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Neighbours Episode 2717 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2717
Australian airdate: 08/10/96
UK airdate: 14/04/97
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Brett Stark Brett Blewitt
Melissa Drenth Aimee Robertson
Lou Carpenter Tom Oliver
Priest Donald Hirst
Anthony Davies Justin Braine
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Melissa and Billy get back together.
Darren telling Libby to choose a side.
Billy and Mal quip about his reunion with Mel when Libby comes home and tells them about Darren's ultimatum. Mal says Darren sees people as "with him" and "against him". Billy says Darren is being an idiot at which point Lib walks off. Susan tells Billy he could have been a bit more supportive. Mal says with the funeral tomorrow he doesn't know if Darren'll calm down.
Number 24
Marlene can't believe what Darren has done and says the Kennedys have been supportive - Karl tried to help Cheryl. Danni tells them to stop. Brett arrives home and Danni hugs him, telling him that she's so glad he's back.
Coffee Shop
Angie is pleased that Toadie and Billy have made up so she doesn't have to deal with him moping. She says she'll be happy when she's got her family back together. Melissa says that her parents are taking her away to some family reunion in the middle of nowhere so she'll be away for a week. She asks him how she can get out if it.
Number 24
Marlene brings them up to speed about trying to find Lou with no luck. Brett says he'll stay for a bit, but Max is waiting for him. Darren retorts that he didn't think twice before setting off around the world and that they'll survive without him. Brett wants to go and see Libby - Darren tells his brother that Libby is his now. Things have changed.
Brett is welcomed by the Kennedys with hugs and sympathy - even Dahl remembers him! The conversation moves to the animosity between Darren and Karl - Brett has heard Darren's version but knows Karl was trying to help. Libby asks if he wants to go for a walk and they head off. Susan tells Mal that Brett could be just what they need.
Coffee Shop
Mel suggests that she stay with him - her parents respect Billy's parents. And her house will be empty. And she will have a key. And they will have to drop in from time to time. She tells him he has to convince his parents.
Number 24 back yard
Libby and Brett walk up the steps and joke about him not keeping in touch, she tells him she wishes he could stay for good. He tells her that he was in love with her when he left, leaving made him realise how much. She says her first real love is special and asks him if he ever wondered what might have happened between them if he'd not left. He can't work out why his mum had to die and they hug - just in time for Darren to see them.
Number 24
In the morning, Phil arrives to support the family. Darren makes a comment to Brett about what he saw and Brett retorts that they're friends. Darren continues with his attack: Brett never cared about their mum, he's acting like he's the answer to every prayer - but he's not.
Billy asks Susan if Mel can stay for a week and Susan says no. Billy isn't happy at the instant dismissal but Libby has a go at him - there's enough going on in the family and street at the moment. Lib doesn't know how Darren is going to handle today and Mal tells her to stop making excuses for him. He can't understand how she can love a guy who's saying all those things about her father.
Darren steps out of the car and stares at the coffin. Libby walks over to him - she knows it won't be easy today but she's there for him and she loves him. He walks away from her and Susan points out that he's hurting. Lib still loves him though, despite everything. They join the others and the funeral begins.
Mel's not happy that Billy failed to convince his mum to let her stay. Now she'll have to go away.
Angie's beginning her speech.
ANGIE : She was strong. Ambitious. She loved her own way. And so often she was right. It was to go with her than fight. Even if it did end you up in a whiplash collar after a golf buggy accident. Judy and I can tell you about that. I still blush when I think of the day young Danni caught me snooping around the clothesline. I so admired Cheryl's presentation, on all levels, there I was with my notebook and my pen taking down the name of the labels she wore. She had a presence and a style all of her own. All of Cheryl's children, wherever they were in the world, whatever they did, always knew they could count on their mother to be there. None of us can feel the way that they feel today. I miss my friend. But not a day will go by when I don't thank God for having known her.
Darren begins to cry and Libby moves over to comfort him.
Number 24
Susan talks to Helen about how she's feeling and they comment on how Darren is - but he's currently nowhere to be seen. Marlene takes Brett to one side and tells him that Cheryl loved him so much. He thinks Darren was right, he should have been there. Marlene says that Darren isn't coping and she asks him to help Darren through this. He needs help and that's all she wants him to do.
Outside, Libby finds Darren but he rejects her support. She asks him not to shut her out and he breaks down and cries in her arms.
Back inside Lou turns up, all smiles. He's happy to see Brett, but asks where Cheryl is.
Mal is getting some ice for the wake when he sees Melissa kissing another guy.
Number 24
Lou has been brought up to speed - it's all so unreal. He shows Marlene a letter that Cheryl had written to him to discuss custody of Louise.
Lib tells Susan that Darren is getting a bit better - she still doesn't know where they stand though. Mal talks to Billy about Melissa and tells his brother that he saw Mel with an older guy with a sports car. Billy refuses to believe that it's her and that Mal must have seen someone else.
Number 24
Marlene asks Lou what he plans to do about Louise now. He replies that he's her father, but Marlene asks him not to take Louise away from her - she's lost a daughter, she can't bear to lose her granddaughter too.
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