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Neighbours Episode 2720 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2720
Australian airdate: 11/10/96
UK airdate: 17/04/97
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Tony Farmer Anthony Morton
C.J. Dunn Paul Tiewes
Summary/Images by: Angel Girl
Sarah flicks through a scrapbook of pictures, including ones of herself with an engagement ring and trying on wedding dresses
Toadie telling Karl he's desperate to stay - Karl sets down a three month trial
Stonie has a go at Toadie for not thinking of their mum
Lib isn't happy about Toadie moving in but Susan thinks it won't have as big an impact on her as she thinks and Toadie's been working really hard. She tells Lib to let them know if it gets too much but she has to be sensible about it. Libby sulks off, shooting Billy a look as she goes.
BILLY: Thought you handle that well.
SUSAN: I meant what I said. The second he causes your sister any problems he goes.
BILLY: I'll make sure she doesn't even sees the guy!
SUSAN: (shooting him a look) This is Toadie we're talking about.
BILLY: (resigned) I'll tell him to behave.
Number 32
Angie wonders why Toadie isn't packing and he says he needs to talk to her. He tells her that he's not coming with them and he's staying with the Kennedys - they said it's OK. Angie can't believe he asked them first but he says he's happy and settled and if there was any other way he'd take it. Angie makes a quick exit and Stonie says he's breaking her heart. Toadie knows this but it doesn't mean he doesn't love her. Angie comes back and on the verge of tears tells Toadie he still has to help with the packing.
Number 30
Cath and Sarah come back to a dark house and joke that Luke and Danni must have had a good night. They hear a noise and think someone's breaking in but it's just Luke getting the laundry in. Luke tells them they're taking it slow. The girls' night out wasn't a success; didn't even find Mr Right Now. Cath asks Sarah if she never found anyone when she was in Europe - Sarah says no.
Billy asks where Karl is and makes a quip about free time when Susan informs him that Karl's playing golf. Susan tells him and Libby that their father is going through a rough time and he doesn't need their smart comments. Libby reckons that Toadie won't be able to stay quiet and Susan warns Billy that if he doesn't then Toadie will be out.
Um, since when was Billy Toadie's keeper?!
Toadie comes over and admits that Angie isn't happy about the move so he's not sure now. When he saw her reaction he realised it wasn't fair. The boys head off for school, Toadie stealing Libby's toast as he goes. Susan's concerned about Toadie's reaction.
Number 32
Susan comes over to see Angie and mentions Toadie coming over and how worried he is about her. Angie admits that she's disappointed they're not settling down as a family, but she is worried about his schooling. Susan tells her that they will look after him, but Toadie still feels guilty. Angie reckons he should!
Number 30
Cath's off for her first day managing the Coffee Shop and Sarah wishes her luck as she answers the phone. She tells the caller that there is no one there by that name and that she hopes they find who they're after, but from the look on her face there's more to it. As Luke goes to grab a shower the phone rings again, but Sarah picks it up and slams it back down straight away.
Number 32
Toadie has come straight home from school to help with the packing. She's not happy with the situation and wishes he'd not sprung it on her, but he's a good boy and he's settled in school now. She tells him to work hard, make her proud, and visit her during the holidays.
Coffee Shop
Luke turns up and asks Cath for a job because he's not having luck finding one. She asks him to man the shop for half an hour in return for a muffin - she needs to go to the bank.
Libby answers the door to a Toadie who hugs her and informs them that he's staying. He picks up one of the sandwiches Susan is making and comments that they're a bit bland - any Swiss cheese? Billy's thrilled that Toadie's moving and Susan tells him to leave some food for Angie; they're for the trip.
Number 32
Everything's been packed now as Angie pulls the curtains over. She tells Stonie she feels a bit sad and they reminisce about all the times they had here. Susan, Billy and Toadie come over with sandwiches and bits and pieces for the new house. When Susan says she'll miss them, Angie points out that they have Toadie to remind them of her - oh, and Susan has her permission to kick his butt if he misbehaves.
As they leave, Toadie looks around and asks where his stuff is and Angie realises that it must be on the truck!
Ramsay Street
Toadie races down the driveway and asks the removal men to get his stuff off. They're not having any of it - he has nothing to wear! Angie says she'll send his stuff down, in the meantime Susan offers him some of Mal's things. Or even Karl's.
Angie tells him to behave for the Kennedys and then asks if he's too old to give his mum a kiss goodbye. Toadie shoots a look at Susan and Billy who dutifully turn their backs, allowing Toadie to give his mum an audience-free kiss and hug goodbye.
Coffee Shop
An English guy comes in, asking for Cath. Luke says that Cath isn't there at the moment and the guy says he's looking for Cath's sister - he's an old friend. Luke reveals they're his housemates and asks where Mr Brit is staying. He wants to surprise her so Luke gives him their address.
Go security.
Number 32 / Coffee Shop
Sarah is pacing when the phone rings and she answers sharply. Luke is taken aback and asks if Cath is there as she's not come back yet. At that moment Cath does return, and Luke takes the chance to tell Sarah about her British visitor. Sarah rails on him for giving him their address - how does he know that the guy isn't a psycho? Luke apologises and offers to come home but Sarah tells him it's OK, she's just being paranoid.
Cath asks Luke what's up and he says he's just freaked out Sarah but he doesn't know why.
Ramsay Street
The British guy is in his car outside number 30 when Sarah comes out. He calls out to her and she runs back inside.
Number 30
Sarah is ignoring the Brit as he knocks on the door and rings her phone at the same time. Because he's just not annoying enough, right? She wants him to leave her alone and cancels the call, but he's not leaving until she speaks to him.
Susan tells Libby to leave Toadie alone - he's upset. Lib doesn't believe him but Toadie says that he is. Upset that all of his things are still on the truck that is! Susan goes off to try and find him some spares - Toadie pleads with her to check Mal's wardrobe first before the doc's! Libby lays down some ground rules - if he barges in while she's in the bathroom, goodbye. Her room? Off limits. Her friends over = they clear out so they can't drool.
Susan comes out with some shirts... of Karl's. Mal's wouldn't fit. Toadie gives Susan the first month's rent but then asks to borrow $50 so he can get things like a toothbrush.
Number 30 / Ramsay Street
The phone is still ringing and Sarah eventually picks it up, telling Brit to leave her alone. He replies that he just wants to give her a chance to tell her side of the story. If she talks to him everyone else will leave her alone - all he wants is the story.
Coffee Shop
Cath has been trying to call Sarah but the phone is constantly engaged.
Billy and Toadie come in and grab some food and Toadie asks Cath for some extra shifts. She's happy to give them to him and he then asks for an advance - $100 would be great. Cath gives him $20 from the till and Bill can't believe he's managed to scam $70 already. Toadie has plans to buy a second hand leather jacket.
Number 32
Sarah is writing a note to Cath, telling her that she needs to get away for a bit. After going out the back door and looking around, Sarah climbs down the steps but the Journo Brit calls her name and takes a few snaps.
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