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Neighbours Episode 2718 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2718
Australian airdate: 09/10/96
UK airdate: 15/04/97
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Brett Stark Brett Blewitt
Ruth Wilkinson Ailsa Piper
Bruce Smith Richard Neal
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Debbie telling Luke she had nothing to do with damaging Danni's clothes
Marlene asking Lou not to take Lolly away from her
Helen and Phil are talking about Lou's arrival mid-wake. Phil is more concerned with how exhausted Helen is - she really shouldn't have been on her feet all day. He wants her to postpone Ruth's visit but she's adamant; she will have her appointment. Lou comes over to return Helen's purse and admits to the whole situation being a bit of a shock. He tells Phil about the letter and Phil asks what his plans are for Louise. Lou admits that Ramsay Street is home and Helen tells him it could be again. Ruth arrives as Lou's leaving and immediately pegs how exhausted Helen is - and shoots an unimpressed glance at Phil!
Back of Number 24
Brett is taking out the rubbish, pouring half of it on the deck! He wants Debbie to talk to him about anything to distract him and asks about her trip to Perth. Debbie gives a few vague details before changing the subject to Lou's return. Brett doesn't know what Lou plans to do but says Marlene is convinced he's going to take Louise away. Brett talks about saying goodbye to his mum; it'll be weird without her running his life for him! She went through so much for him and he never thanked her. He tells Debbie you should wipe the slate clean when you get a chance.
Karl stands at Cheryl's grave and quietly lays some flowers on it.
Ruth wants to re-schedule the appointment, understanding that today was an exception but warns Helen against stressing herself out. Debbie comes home and tells Helen that Brett is doing well considering. She then begins to talk about having a clean conscience and confessing when you have the chance - unless it's better to keep your head down? Helen wants to know what she's talking about but Debbie says it's hypothetical.
In the kitchen Ruth is telling Phil that Helen should have a wheelchair or a seat so she shouldn't have to stand for so long - independence in relativity to her ability.
Chez Chez
Karl is drowning his sorrows when Lou comes in. Karl thinks that Lou has come to have a go at him but Lou wants to thank him for doing what he could - at least Cheryl didn't die in pain. He knows what happened and tells Karl he couldn't have known. Lou tells Karl to forget Darren as none of them blame him, but Karl thinks he's still responsible.
Helen tells Brett it's a shame he came home under these circumstances and broaches Debbie's opinion that he's coping. He says he's not had time to think about it as there's so much going on with the family and the Kennedys. Helen says he's putting others first and needs to grieve too. He changes topic to the letters he's sent her and then says he has to go. Helen states that he misses her and he's allowed to, and it's OK to cry. Brett finally breaks down and hugs Helen.
Kennedy back yard
Karl's cooking on the BBQ and Susan's pleased he's eating properly. He tells her that going to the grave helped and about Lou's forgiveness. He's been doing a lot of soul searching and losing Cheryl under those circumstances means he failed - if he can't make the right decision under those circumstances he's not a good doctor. So he's quitting medicine.
Lou comes over to ask Phil for a favour in confidence - he wants to buy the pub. If the kids decide to sell their shares he'll make them an offer. He needs Phil to go over the books and give advice on whether it's a good buy.
Ramsay Street
Phil, Karl and Susan are gardening their respective front gardens while Phil raves about the personality clash with Ruth. He asks his "local GP" for another physio recommendation and Karl replies that he's no longer the local GP. He's just plain old Karl Kennedy. Susan is not happy!
Debbie is fussing over Helen and she asks about the hypothetical situation. Debbie reckons she's got it sorted and Helen says if it's not hypothetical she could help but Debbie's OK now, saying it's not that big a deal anymore. She says she's going to go water the garden but Helen says it probably doesn't need it after last week's downpour. Debbie agrees, saying the storm came out of nowhere.
Phil comes in with a secret for them to guess - he tells Helen and Debbie about Karl quitting medicine.
Kennedy back yard
Susan wants Karl to wait and not tell everyone right away. He doesn't see the point in waiting but she wants him to think about it. He reckons she wants him to back down but she doesn't want him to rush into it. He's not been thinking clearly but they need to be practical - what about the patients, his salary, the payments on number 22? Karl's more concerned with his emotional wellbeing and accuses her of not understanding.
Number 24
Lou is colouring in with Lolly and muses that Cheryl will miss out on so much. Brett comes in and they admit it's not going well. Too many things unsaid, undone. Brett says they need to hang onto the good times and Lou quips he's getting philosophical. Lou answers the phone and it's Cheryl's solicitor, asking him to come over. Lou's too busy and asks the solicitor to come over. Lou offers to get the family together but he only needs to speak to Lou. Lou and Brett wonder what it could be about - it can't be about the will if he only needs to speak to Lou, surely?
Kennedy back yard
Susan assures Karl it's got nothing to do with the money or status - he should know her better than that. It's just hard to understand and just natural that they're asking why he's giving it up over one mistake. He brings up Kate Cornwall but Susan points out that she had a terminal illness and shouldn't think about the negative bits, what about all the patients he has helped? Karl isn't changing his mind but Susan asks that he takes some time to think about it before making a decision that she will always support.
Helen asks Debbie how she knew about last week's storm, she was supposed to be in Perth. Debbie initially says that Brett told her but after Helen points out he wasn't here either she gets all flustered, saying she must have heard it from someone else, maybe Hannah or on the radio. Helen can tell she's lying though.
Number 24
The solicitor arrives and tells Lou that he's read through the will and that Cheryl never changed it after she and Lou separated, and the children aren't included. Lou is the only beneficiary of her whole estate: lock, stock and barrel.
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