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Neighbours Episode 2692 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2692
Australian airdate: 03/09/96
UK airdate: 10/03/97
UK Gold: 28/02/03
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Philip East
Guests: Shona Munro: Bryony Price
Martin Munro: Roger O'Connor
Karen Munro: Carmel Hyland
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Graham
Hannah discovering Helen lying unconscious on the kitchen floor at No. 26.
Mal finding Shona in his bedroom.
Philip telling Hannah that they just have to be patient. Hannah crying that Helen is going to die.
No. 28
Mal closes his bedroom window and tells Shona that he doesn't think it's a good idea her being there. Shona insists that she only wants to talk. She adds that her parents are back from overseas and have invited him and his whole family over for lunch tomorrow. Mal comments that it's short notice. Shona tells him that she'll be very upset if he refuses. Mal sighs heavily and gives in!
Holy Roll
Libby asks Darren how work's going and he replies that it's going to take a while before he and Mal are back where they were. He adds that he's not going to let Mal down. He then tells Libby that he reckons they should change the name of the business, as it's not Sam's anymore; they should change it to something catchy. Libby, however, says she thinks they should stick with a name everyone knows and advertise that it's under new management. Darren asks her if she can get some discount rates at the Erinsborough News. Libby smiles that she'll do better than that: she'll produce some flyers for him on the computer.
No. 28
Mal has his top off and Shona is giving him a massage. There's suddenly a knock on the bedroom door and Susan calls out. Mal quickly pushes Shona to hide behind the door. He reluctantly opens the door and asks his mother what's up. Susan tells him that Shona's father was on the 'phone. Behind him, Shona starts tickling Mal's back! Mal lets out a sigh and when Susan gives him a look, tells her quickly that it's muscle cramp! Susan then tells him that they're all invited for lunch at the Munros' tomorrow: Karl accepted for everyone. She asks him how serious he is about the girl. Mal says:
MAL: I hadn't really thought about—. [Shona thumps him from behind!] Oh yeah, I've been thinking that it's getting serious; very serious.
SUSAN (exclaims in surprise): Really?!
Mal then pushes her out of the room, leaving Susan looking astonished!
Out in the lounge room, Susan tells Karl that there's something odd going on with Mal. Karl grins:
KARL: Quick - notify the press!
Susan insists that he could be getting up to goodness knows what. Karl tells her that if he's going to interrupt his relaxation, it'll be to ring the hospital and get an update on Helen, not to satisfy some curiosity about their son's quite routine behaviour. Susan smiles that she doesn't think he'll be able to help himself. Karl shrugs that that just shows that she doesn't know him quite as well as she'd like to think she does.
In Mal's bedroom, Mal is opening the window and telling Shona that she has to go; someone could come in again. He adds that they've got this lunch tomorrow - they shouldn't push things. He helps her out of the window - just as Karl knocks and comes in. He looks around and asks in surprise what the window's doing open, as it's freezing. Mal explains that he needed some fresh air after smelling paint fumes all day. Karl sniffs around, but can't find any evidence of misbehaviour! He then asks his son if he knows where Libby's got to. Mal shrugs that if she's with Darren, they shouldn't be too much longer. Karl mutters:
KARL: They wouldn't *want* to be...
Outside No. 28
Darren and Libby walk up the path to the front door of No. 28 and start kissing. Libby smiles at Darren that she's beginning to think he's only interested in one thing! Darren sighs that they hardly get to spend any time together. Libby goes to head inside, but Darren pulls her back for another kiss. He then tells her:
DARREN: You know, when the business gets back on its feet and I've got some money rolling in, we can find a place of our own.
LIBBY (grumbles): Yeah, I can really see *that* happening. Dad will probably have me under lock and key...
Darren then says:
DARREN: You know I love you, don't you?
LIBBY (softly): Do you think I'd be here if I didn't know that?
No. 28
The next day, Karl hangs up the 'phone. Susan asks if he was talking to someone at the hospital and Karl nods that he just wanted to keep in touch. He then asks if Billy and Libby have shown up, but Susan tells him that Billy's out with Toadie and she thinks Libby's studying somewhere. Karl mutters that that's lovely: the invitation's for the *entire family*. Susan points out that was invitation, not a summons! Karl puts a smart jacket on as Susan smiles that he's getting far too excited at meeting the Professor and his wife! Karl calls to Mal that he should be ready by now. Mal emerges from his room, wearing casual clothes, and Karl stares at him and asks him if he doesn't want to make a good impression. Mal tells him to chill! The three of them head out.
Erinsborough Hospital
Philip walks into Helen's room. She's still unconscious and doesn't respond as he says hello to her. He takes a chair and sits down next to her bed. He then says softly:
PHILIP: We're really missing you at home. Well, I'm trying to keep a brave face, but the truth is I need you as much as the kids. I, er... I never told you how much I rely on you. You've always been someone that I could come back to - sort of like my centre. Through Julie's death and, well, any problems the kids have, I've always been able to come to you for advice - and when something like this happens, it suddenly puts everything else into perspective. My family's what's important to me, Helen; not this silly idea of being a writer. I've been neglecting the people I love. All that's going to stop. My family's my first priority - my *only* priority - and you're *part* of that family. Now, will you please get better? We need you home, Helen...
Grounds of/Inside the Munro house
Huge iron gates swing open and Karl drives the Kennedys' car up a gravel driveway towards a large house set back from the road. He brings the car to a stop and he, Susan and Mal climb out. Mal looks around and exclaims:
MAL: These people are seriously loaded!
Karl tells him to let this be an object lesson to him: that he can have all this if he works hard and applies himself! They head towards the front door - which is opened by Professor Munro, who beams:
MAN: Hello and welcome, one and all. Kennedys, I believe?
Karl, Susan and Mal introduce themselves and head inside. Karen Munro joins them and everyone heads through to the lounge room. Mal spots Shona and gives her a quick wave!
Munro house
Sometime later, the Kennedys and Munros are sitting at a large table, eating, and Susan is telling Karen that she was admiring her garden on the way in. Karen smiles that that's *Martin's* hobby. Karl tells everyone that he and Susan lived in the country for a while; being a doctor in a small country town gives you an opportunity to be a healer, a personal adviser, a friend... Mal adds bluntly:
MAL: God.
Shona sniggers! Martin then asks Mal about *his* career moves. Mal replies that he does odd jobs here and there. Karl, however, tells Martin that Mal has his own business: maintenance and renovation - whatever he can get his hands on. Martin comments that he admires resourcefulness in a young man. Shona smiles at her father that she *told* him Mal was different. She squeezes Mal's leg! Mal tells Mrs. Munro that the meal is very nice, but Karen tells him that, actually, Shona made most of it. Shona beams at Mal:
SHONA: At least we know you like my cooking.
Mal looks away uncomfortably.
Erinsborough Hospital
Debbie, Hannah and Philip walk into the hospital, Philip saying that Helen looks the same as she did yesterday; all the equipment is doing is monitoring her condition so that if anything happens the doctors are first to know. They head into Helen's room, where Hannah comments sadly that her gran looks like she's sleeping. Everyone stares at Helen. Hannah bends down to her and, taking her hand, says sadly:
HANNAH: I love you, gran - so much. I don't know what I'd do without you. Please get better...
Tears well- up in her eyes and Philip suggests that they go for a walk. He asks Debbie to stay and keep Helen company. When her father and sister have gone, Debbie pulls up a chair to Helen's bed and sits down. She says quietly:
DEBBIE: Hi, gran. I'm meant to talk to you. I don't know what to say. I never used to have a problem thinking of what to talk about! I don't know what I'd do if you weren't around. I can't imagine it. Maybe that's why this is so awkward - it's like admitting that you're really sick, and I don't want to do that. I need you at home, gran. We *all* do. I guess that's what everyone else has been telling you; at least, I hope it is. Gran... Having you home is the only thing that's really important, all right?
Grounds of the Munro house
Mal and Shona are walking in the grounds, Shona smiling that she thought it went really well. Mal, however, says he thought it was awful - like they were under a microscope. Shona insists that her parents just wanted to make sure he's a nice guy; and they could see that the two of them are in love. Mal comments flatly:
MAL: You reckon?
Shona then suggests that she should ask if he can come over and stay sometimes. Mal, however, says he doesn't think they should be pushing things. Karl, Susan, Karen and Martin emerge from the house and say their goodbyes just as Karl's beeper sounds. He explains that he asked the hospital to contact him about a patient - Helen. He thanks the Munros for a lovely afternoon and he and Susan head to the car. Shona suggests to Mal that she could go with them and his parents can drop them off at a movie on the way. Mal reluctantly agrees.
No. 28
Darren is sitting at the computer with Libby. Dahl is hopping around on his shoulder. Darren says:
DARREN: I ever tell you how good you smell?
LIBBY: You talking to me or the parrot?!
She then tells him that she's two seconds off finishing. She presses a button and announces that the flyer's finished; she'll print it out and then go and copy it. As Darren goes to put Dahl back on his perch, Libby notices that the bird has left his calling card on the back of Darren's shirt! She tells Darren to take the shirt off and they can wash it before they go. The two of them head to the bedroom area.
No. 26
Debbie and Hannah are lying and sitting around in the lounge room. Philip asks what everyone would like for dinner, but no one seems interested. Philip sighs and says it's time they all had a little chat. He sits down in front of the two girls and then says:
PHILIP: Look, I know how upsetting things have been around here lately - but we all have to work together to keep ourselves going. Helen wouldn't want to see us sitting around looking like the world's come to an end.
HANNAH: We can't pretend to be *happy*, dad.
PHILIP: That's not what I'm asking. I just think this is a good chance for us to take stock of our lives; to get all those things in order so that when Helen comes home she'll be able to concentrate on getting better rather than worrying about us.
Debbie asks him what sort of things he's talking about. Philip replies:
PHILIP: Well... my writing, for instance. I've been giving it a lot of thought: I'm not sure I'm doing it for the right reasons.
DEBBIE (surprised): I thought you *loved* being a writer.
PHILIP (hesitantly): Yeah... I love the *idea* of being a writer; I'm just not sure if I like all that writing, though.
The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Philip goes to answer it. Karl comes on. Philip listens and then exclaims that that's fantastic! He thanks Karl and hangs up. He tells the girls that Helen's awake, although they're not sure how she is exactly - they're still running tests to try to work that out. Hannah smiles that the main thing is that she's getting better! Philip tells them, however, that Karl also said they shouldn't get too worked- up: it's great that she's awake, but she's not out of the woods yet.
No. 28
Darren and Libby are drying Darren's shirt with a hairdryer. Libby turns the machine off and the two of them head into the bedroom area, where Libby says:
LIBBY: Will you just hurry up and put your shirt on before mum and dad get home?
DARREN: Oh, as if we could be *that* unlucky!
He heads back into the lounge room - to find Karl and Susan have just come through the front door and overheard what he said. Karl glares at Darren and growls:
KARL: Indeed you could...
Darren sighs heavily.
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Shona Munro, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2692
Shona Munro, Malcolm Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2692
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark

Malcolm Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2692
Malcolm Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2692
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2692
Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2692
Darren Stark, Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2692
Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Helen Daniels, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2692
Helen Daniels, Philip Martin

Martin Munro, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2692
Martin Munro, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Malcolm Kennedy

Karen Munro, Martin Munro, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2692
Karen Munro, Martin Munro, Susan Kennedy

Malcolm Kennedy, Shona Munro in Neighbours Episode 2692
Malcolm Kennedy, Shona Munro

Helen Daniels, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2692
Helen Daniels, Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin

Helen Daniels, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2692
Helen Daniels, Debbie Martin

Malcolm Kennedy, Karen Munro, Martin Munro, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Shona Munro in Neighbours Episode 2692
Malcolm Kennedy, Karen Munro, Martin Munro, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Shona Munro

Karen Munro, Martin Munro in Neighbours Episode 2692
Karen Munro, Martin Munro

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark, Dahl in Neighbours Episode 2692
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark, Dahl

Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2692
Philip Martin, Hannah Martin, Debbie Martin

Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2692
Libby Kennedy, Darren Stark

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2692
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2692
Darren Stark

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