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Neighbours Episode 2719 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2719
Australian airdate: 10/10/96
UK airdate: 16/04/97
Writer: Susan Bower
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Debbie telling Danni she was in Perth and couldn't have sabotaged the clothes
Helen catching Debbie out about the storm - how did she know?
The solicitor telling Lou he's the sole beneficiary of Cheryl's estate
Danni's shop
Danni has found one dress that they missed in their repair session and Sarah says that Graeme didn't see it so it's fine. Cath takes an early finish as she's got to go and see Stonie about running the Coffee Shop. Danni thanks Sarah for her help and mutters she could kill Debbie - but she can't prove it. Luke arrives and Sarah mentions getting a take out that night, but he's planning on cooking a meal for him and Danni. He invites her over for a quiet dinner for two and she's pleased at spending some time with him.
Coffee Shop
Cath spots Debbie and makes a comment about Debbie having free time when she's been flat out repairing clothes in the shop. Debbie asks if Danni's still there and heads off.
Cath admits to Stonie she's nervous about taking over - serving is different to running the place.
Hannah and Toadie are unhappy about the impending move and Hannah suggests he ask the Kennedys if he can stay but he reckons there is no chance they'd say yes.
Danni's shop
Sarah gets off the phone and tells Danni that the prize trip to Perth wasn't used. Danni says it's not actual proof that Debbie did it, just that she wasn't in Perth. Lou arrives and asks to speak to her in private. He tells her that he'd never try and do them out of something that was theirs and that he's got the lot. He says he wants to keep the pub but the money's theirs - and he'll buy the pub off them anyway. Danni's pleased and Lou says Brett's on board too. Lou broaches Darren and knows he won't be thrilled about it.
Coffee Shop
Hannah's talking about what she would do if she were the one moving . Toadie tells them that when he lived in Colac he was lonely, people only noticed him when they wanted something. He doesn't want to leave Billy; he's the best friend he's ever had.
Chez Chez
Mal wants to know what else Karl could do for a job and wonders if it's a mid-life crisis! Karl says he's in control for once.
Darren is not impressed with the will and says he can sweet talk the others but he'll fight. Lou doesn't want a fight but seems Darren is intent on giving him one.
Danni's shop
Danni tells Sarah she can't go to the police as there was no forced entry and all the damage has been repaired. Instead she's going for the "tell-tale heart" approach - dropping hints until Debbie goes mad and confesses. The subject changes to her upcoming date with Luke that night and she wonders if it's casual or dress up. They did say they'd take it slow, but...!
Debbie comes in and wants to talk so Sarah makes a quick exit. Debbie admits she was the one who caused the damage, getting in with copied keys, booking into a local hotel. She says it's because of Luke; she thought she loved him and the Danni turned up... She felt sick after she'd done it and Danni's got every right to go to the police.
Mal needs someone to help him with a job in the morning and is having no luck finding someone. Hannah comes over to speak to "Doctor Kennedy" for some advice but Karl tells her a little less of the 'doctor' and as long as it's not medical, fire away. Hannah then talks about "this guy" who doesn't want to move from his friends and his school... Karl quickly pegs it's about Toadie and Hannah replies that if he had a good home things might be OK. Again, Karl quickly works out that Hannah's fishing for them to offer Toadie somewhere to stay and is not happy. Karl shows Hannah to the door but she comes back in and points out that Toadie helps Billy with his homework and they're best mates. Karl tells Hannah to send Toadie over so they can chat.
Chez Chez
Danni is buying a bottle of champagne and Darren remarks that at least it's for dinner and not to celebrate coming into money. He thinks Lou is trying to take over and doesn't want him doing them any favours. Danni points out that it's their mum's will but Darren thinks she hated him in the end and he'll fight it.
Karl assures Mal that he's not saying yes to Toadie, he wants to know if Toadie does help Billy. Mal quips that Karl is changing but he's just exploring different paths. For example, Mal needs someone to help him out. He could be that someone. Mal isn't impressed.
Number 30
Danni is impressed with the effort Luke has gone to and he asks what she'll do about Debbie. The confession has ruined the plan and Luke wonders if she needs help. Danni reckons she was just upset over Luke.
Number 32
Toadie's unhappy that things aren't working out for him when Hannah comes over and says she's almost talked Karl into letting him stay. She says he was impressed when he found out Toadie was helping Billy and Toadie is thrilled to the point of planting a kiss on Hannah! Stonie can't believe he's trying to get out of the move.
Number 30
Post dinner, Danni is helping with the washing up and joking that the special night has turned into manual labour! Luke says the situation reminds him of the first time he kissed her and they reminisce and re-enact the build up. Danni says she doesn't remember the actual kiss so Luke offers to remind her.
Lou wants to move into number 22 - Karl says Danni has first refusal but Mal reckons she'll move in with Marlene. Lou informs them that he's reimbursed the kids for the pub but Darren's a "horse of a different colour".
Toadie comes over and tells Karl he's come over to see if Billy's ready for his next study session.
Danni comes over to speak to Debbie about what happened. Debbie thanks her for not going to the police but Danni says if she catches Debbie near her stuff again then she won't be as nice. Debbie thanks her for not saying anything to anyone as she'd have to leave town if everyone knew. Danni remarks that she'll bear that in mind and leaves. As Debbie closes the door we see that Hannah has heard every word...
Toadie thinks that if he moves to the country then he will become a rough diamond buried in the ground, never shining or sparkling. But with Billy, maybe they both could shine. Karl tells him he runs a tight ship : cleaning, no noise... Karl isn't sure Angie will be happy with this but Toadie replies that she will put his education first.
TOADIE: Look, can I be honest?
KARL: I don't know. Can you?
Toadie admits he doesn't want to move and he'll do anything. Karl was going to say yes anyway, but he thanks Toadie for letting him know how desperate he is and it will be used against him! Toadie doesn't care! Karl tells him he has a three month trial Toadie nearly skips out of the door.
Mal jokes that he's turning nice and Karl suggests like father, like son? Mal points out he knows nothing about carpentry so it's still a no.
Number 32
Toadie is raving about the yes from Karl and Stonie asks what Toadie plans to tell their mum. The move is about the family - he should think of someone else because him not coming will really hurt her.
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