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Neighbours Episode 2662 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2662
Australian airdate: 23/07/1996
UK airdate: 27/01/1997
UK Gold: 17/01/2003
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Sharon Phillips: Catherine Sutherland
Customer: Vicky Angus
Summary/Images by: Alan & Sal
- Debbie tells Stonie that she has a job as 'Destiny Deborah'.
- Lou tells Cheryl that she can keep everything as long as he can have custody of Louise.
Number 26
Debbie is on the phone doing a psychic consult whilst the family eat breakfast. Debbie says there's a tree outside the caller's house and Hannah marvels as to how she knows it to be true. Helen points out that she's just guessing! Debbie gives the caller some basic meditation techniques, which Helen approves of.
Philip gets up and complains about Debbie being on the phone. He says he didn't sleep well because he was worried about Lou. Helen is concerned at how badly Lou is taking the break up, and Philip says he's going to cover his shift at the pub because Lou's so shaken up. Philip fears he made things worse by giving him some bad advice.
DEBBIE: Well, that settles it! No permanent relationships for me.
HANNAH: Me either! I mean, I thought they were really happy together?
PHILIP: They *were* really happy, Hannah.
DEBBIE: Yeah! Never lasts though, does it?
HELEN: What sort of attitude is that?
HANNAH: Well, I mean if people like Lou and Cheryl can't even stay together, what hope has anyone else got?
PHILIP: I think we'd better have a talk! Before you put a halt to the entire human race!
Debbie and Hannah giggle.
Number 30
Luke reminds Danni that she's meant to be opening up the shop for Marlene. She hurries to leave, and Luke reveals that he's not doing anything for the day. Danni asks if he wants to join her because they hardly get any customers, and the ones they do get are old and boring or young and broke! Danni's worried about Luke sitting around the house all day, moping about his upcoming chemotherapy session - so he agrees to go with her.
Number 26
Philip, Hannah and Debbie are washing up whilst Helen drinks her tea. Debbie insists that there's no point to relationships - she remembers the pain of Philip and Loretta breaking up, and then Julie dying. Hannah says that Zoe is the only one of her friends whose parents are still together, and they fight all the time! She says that none of her friends want to get married or have kids.
Philip looks more and more unhappy at their cynical attitude - he tells them that the love and joy of a relationship far outweighs the pain of an ending.
PHILIP: Besides, without relationships you two wouldn't even exist!
Philip worries that they feel as if they've missed out on being loved because they were brought up by a single parent family, but the girls are quick to reassure him.
DEBBIE: You're the best dad.
PHILIP: And relationships can last - look at the Kennedys!
DEBBIE: I still think it's a big risk. Maybe one day.
HANNAH: Yeah. And anyway, we have a great family - you and Debbie, Gran and me! My friends reckon I've got the best deal out of anyone.
PHILIP: Well, just for the record, I reckon I've got a pretty good deal too.
He flicks water at them, and they hit him with the tea towels, all whilst Helen smiles.
Marlene's Shop
Luke is bored and says he should've brought a book! Danni warns him that they can go all morning without a customer, so he decides that they shouldn't wait for the customers - they should bring them in!
DANNI: Yeah, sure - just hijack them off the street(!)
LUKE: Yep, why not!
DANNI: ...I was joking, Luke.
LUKE: I wasn't!
Danni protests, but Luke manhandles a woman into the shop. She refuses to try Danni's fashion line on.
CUSTOMER: I came out to buy six chump chops from the butcher-
LUKE: Right, well, since you're here, maybe you could try that on-
CUSTOMER: - not a dinky little dress from a deviant in a junk shop!
She leaves, telling Danni that Luke is crazy.
Number 24
Cheryl tells Marlene about Lou's visit and the options he gave her. Marlene says the financial arrangements are always the worst part of a break up. Cheryl is upset that they've reached such a stage so quickly. Marlene can't believe they haven't discussed Lolly - and Cheryl admits that Lou wants custody.
CHERYL: I'm not negotiating over my daughter. Lou's more than welcome to see her as often as he wants, but I'm the child's mother, and that's that.
Marlene warns her that she'll have to face facts - that Louise is also Lou's child, and she can't expect Lou not to fight for her. Cheryl says that she can fight pretty hard too - and she'll find a way to keep Louise and buy Lou out.
Marlene's Shop
Danni forbids Luke from repeating his effort at getting customers through the door, saying that her fashion line deserves a better sales method - that her designs should speak for themselves. Luke says her designs are brilliant but that's not enough - she has to move from being young and talented to successful and talented. Danni says it's just luck, and Luke insists that whilst luck is a factor, the more people who see her designs, the more chance she has of getting lucky.
Luke promises that he'll choose their customers more wisely and she agrees to let him continue his method.
Chez Chez
Cheryl is surprised that Philip is covering Lou's shift. Philip tells her he doesn't know where Lou is and seems quite cold towards Cheryl. Cheryl asks if he's taking sides and Philip insists that they're both friends of his and he's placed in a difficult situation. He explains that he had a few drinks with Lou last night, but it doesn't mean he's taking sides.
CHERYL: So, are you interested in my version of the story?
PHILIP: By all means.
Number 26
Jo wants another psychic reading from Debbie, but Debbie refuses.
DEBBIE: I'm not about to become your personal psychic.
JO: Why not?
DEBBIE: Because I'm not psychic! You do know that, don't you? I only took the job to make money.
Jo says that she can't deny that she's got a gift and it works. She offers Debbie $50 for another reading, so Debbie agrees!
Lassiter's Lake
Cheryl approaches Lou by the lake. She tells him that she won't allow him to have custody of Louise. Lou is furious and says that she's got the house, the car, and the furniture - what more does she want? She doesn't follow, and Lou angrily explains that he gave up his car yard and put his savings into her pub. Cheryl points out that she bought half the car yard and gifted it to him!
CHERYL: Besides, you're the one who decided to sell it!
LOU: Because I loved you! Because I wanted to support you in that stupid takeover business! I threw everything into the pot and this is how you pay me back!
He says that wanting custody of Louise isn't an idle threat and the fact he didn't cheat is on his side. He says he will use everything in his power to fight for her.
Marlene's Shop
Luke is outside with a megaphone. Hannah asks Danni if she's got any skateboarding streetwear, and when Danni says she doesn't, Hannah asks if she could design something for her. Danni says she doesn't have time, but suggests that Hannah double checks through the racks just in case.
Luke is pleased at how the shop is busy with customers, although Danni points out that nobody has bought any clothes yet! Luke decides to try and sell some clothes, and a woman is suddenly very interested in Danni's designs. The woman goes to try them on.
Number 26
Debbie says Jo has to go as she has another client calling, but Jo reminds her that she paid. Debbie does another reading and tells Jo that she'll be able to use her huge bundles of money to make someone else very happy.
Marlene's Shop
Sharon the shopper is very pleased and has bought lots of Danni's designs. She explains that she was surprised to find such quality in a secondhand shop and Danni tells her that she can't find anywhere suitable with display space. Sharon says she might be able to help as her sister, Samantha, has a shop in town - and gives Danni her card.
Danni is ecstatic because the shop is really cool - and this is the break she's been looking for. She's grateful to Luke for his efforts. Hannah comes out with some tragic looking clothing - Luke suggests they'd be fine, but Danni and Hannah think his taste in clothes isn't great!
Number 24
Jo visits Marlene and tells her about Debbie's psychic session. Marlene can't believe that everyone thinks Debbie has psychic powers! Jo insists that she has, but Marlene is cynical.
Cheryl storms in, furious about Lou and the custody battle. Marlene shepherds Jo out whilst Cheryl gets out a bottle of wine! Marlene suggests they should look at it from Lou's perspective and Cheryl asks why! Cheryl says that she's entitled to custody of Louise and if Marlene isn't with her, she'll find somewhere else to live.
Marlene says she is on Cheryl's side but warns that they're in for a long hard fight because Lou feels exactly the same as Cheryl does.
Number 30
Samantha wants Danni's entire range - but instead of celebrating, Danni is worried as she doesn't have an entire range. Danni frets about how she doesn't know much about the business side because that's what her previous business partners always did. Luke tells her to focus on the designs and he'll handle the rest of it.
Danni says it's sweet of him but she isn't sure that she wants him as part of the business, because mixing business with pleasure is a disaster in her experience. Luke says that it won't be the same this time - he'll be like her employee. Danni asks what he'll get out of it, and Luke says it's a stake in their future.
Coffee Shop
Jo is on the phone to Rob telling him that she's had an idea for an investment for his money.
Number 26
Hannah walks in saying, "Dad's home!" Debbie gets up to open the door and Jo is standing there - and Jo thinks that this is another sign of Debbie's psychic powers!
Jo has dropped around to tell Debbie that her prophecy from earlier has come true. Philip comes in with the shopping and Hannah immediately tells him that they have proof that Debbie has supernatural powers, and Jo concurs!
Number 24
Cheryl says that it's starting to sink in that they're going to end up in court, and Marlene agrees. Cheryl says that a good lawyer is going to cost the earth so she'll need to talk to the accountant - and then realises that it's Lou's accountant, so she'll have to find a new accountant.
CHERYL: I'm scared, Mum. This is really frightening me.
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