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Neighbours Episode 2694 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2694
Australian airdate: 05/09/96
UK airdate: 12/03/97
UK Gold: 04/03/03
Writer: John Upton
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Steve George: Alex Dimitriades
House Buyer: Greg Muller
Summary/Images by: Graham
Luke suggesting a Masquerade Ball to launch Danni's designs.
Debbie telling Philip that Helen is a fighter; she won't give up.
Helen asking Karl to please let her die.
No. 30
In the kitchen back at No. 30, Danni is telling Luke enthusiastically that she thinks the Masquerade Ball is a great idea! Steve doesn't look so impressed, though. Danni goes to head off - but Luke comments that he thought she'd be moving back into her old room. Danni tells him that she's still house- sitting for her mum - but she'll be back. Steve offers to see Danni home. They head to the front door - but then Steve returns to the kitchen and tells Luke coolly that that was a pretty cute move, topping him with the masquerade idea; it's just a shame that it came a little bit too late: he's already won with Danni. He walks off again, leaving Luke looking thoughtful.
Erinsborough Hospital
The next morning, Karl approaches Helen and asks her how she's feeling. She doesn't respond. Karl comments that she was saying some very strange things last night. Helen mouths:
HELEN: I meant what I said.
Karl tells her that he can't ask Hannah and Debbie to visit her when she's like this. Helen mouths that she can't move. Karl says he can't be sure, but with intensive physical therapy, she'll hopefully have significant physical improvement. Helen murmurs:
HELEN: What about my painting?
KARL: Is that what this is all about?
HELEN: I need to keep busy.
KARL (gently): Oh you *will* be; you'll be busier than you've *ever* been. It may not be with things that you're used to, but life will be full of challenges.
Helen turns away. Karl says he's going to tell Philip and the girls they can come and see her. Helen cries:
HELEN: No...
Karl tells her that they're very worried about her - and they have a great deal of faith that she will recover; he'd hate to find she's given up...
No. 30
Luke opens the front door to Danni, who wishes him a cheery good morning and says she thought they could share brekkie. Luke just mutters that he's already eaten. Danni comments:
DANNI: Ooh, we sound as if we didn't sleep very well last night!
LUKE: *I* didn't - and there was no 'we' sleeping; it was just me. How about *you*?
DANNI (frowns): What *is* this? Why are you suddenly Mr. Grumpy?
Luke sighs and says he's just on the way to the clinic: he's got his last test this morning to see if he's in remission or not. Danni apologises and says she should have realised. She goes to hug him, but he pulls away and says bluntly:
LUKE: I know about you and Steve.
DANNI: What about us?
LUKE: You can save the big act. He told me all about it last night.
DANNI: Told you *what*?
LUKE: How you'd both been to the party and didn't get home before midnight...
DANNI: He *told* you that?
LUKE: That's what he implied - and I believe him. His car outside your mum's place the other night? A little late for him to be inspecting the property. Why do you think I took off down the coast?
DANNI: Look, I don't care what you saw or what it may have looked like; I'm telling you: there is nothing between me and Steve. I would tell you if there was.
LUKE: And what about last night?
DANNI: *Including* last night.
LUKE: So he's lying?
LUKE: It seems strange. He would've known that a lie would unravel itself pretty easily - which is why I believe *him* and not you. Lock up after you leave.
With that, Luke walks out, leaving Danni looking upset.
No. 26
Karl has turned up at No. 26 and he tells Debbie that he wanted to talk to Philip about Helen's progress. Debbie explains that Philip had to do some banking. She adds that Karl could talk to *her*. Karl shrugs that he guesses he could. He heads inside and tells Debbie that her gran's made significant improvements since she last saw her: Helen called him by name and they've had a number of conversations. Debbie exclaims that that's fantastic! Karl, however, goes on that there are still some problems: Helen is terribly depressed about what happened and the quality of life she faces. Debbie insists that her gran is a fighter; if anyone can come through this, she can. Karl replies that that's what *he* thought, but she seems to have given up; he's hoping it's just an initial reaction to what's happened, but she needs to show them the fight they know she's capable of. He adds that he was hoping someone could visit her straight away. Debbie looks at her watch and says she has a shift at the coffee shop - but she could see her before she starts. Karl tells her that it would be a good idea: Helen needs to know she's still part of the family.
Ramsay Street
Steve is shaking the hand of a guy in a car, thanking him for his interest. Danni walks over and snaps at him that she wants a word. She then asks him angrily what the hell he thinks he's playing at: Luke told her what he said about the two of them in bed; how *dare* he? Steve replies:
STEVE: I never said that. What do you take me for?
Danni asks why Luke would say something that isn't true. Steve suggests that he's testing her. Danni tries to deny it, but Steve asks her if she's saying Luke *isn't* the jealous type. Danni sighs that she doesn't know *what* to think; they're both telling her different things.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl and Debbie head towards Helen's room. Debbie goes in alone, kisses Helen on the cheek and tells her that they've been so worried about her; she wants her to concentrate on getting better, because they need her at home. Tears well- up in Helen's eyes and she murmurs:
HELEN: Tired...
Debbie tells her that she's about to start at the coffee shop; she can come and see her when she's finished. Helen nods slowly. Debbie kisses her on the cheek again and says:
DEBBIE: I love you.
She heads out of the room and joins Karl, commenting to him in concern:
DEBBIE: She's like a different person.
Karl tells her that he'll ring Philip and tell him what's going on - but he doesn't think they should say anything to Hannah. He adds that what Debbie said in there was perfect; if they can get her to think about going on, they've won half the battle.
No. 28
Libby is sitting at the computer. Darren walks up behind her and kisses her on the back of the head. Libby smiles that school's given them a week off to study, not do what he's got on his mind! She adds that he's supposed to be watching the window: if her dad comes back and sees them alone together, he'll have a fit. Darren asks her what she's working on and she explains that she's finishing an assignment and making sure it's all right. Darren suggests that she print out a copy and they can go and look at it at his nan's. He assures her that he'll be on his best behaviour!
Holy Roll
Luke walks into the coffee shop and tells Debbie that he predicts that she's going to help him celebrate - because he's just been to the clinic and he's 100% in remission! Debbie gives him a hug in delight and offers her congratulations. Luke adds that there are still regular check- ups, just in case, but for now he's in the clear - and he didn't know how good it would feel! Debbie asks him how come he's not celebrating with Danni. Luke says:
LUKE: Um... well, she's got a thing going with Steve. I only found out last night. She's been lying to me about it.
Debbie murmurs that she's sorry. Luke says he wants to go out and rage a bit and was hoping Debbie would like to join him. Debbie smiles that she'd love to!
Erinsborough Hospital
Helen opens her eyes to find Karl sitting next to her bed. He smiles:
KARL: Hello again!
HELEN (murmurs darkly): No *other* patients?
KARL: Oh yes, lots - but you're top of my list. I've been thinking long and hard how to deal with you. Normally we leave it up to the Occupational Therapist to deliver the stern lecture about feeling sorry for yourself...
HELEN: Good. Go away.
KARL: No - I'm not going anywhere: because I'm a friend of yours and I know what sort of woman you are; and I would never have imagined that you would give up on life.
HELEN: I *didn't* give up on life; it was *taken* from me.
KARL: You're alive now, and you are getting better. Now, doesn't that mean something? I watched you give advice to a lot of people - *good* advice. Advice about making the most of things, picking yourself up when you're down. Well, now it's *your* turn. Or perhaps you've just never *believed* the advice you gave other people?
HELEN: Go away...
KARL: No. No. Not until you tell me you want to live.
HELEN: I *don't*.
KARL: What - you don't want to see Hannah grow up to be a young woman? To see Debbie get married? To see your family achieve all the things they've always wanted and can't wait to tell you? Isn't that worth fighting on for one more day? One more year? I just don't believe you've thought this through.
HELEN (tears welling- up): I can't move...
Karl tells Helen that she's loved - by a lot of people; and if she gives up on life, she'll be letting them down; is that the way she wants to be remembered? Helen stares at him, tears in her eyes.
Chez Chez
Danni gives Cheryl a hug in the back room of the pub and thanks her for listening. They head back into the bar and Cheryl asks Danni where she's heading off to now. She tells her that she's going to the shop - she's got a million things to do. She suddenly spots Luke and Debbie sitting at a table - and she walks past, ignoring them. Luke murmurs to Debbie that it's never easy when you run into someone you've just had a major blue with. Cheryl joins them and asks Luke if she can have a small word with him. Luke tells Debbie that he'll be right back. He and Cheryl head into the back room, where Cheryl tells him that normally she would run a mile before she gets caught in the middle of something like this, but she's known him for some time and she likes him - so could he explain what's been going on? Luke remarks that he thought *Danni* would have explained it all to her. Cheryl tells him:
CHERYL: She said that nothing's happened between Steve and her, and I believe her. I'm curious why you don't.
LUKE: Well, because Steve told me differently - and I saw his car outside No. 22 in the middle of the night. It's not a very popular time to show buyers through a house.
CHERYL: A car parked somewhere proves *nothing*.
LUKE: Well, what about Steve saying he was with Danni?
CHERYL: Isn't it possible you could've misunderstood him?
LUKE: No, he made it very clear; almost bragging. Anything else?
CHERYL: You love her, don't you?
LUKE: Yeah, I do - but sometimes it's better just to walk away.
CHERYL: And what if Steve has been *lying* about what happened?
LUKE: Then Danni's a fool for spending so much time with him in the first place.
No. 24
Libby is sitting on the couch, trying to work as Darren strokes her hair! They kiss - just as the front door bangs and Marlene comes in with Louise, having picked her up because she's got a temperature. Darren tells his nan quickly that Libby just wanted somewhere quiet to study. Libby adds that they were just taking a break! Marlene comments to Darren that the go- slow policy to please Karl didn't last long - but Darren insists that it was just a kiss. Marlene asks Libby if her mum and dad know she's there. Libby admits that they don't - but she and Darren weren't *doing* anything. Marlene smiles that the next time she sees Karl, she'll make a point of telling him how hard Libby is studying and how Darren is leaving her in peace and doing some errands. Darren exclaims in surprise:
DARREN: You'd *lie* for us?
MARLENE: Absolutely not! But I'd write out a list of errands!
No. 22
Danni is sitting in the front garden of No. 22, staring into space, when Steve walks over and comments that she's having a bit of a ponder. He then hands her a bunch of flowers. She takes them and asks in surprise what they're for. Steve tells her:
STEVE: This morning you weren't too sure if I was a liar or not - so these are to help you make up your mind.
He adds that, in the end, he knows it's his word against Luke's, but he wouldn't make anything up; why *would* he? Danni muses that that's the part she's trying to figure out. Steve goes on:
STEVE: I know this is really bad timing in light of what Luke said, but I'm going to say it anyway. I'm happy to be just friends, if that's all you want - but I think you're a very special lady, and I would like us to be *more* than that. I think I love you - and I want to be with you. I've wanted to tell you that for a while.
He leans in to give Danni a kiss - but she holds up her hand to keep him away. He says:
STEVE: You don't feel the same?
DANNI: I just don't want to rush into anything.
STEVE: But it *is* over between you and Luke, right?
DANNI (uncertainly): Yeah, I *think* it is. I *guess* it is...
Erinsborough Hospital
Debbie is back sitting with Helen, who murmurs that she'd like to see Hannah. Debbie smiles that Hannah will be thrilled! Helen goes on that she wants to know everything Debbie and Hannah do. Debbie tells her that they'll come in every day, if she wants. Helen smiles:
HELEN: Yes, do. I love you very much.
DEBBIE: We love you, too.
Tears well- up in Debbie's eyes and she tells Helen that she's *so* pleased to see her like this. Helen says she's sorry about this morning: she had a chat to a friend about her and Hannah and was just being silly. Debbie gives her a kiss and tells her that she loves her. Helen smiles:
HELEN: I love you, too.
No. 24
Marlene is writing out a list of errands for Darren when Cheryl arrives home. Lolly is sitting in her high chair and Marlene tells her daughter that the girl still has a bit of a fever. Cheryl says the doctor's appointment is in half an hour. Darren is in the middle of chores, and Cheryl remarks that Marlene must have something on him! Marlene then tells Cheryl that there's some mail for her - from Lou. Cheryl hesitates and then goes to open it. She takes out a letter and reads:
CHERYL: "Dear Cheryl, There's no point in beating about the bush. I'll come straight to the point: I've had some time to think about Louise and I've decideó
She breaks off. She then tells Marlene and Darren in shock:
CHERYL: He's, um... he's going to seek full custody.
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Danni Stark, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2694
Danni Stark, Luke Handley

Steve George in Neighbours Episode 2694
Steve George

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2694
Helen Daniels

Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2694
Danni Stark

Karl Kennedy, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2694
Karl Kennedy, Debbie Martin

Steve George, House Buyer in Neighbours Episode 2694
Steve George, House Buyer

Danni Stark, Steve George in Neighbours Episode 2694
Danni Stark, Steve George

Helen Daniels, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2694
Helen Daniels, Debbie Martin

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2694
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark

Luke Handley, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2694
Luke Handley, Debbie Martin

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2694
Karl Kennedy

Luke Handley, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2694
Luke Handley, Cheryl Stark

Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2694
Marlene Kratz

Steve George, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2694
Steve George, Danni Stark

Helen Daniels, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2694
Helen Daniels, Debbie Martin

Cheryl Stark, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2694
Cheryl Stark, Darren Stark

Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2694
Cheryl Stark

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