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Neighbours Episode 2726 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2726
Australian airdate: 21/10/96
UK airdate: 25/04/97
UK Gold: 17/04/03
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Brina
Jo thanking Luke for letting her stay at Number 30 but Danni asking if she should be jealous
Ruth talking to Phil about her kids and her divorce
Melissa sneaking out of Number 28 at night
Billy asking Toadie if he's seen Melissa because her bed hasn't been slept in
Number 30
Danni feeds Luke a piece of fruit on her way to sit down on the sofa for breakfast but Luke's not impressed that he still doesn't have a job. He also has to go and meet Susan at the school but he doesn't know what for yet. They decide that they should try and find something romantic to do that evening but without too much expense.
Number 28
Toadie has obviously told Billy what he knows so far about Melissa and now says it's time to face the fact that she's cheating on him. Billy refuses to accept that yet though and thinks Toadie just doesn't like her but Toadie says he just doesn't like seeing his best mate being taken for a ride. Billy says he doesn't like to see his best mate making up stories about his girlfriend and reckons there's a perfectly good explanation for why she's not around.
Outside Number 28
Susan is busy getting a bike ready to cycle to school and Billy has obviously come out here to try and talk to Susan about Melissa too. Toadie finds them and tells Billy he's kidding himself if he thinks she's doing anything other than cheating on him. Susan suggests they don't get into an argument but just go and get ready for school because they're already late. She questions Toadie on his own about the other guy Melissa was kissing because she would need to know if Melissa was doing anything that would be worthy of phoning her parents while they're away.
Back inside Number 28
Billy's sorting his school bag out when Toadie comes back in and he points out that as Melissa's gym shoes aren't in her room she could have gone for a run. Toadie has now got to the stage of just letting Billy believe whatever he wants to, which annoys Billy because Toadie was quite happy to make a fuss in front of his mum and make him look stupid. Billy doesn't think it makes sense that Melissa would make such a fuss about staying here with him if she was cheating on him. At this point Toadie changes subject - he wants to take the cat back to its owners before school because it keeps spraying everywhere. Billy thought the owners had gone oversees and Toadie says he's just going to give it to the neighbour with the excuse that it was homesick. No amount of money is going to keep him cleaning out Karl's garage every day! Rather than go to school Billy decides he's going to wait at home for Melissa.
Erinsborough High School
Luke is hanging around by the gates waiting for Susan, who arrives and apologises for being late - family business. She explains that she wanted to see him to ask if he would be able to come in and talk to the kids about his cancer as part of their Life Studies lessons. He's not sure what to say or what angle to take but he's happy to do it. Susan just wants something that's going to help the kids not feel like the illness is such a mystery and taboo subject.
Number 26
Phil is pacing up and down because Ruth is late for Helen's physio session and he has a meeting to get to. He won't leave Helen alone in the house but Helen says she'd be fine. Helen thought he and Ruth had sorted their differences out but obviously not. Ruth's never been late before so they hope nothing's wrong.
Number 24
Jo is telling Marlene that all she can think about is Rob and the break up so she needs to do something to keep herself occupied. Marlene says she should just take some time out all together until she's feeling brighter but Jo doesn't think she'll ever feel bright again. Marlene points out that Jo felt the same way after things ended with Mark but that she'll soon be feeling better.
Ramsay Street
Phil comes out of the house to see a taxi pulling up. The taxi is Ruth arriving. He asks if it was car trouble and she says it was something like that but is clearly in no mood to speak about anything at the moment. While we're still out in the street we see Billy waiting for Melissa. Luckily for him he sees her jogging up the street. When she gets to the house he asks where she's been. When she replies with 'where do you think?' he seems happy enough. When he tries asking where she went running she thinks it time to stop the interrogation because she needs a shower.
Number 26
Phil is still going on about the fact Ruth should have called is her car had broken down - he would have picked her up and he still would have been earlier for his meeting than he is now. Ruth tells him he's better get going then. She admits the car had actually been stolen and that she hasn't called the police because she thinks she knows who took it. Phil keeps making comments and Ruth just wants things left alone so she can deal with them herself.
HELEN: Yes, go away Philip and stop harassing the woman.
Phil objects to that accusation and says he was just trying to help so Helen tells him to be a dear and go and help someone somewhere else. He takes the hint and leaves.
Number 28
Billy is sitting on the edge of the couch waiting for Melissa to finish her shower so they can go to school. Melissa's annoyed that Billy waited for her - there's no need for them both to get into trouble for being late - but Billy just says that now they can walk to school together and she can tell him all about this ex-boyfriend of hers that Toadie caught her kissing. Melissa starts getting up tight about it all but Billy just points out that if she's got nothing to hide then she won't mind telling him about it all. So she tells him. It's Anthony, an old boyfriend who won't leave her alone and the excuse for kissing him was that she was trying to let him down gently. She thinks it really unfair for Toadie and Mal to go running to Billy with the stories and for him to believe them over her, and that that says a lot about their relationship. Billy looks less than convinced though.
Number 30
Marlene has told Luke that she thinks there are problems between Jo and Rob, so Luke is now bringing the situation up with Jo. She says she feels like such a failure because everyone thought she was being na´ve marrying Rob when she did and it looks like they were right. Luke tells her to get a smile back on her face and offers to make some food because he always gets the munchies when he goes through emotional stuff. Reluctantly, Jo agrees.
Chez Chez
Danni comes in and tells Marlene that she missed her at Number 24 when earlier and Marlene explains that she took Jo over to Rob's to get some of her stuff. When Danni looks suitably confused, Marlene tells her that Jo and Rob have split but only she and Luke are to know about it for now. That's also the real reason why she's suddenly moved into Luke's. Danni eventually tells Marlene why she's actually come to the pub, and that's to ask if Marlene can help her get a couple of seats on one of the DC-3 flights around the bay. She and Luke want to do something romantic and Danni thought she might surprise him with this. Seeing as Marlene knows the guy who organises the flights Danni thought Marlene might be able to pull in a favour given that the seats usually have to be booked two weeks in advance. Marlene says she'll see what she can do - she can't promise anything but maybe some free advertising in the pub might win the guy over.
Number 30
Luke has created a huge picnic for Jo and him. He says it would be better if there was lemon meringue pie because that was his ultimate comfort food as a kid - Jo's was fairy bread with hundreds and thousands - but she seems grateful nonetheless. Luke now jumps straight in and asks if she's spoken to Rob. She says she hasn't since she left because it was all pretty horrible - she never really fitted in and they always had to go out with Rob's business associates for dinners and she didn't have the confidence to just be herself. Luke reassures her that he and Danni will help with her confidence levels though and that she should join him and Danni for dinner that night. They haven't made any definite plans yet so maybe they could all go and see a film.
Outside Erinsborough High
Toadie catches up with Billy and asks if Mel finally came home. Billy says that she did and that she had been for a jog after all, but Toadie thinks it's still just an excuse. Billy appreciates Toadie just trying to look out for him but there's no need because Melissa told him the whole story. Toadie says if Melissa's story is good enough for Billy it's good enough for him and Billy assures him everything will be fine. Just then Melissa turns up. Melissa asks if he's still in a bad mood but Billy assures her he's not. She suggests lunch at his place and he accepts. He invites Toadie but he just tells Billy that he'll be busy and walks off. We see that Susan has overseen the last part of this discussion.
Number 26
Helen is talking to Ruth in the kitchen while Ruth is making a cup of tea for them both. She says she might not be much use physically, but she can still tell when someone needs to get something off their chest. Ruth admits it's her ex, Bill. She thinks he's started playing games again, like stealing the car, but there's not a lot she can do about it. He's refusing to sign the transfer papers on the divorce and while she could take it to court, it would cost a lot of money and take a lot of time. Even the police think she should take the matter to court. Helen thinks it sounds like she might have to but Ruth is still against the idea - she's scared of doing it because Bill can get quite agro if he doesn't get his own way and she's just beginning to get her life back on track. She's scared to make waves in case she just makes things worse.
Erinsborough High
Melissa comes out of school to find Susan is standing there waiting for her wanting a word. She's been made aware of a situation between Melissa and a young man and thinks they should clear up what's going on. She doesn't want to speak out of term but given that she and Karl are responsible for her while her parents are away she thinks she should know what's going on. Melissa says that Anthony's just an old boyfriend and that everything is fine between her and Billy. She admits she probably should have given them all some warning that she was going for an early morning run and promises to remember next time. Susan lets her go but doesn't look convinced that Melissa's telling the truth. Maybe because she isn't.
Number 26
Phil has returned and say that Bill has to be stopped even if it means taking him to court. Ruth's more worried about the kids though because so far she's managed to keep them out of the mess and she doesn't want to give Lance any cause to turn against his father. Helen says that the first thing they should do is track down the car and volunteers Phil to go with Ruth. Which he happily accepts. Helen thinks Bill needs to learn that he can't get away with what he's doing and that maybe it'll help if Ruth is seen to have another man for protection (even if she is being sexist. Ruth admits that it may be worth a try.
Number 28
Billy and Melissa are sharing ice cream out of a tub and Melissa is explaining how bad it must look with her disappearing all the time to netball practice, and that she's sorry if she hasn't been around as much as she should have been. Billy is alright with it even though it's been a bit hard and having Mal and Toadie see her with Anthony hasn't exactly helped either. Melissa says that she's only seen him three times briefly though and twice of those times she was sprung by the boys which was plain unlucky. She looks a Billy and tells him straight that she loves him and would never do anything to hurt him. He says he hopes so. She offers to give up netball if he wants because she'd choose him over netball any day. Billy looks thrilled at that comment but says he could never ask her to do anything like that. She asks him if he loves her and he straight away says that he does.
Number 30
Danni has arrived back at the house early surprising Luke and is busy telling him that he's going to love her for what she's done, but then Jo walks in. Danni says she's sorry to hear about her and Rob but that she and Luke are here for her is she needs anything. Luke says that he told Jo the same thing earlier and suggested that she joined them for dinner and a movie. Jo says it's fine if they've already got something in mind but before Danni can say anything Luke jumps back in and says that he's already told her they didn't have anything planned. Danni bites her tongue and just says it sounds like a lovely idea.
Outside Ruth and Bill's house
Phil and Ruth are in Phil's car waiting for Bill to come home. There's no sign of him or the car so they get out of the safety of the car to have a look around. Ruth just hopes he Bill hasn't gone and sold the car. Phil reckons she really needs to get this sorted out otherwise he'll always have the upper hand. Ruth reckons that's already happening because he knows she doesn't want to get the kids involved. She admits that Bill can get violent if he doesn't get his way and hates to think what he might do if he finds out she's come to get the car. She walks away leaving Phil looking a tad stunned.
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