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Neighbours Episode 2693 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2693
Australian airdate: 04/09/96
UK airdate: 11/03/97
UK Gold: 03/03/03
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Steve George: Alex Dimitriades
Rob Evans: Graham Harvey
Tony: Frank Raco
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
Danni reading the letter from Luke saying he's going away for a couple of days.
Philip telling Hannah and Debbie that Helen's woken from her coma - but she's not out of the woods.
Karl and Susan arriving home to overhear Libby telling Darren to put his shirt on!
No. 28
Libby tells Karl quickly that it's not what he thinks. Karl orders Darren out of the house, adding furiously that the sooner someone throws him back in jail, the better. Darren snarls:
DARREN: Hey, pal, you've got a big mouth. You wanna watch someone doesn't shut it *for* you one day.
Libby pulls Darren away. He storms out. Karl warns Libby:
KARL: If you even *think* about seeing that hoodlum again, you are in deep trouble.
LIBBY: I *love* him.
KARL (furiously): Oh, what rubbish.
Susan points out to Karl that they don't even know what happened. Karl, however, retorts that it doesn't take much to work it out. Libby snaps at her father that he just assumes the worst without giving her a chance to explain. Karl tells her that there's nothing *to* explain. Libby snaps:
LIBBY: Right. Well, if that's what you think of me, then to hell with you. To hell with this whole family.
She storms off.
No. 30
Steve George is in the kitchen with Danni, who's working on the suit she made for him. He tells her that once they start promoting her properly, she'll be the new fashion sensation of the Australian market - and this rave party at Tony's is going to be the perfect way to start; she'll be a sensation. Danni shrugs that she's been there a few times - but she kind of prefers Hypoxia or the Pump Palace; at least there she's well known. Steve remarks that she gets round a bit. Danni replies that she used to, but she hasn't had much time lately. She then says hesitantly that she's not sure the nightclub launch is the way to go; she thought her designs were a bit more upmarket. Steve exclaims:
STEVE: Upmarket?! Danni, this is going to be like a Who's Who of the whole town. People are going to be falling over themselves just to get an invite!
He assures her that if there's one thing he knows about, it's selling.
No. 26
Philip and Hannah are about to head out to the hospital when Hannah asks how long it'll be before Helen comes home. Looking suddenly concerned, Philip tells his daughter that they should have a chat about a few things. The two of them sit down and Philip explains that Helen may still need to be hooked up to that equipment, because it's helping her get better; he doesn't want Hannah to get upset like she did before - and she mustn't be upset if Helen's not able to say too much to her. He adds:
PHILIP: Keep in mind what Doctor Kennedy said: she's got a long way to go before she can even *think* about coming home.
HANNAH (worried): You don't think she could still *die*, do you?
PHILIP: No, of course not - Helen's a survivor. She just needs a bit of time.
Lassiter's Complex
Luke is walking across the complex, carrying a holdall, when he spots Debbie outside the Holy Roll. He joins her and asks her what she's doing there. She explains that she's filling in for Angie while she's with Big Kev. She asks Luke where *he's* been these past couple of days and Luke explains that he went to visit a friend down the coast; he and Danni had a bit of a fight - he got a bit jealous because she's been spending a lot of time with that Steve creep; he realised he's being stupid, so he's come home to apologise. Debbie comments that he wouldn't have heard about Helen, then. She explains about the stroke and her being in hospital. Luke, looking shocked, tells Debbie to let him know if there's anything he can do. Debbie replies that she could use a hug. Luke obliges.
No. 28
Susan emerges from the bedroom area and tells Karl that she knows it didn't look good, but she still thinks they should've given Libby the chance to explain. Karl mutters:
KARL: Explain *what*? How the boy performs?!
Susan sighs that that's just the sort of thing that gets Libby upset. Karl insists that he's not having Darren back in the house. Susan retorts that he'll drive Libby away. Karl points out that it's Libby's final year at school. Susan tries to tell him that they have to handle this carefully, but Karl just says:
KARL: Carefully but firmly.
With that, he goes to head out back to the hospital because he doesn't want Philip and the girls left in the dark. Susan accuses him of avoiding the issue at home, but Karl retorts that if he'd stayed at the hospital instead of coming home, he'd been avoiding it - and thank God he didn't. He heads out. Susan sighs heavily.
No. 30
Danni has finished the pair of trousers for Steve's suit. He goes to take off the trousers he's wearing. Danni tells him quickly that he can get changed in one of the other rooms, if he wants, but Steve just says:
STEVE: Oh, it's fine. Doesn't bother you, does it?
DANNI: No, no, of course not!
Ramsay Street
Luke is walking up the street and waves at Karl as he drives past in his car. He turns and heads up towards No. 30.
No. 30
Steve is standing in the kitchen without any trousers on - just as Luke comes in! He says a cool Hi. Danni asks him in surprise when he got back and he replies that it wasn't long ago. He asks what's going on, and Danni explains that she made some pants for Steve and he's just trying them on. Steve adds:
STEVE: Yeah, they feel great.
LUKE (points out): How do you know if you're not *wearing* any?
Danni then asks Luke where he's been, and he tells her that he's been visiting friends. Danni tells him that she was worried about him. Luke suggests coolly that when she has a moment, maybe they could have a chat. He walks off, leaving Steve to comment to Danni that that didn't look too good - but he thought Luke handled it OK. Danni muses:
DANNI: Yeah - on the outside, maybe...
Holy Roll
Debbie serves Libby with a coffee. Susan comes in and asks Libby gently if she minds some company. Libby asks her mother curtly if she's going to get mad at her. Susan says she won't. Libby comments more gently that it wasn't fair the way her dad acted. Susan nods that she knows. Libby asks why he always goes on about being truthful and honest when he doesn't even care what the truth *is*. Susan replies that that's a fair point, but she wonders whether Libby has taken into account how things look from *their* point of view. Libby cries that she *loves* Darren - and he's trying so hard to do the right thing because he loves *her*. Susan asks:
SUSAN: Then why is it so important to you both to rush things?
LIBBY: But what are we rushing?
SUSAN: *Everything*, as far as your dad's concerned. Libby, Darren needs to spend some time earning your dad's trust and respect before he gets in another situation like this afternoon - as innocent as that may have been.
She asks her daughter to think about what she's said.
Erinsborough Hospital
Hannah is pacing a corridor and asks a seated Philip what time it is now. Philip tells her that it's a minute later than when she last asked. He adds that they're doing tests; they take time. Hannah cries that something's gone wrong. Philip, however, explains that what happened to Helen is so serious that they have to make sure of *everything*. Karl joins them and Hannah asks eagerly if they can go and see her. Karl nods that they're just finishing up. Philip asks if everything is all right. Karl replies:
KARL: Helen's condition is very serious. The stroke has affected the left- hand side of her brain, which controls her right side. She *will* improve, but how much is impossible to say.
Hannah looks at Philip in concern.
No. 24
Darren opens the front door to Libby and asks her if this is a good idea, as her dad's probably got someone following her! Libby explains that she just had a chat with her mum - who has this way of taking every argument she comes up with and using it against her. She goes on that Susan believes they weren't doing anything wrong, but she thinks they should slow things down a bit; they have to get her dad to believe they work well together otherwise he's never going to get off their backs. Darren mutters:
DARREN: Why should we have to prove *anything*?
Libby tells him that she's just as angry as he is - and if he thinks it's asking too much then she wouldn't blame him. Darren asks Libby if she doesn't *know* how he feels about her; he thought that was the one thing he didn't have to prove. Libby assures him that it isn't - but if they want people to leave them alone, she doesn't know what else to do; she doesn't want to lose him. Darren sighs and says:
DARREN: We'll take things slow.
LIBBY (softly): Thank you.
DARREN: It's just not going to be easy, though.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl, Hannah and Philip walk into Helen's room. Hannah says Hi to her gran. Helen just stares at her and doesn't respond. Hannah looks at her father in concern and says:
HANNAH: She doesn't know who I am.
Chez Chez
Jo and Rob walk into the back room at the pub, Rob telling Jo that he really needs an answer on this, as there are plans to be made if they're both going to go. Jo tells him that she really enjoys being involved with Chez Chez - but Rob explains that if he doesn't make a permanent base in America, there's a good chance the project won't go ahead; he'll just have to hope that going over for a few weeks at a time will be enough. Jo, however, tells him that if he's going - even for one week - she's coming too; they've been apart long enough. Rob beams:
ROB: What? What about *this* place?
JO (smiles): They'll just have to learn to get along without me!
Rob hugs her in delight!
No. 30
Luke puts two plates of food on the kitchen table and lights a candle. He dims the lights as Danni arrives home. She looks around and asks in surprise if he's expecting someone. Luke says:
LUKE: Not anymore!
Danni smiles hesitantly that it's lovely - but she can't stay: she's got to go do dinner at Chez Chez: Steve's got this Tony guy from the club coming along and they're going to discuss the fashion rave and sort out all the details. Luke tells her that he wanted to *talk*. Danni replies:
DANNI: So do I. Can we do it some other time when I've, you know, sorted out all this?
Luke picks up the wine glasses from the table and puts them pointedly back on the kitchen counter. Danni assures him that nothing happened between her and Steve. She adds that the meal would have been really lovely; can she have a rain check? Luke mutters:
LUKE: Why not? I guess it'll taste wonderful in three days' time.
He walks out, leaving Danni looking upset.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl is telling Hannah and Philip:
KARL: In a situation like this, it's not uncommon for her to feel confused; to have problems with even very strong memories.
PHILIP (exclaims): What - like not *recognising* us?
KARL: In some ways, she's like a newborn baby. Now hopefully, the memories will come back quickly. Once the swelling and inflammation subside, her mental state should improve dramatically.
Philip suggests to Hannah that she go and get a cup of coffee. He gives her some coins and she walks off. When she's gone, Philip tells Karl firmly:
PHILIP: Now I want the unedited version.
KARL: It's as I said: she *will* improve; how much, we can't be certain.
PHILIP: So there's no chance of Helen *staying* like that?
KARL (admits): We don't know.
PHILIP (retorts): Karl, you just told Hannah she was going to get *better*.
KARL: Philip, you gotta—
PHILIP (angrily): And that's not even considering *Helen*: she's an *incredible* woman.
KARL: I do know how you feel.
PHILIP: No, I don't think you *do*, mate. What sort of life is it for someone like her to be reduced to *that*? She doesn't *deserve* to end up living like that.
KARL (gently): I can only tell you what we know - and the honest truth is we don't know *much*. I can tell you the extent of the physical damage, but the brain's a very complex organ. We simply have no way of telling how she'll respond over the next few weeks.
PHILIP: So all we do is wait?
KARL: Yeah - and visit; talk to her; bring her things to jog her memory. Helen is going to have to work it out from here, but we can help her at least *part* of the way.
No. 30
Luke empties the food on the plates into the bin and snuffs out the candle, looking annoyed.
Chez Chez
Steve and Danni are sitting with Tony, who's saying he just doesn't see it. Steve smiles at him that it's the best publicity money can buy. Danni says in confusion:
DANNI: Hang on - I thought all this had been organised.
Steve just smiles at her and then tells Tony that anyone who's anyone will be talking about Danni's designs and about where they *saw* them. He adds that they could take it to the Pump Palace or Hypoxia... Tony tells him quickly to slow down; he hasn't said he's backing out. Steve asks if they have a deal then. Tony holds out his hand and Steve shakes it. At that moment, Luke walks in, wearing a smart suit, and says:
LUKE: Hi Danni. Steve. You must be Tony.
He holds out his hand and Tony shakes it and asks him who he is. Luke tells him that he's Luke Handley, Danni's business adviser. Tony comments that he thought Danni was working with *Steve*. Luke smiles at him that he thought wrong! He gives Steve a smug grin!
No. 26
Philip is sitting on the couch, staring into space and rubbing his forehead. The front door opens suddenly and Debbie comes in. She asks how her gran is, but Philip tells her that she's not very good. Debbie asks if she's still awake. Philip nods that she is, but she didn't recognise him and Hannah. Debbie sighs heavily and sits down. She asks if Hannah's OK. Philip replies:
PHILIP: No, not really. She's in her room. She's pretty upset.
DEBBIE: Will gran get her memory back eventually?
PHILIP (gently): They don't know that. I'm sorry, Deb, I wish I could give you some better news. She was unconscious for a long time; according to Karl, apparently that will only make things worse.
DEBBIE: I can't imagine her like that...
PHILIP: No, it's um... it's going to be difficult, I think. I guess all we can do is keep visiting her and take things in to her to jog her memory. And pray.
DEBBIE: Gran is a fighter, dad. She won't give up.
PHILIP: Yeah, I know. That's the only thing I keep coming back to: I've never known Helen to give up on *anything*.
Chez Chez
Tony is walking round the pub, talking on a mobile phone. At the table with Danni and Steve, Luke comments to Danni that he gets the feeling she's not altogether sold on this nightclub idea. Danni shrugs that there's a lot to think about. Steve remarks to her that he thought she *loved* the idea. Danni says she does have a few nagging doubts - that maybe a rave party isn't the best place to present her designs. Steve asks coolly:
STEVE: Why didn't you say something before?
DANNI: I *did* - earlier today.
Luke looks at Steve and says that it sounds to *him* like Steve isn't a very good listener. Steve retorts that the easiest part of the creative process is tearing *down* someone else's ideas; he hopes Luke is just as good at suggesting alternatives. Luke says:
LUKE: Well, let's see. I think with designs like Danni's we should throw a Masquerade Ball; something a bit special.
STEVE (laughs dismissively): A fancy dress party?!
LUKE: There's a difference. See, with everyone in costume, Danni's designs can stand out and be noticed. That's what we want, isn't it?
STEVE (spits): Fancy dress is for *kids*.
LUKE: I told you - there's a difference. Maybe it was a little too subtle for you to pick up?
STEVE: Oh right - and you think that's better than a rave party?
LUKE: It doesn't matter what *I* think. The decision's up to Danni; *I'm* just floating the suggestion.
A grin crosses Danni's face and she beams that she *loves* the idea. Steve mouths in shock:
STEVE: You *do*?
DANNI: Yeah, I think it's perfect! You know me very well, Luke!
Luke smiles at Steve smugly!
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl is telling Helen that they're just taking her for a little ride to do some more tests; it won't take long. As the orderlies start to push the trolley, Helen murmurs suddenly what sounds like:
HELEN: Ka- ha...
Karl quickly stops the orderlies. He bends down to Helen and asks her if she knows who he is. Helen stares at him and manages to mouth:
HELEN: Karl... Doc...tor...
Karl smiles delightedly:
KARL: Welcome back. There's a lot of people been very worried about you.
Helen then cries with difficulty:
HELEN: I can't... move...
Karl explains to her gently that she's had a stroke - but she doesn't have to worry about anything; it's early days. Helen repeats:
HELEN: I can't... move...
KARL (soothes): It's all right.
HELEN (becoming upset): Please...
KARL: Helen, it's all right.
HELEN (implores sadly): Please let me die... *Please*...
Karl stands there looking worried.
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Karl Kennedy, Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2693
Karl Kennedy, Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy

Steve George, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2693
Steve George, Danni Stark

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin in Neighbours Episode 2693
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin

Debbie Martin, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2693
Debbie Martin, Luke Handley

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2693
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Steve George, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2693
Steve George, Luke Handley

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2693
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Hannah Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2693
Hannah Martin, Philip Martin

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2693
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2693
Helen Daniels

Rob Evans, Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2693
Rob Evans, Joanna Hartman

Danni Stark, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2693
Danni Stark, Luke Handley

Philip Martin, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2693
Philip Martin, Karl Kennedy

Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2693
Luke Handley

Steve George, Danni Stark, Tony in Neighbours Episode 2693
Steve George, Danni Stark, Tony

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2693
Debbie Martin

Danni Stark, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2693
Danni Stark, Luke Handley

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2693
Helen Daniels

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2693
Karl Kennedy

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