's they'll go to Chez Chez after Helen's physio session but Helen thinks that for one day she can manage without any physio and insists that they go for their meal (clearly seeing that there is the potential for more than just friendship between the two of them). When she mentions the kids, Ruth suddenly realises that she'd forgotten all about Lance. Helen tells them he's out skating with Hannah and they seem happy enough to leave them to it and go for dinner.
Debbie comes out of her room to see Phil and Ruth disappearing out of the door and asks Helen what's going on. Last week he was firing her and this week they're dating. Helen isn't sure they're actually dating but Debbie's not convinced.
Number 30
Luke tells Danni that Jo has suggested they all go back to the house after the movie so they might have to do their romantic thing another night. Danni's not very impressed though and finally admits that for once she'd like to be able to do something with Luke without Jo being there too.
Random Street
Lance and Hannah are out skating and Lance reckons she must trust him again if they can do this together. Hannah reckons it's still early days though. She also thinks they should be heading home because it'll be dark soon and it took them ages to get there. Lance isn't bothered though and starts messing around and doing tricks.
Number 30
Luke and Danni are telling Jo that they enjoy her company but that he'd promised Danni a big night out and Jo accepts that she's getting in their way. Luke tries to back track and say that she's still really special to them and that they still want to help her.
Random Street
Lance and Hannah are lost so Hannah asks Lance for his 50c and rings home to get someone to go and pick them up. Debbie answers but when she hears it's Hannah she tells them to walk and puts the phone down.
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