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Neighbours Episode 2661 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2661
Australian airdate: 22/07/1996
UK airdate: 24/01/1996
UK Gold: 16/01/2003
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Narelle Allen: Hilary Mills
Demolition Man: Bill Kolivas
Hennessy: Gregory Costaras
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Lou tells Cheryl that their relationship is over.
- Darren accidentally pulls a wardrobe on top of himself in the abandoned house.
- Toadie and Libby battle against the demolition crew, warning them that someone is inside the house but the crew don't believe them.
Abandoned House
Toadie yells that they're telling the truth but they're manhandled away as the machinery starts pulling down the house. Libby sprints to the back of the house and peers through a window where she spies Darren lifting up the floorboards. She yells at him as the house starts to fall around him and he tries to escape. He manages to escape in the nick of time.
Lassiters, outside
Darren comes out of the surgery with his arm bandaged.
LIBBY: What did she say?
DARREN: Ah, it's nothing.
LIBBY: Darren.
DARREN: Nah, it's cool, she just said to take it easy for a while.
LIBBY: Let's get you home then.
DARREN: I thought we'd um, stop for a coffee.
LIBBY: You're unbelievable! You look half dead, you should be home in bed.
DARREN: (smirking) Do you want to join me?
Libby asks Darren what he was doing in the abandoned house, but he just says that it's nothing he shouldn't have been.
Abandoned House
Toadie is telling Billy about Darren's escape, and Billy remarks that he's a lucky boy - he should be dead! Toadie wants to know what Darren was doing in the house and says that Pete told him that Darren was pulling up floorboards, but they realise that they'll never find the truth out now.
They watch the demolition, lamenting that the house would've been a great clubhouse - for parties and girls! The council worker comes over and tells them to leave.
Coffee Shop, outside
Libby keeps pressing Darren on what he was doing at the house, fearing that he was doing something illegal. Darren is frustrated at her lack of trust - he says that she knows why he was there; he wanted the floorboards. He said that as the place was coming down, they wouldn't be missed.
LIBBY: So, you were stealing.
Darren is irritated and says that the demolition crew would've ripped up the floorboards and thrown them in the tip, whereas he can upcycle them into new furniture, such as shelves.
Number 28
Billy and Toadie have fired up the computer and are reading through a list of questions that Libby has written to ask Darren. Toadie says they can add some spice to the interview and starts typing!
BILLY: Why do I have a bad feeling about this?
TOADIE: Now, which brand of pantyhose do you prefer whilst holding up service stations?
BILLY: (laughing) Well, maybe he's a balaclava man!
TOADIE: Question number two - do you still use soap on a rope now that you're at home?
The boys are laughing loudly when Libby returns home. She isn't impressed that they're messing with her questions, but they say there's no harm done.
LIBBY: How would you like it if I was making jokes about you, Toadie?
TOADIE: Er, you do, don't you!
Billy says he would like to ask Darren what he was doing at the house. Toadie is certain that Darren was looking to be injured so he could seek compensation for an accident - and he's annoyed he didn't think of the scam first! Libby tells Toadie that he's sick.
BILLY: Maybe Darren learnt a whole heap of stuff in jail and now he wants to try it all out?
Libby tells them that he was just after the floorboards as Mal walks in.
TOADIE: What's under the floorboards, more like it!
Mal wants to know what's going on, and Libby tells him. Toadie and Billy pour scorn on Darren's version of events - they're certain he was after something inside. Libby loudly defends Darren and storms out. Mal tells Billy that he's out of order - as Darren is on parole, spreading rumours could get him into trouble. Mal warns him that Darren wouldn't be happy - but when he leaves, Toadie and Billy just snicker.
Number 28, garden
Mal tells Libby to ignore them. Libby is upset that they're judging Darren without giving him a chance. Mal warns Libby that Darren might not be such a nice guy - he hopes that he is, because he's fine working with him, but he doesn't know him enough to trust him. Mal says they'll both be happy if he turns out to be a good guy, but they should take it slowly.
Number 24
Cheryl asks after Darren's injury, and he explains about the house and the floorboards. When Marlene and Cheryl seem dubious, he flares up.
DARREN: When am I going to get a break around here?!
Cheryl tells him to calm down, and says she believes him. She offers to look at his bandaged arm.
Number 28
Toadie and Billy are watching Casper's skateboarding video. Billy is impressed; Toadie less so.
BILLY: What? You could do better, could you?
TOADIE: Mate, I never told you this but my old nickname used to be Ollie Rebecchi.
BILLY: You are so full of it sometimes!
Toadie says the video needs a 'pumping and thrashy' soundtrack and they should record it for him.
BILLY: Great idea(!) I'll get Mum's cheese grater and you can play the pots and pans.
Toadie tells him to get his violin and he'll borrow Stonie's bongos. Billy doesn't think it'll sound 'pumping and thrashy'.
TOADIE: Mate, you've obviously never heard me on the bongos then, have you?!
Number 28, continued
Toadie is playing the bongos - badly.
BILLY: ...you've never played before, have you?
TOADIE: Is it that obvious?
BILLY: (Yes)
TOADIE: You've still got your violin - that sounded good!
BILLY: Toadie, you can't have a violin soundtrack for a skateboarding video!
TOADIE: You can if you make it sound cool enough!
BILLY: And how am I meant to do that with you having an epileptic fit on the bongos?
TOADIE: Well, what if I play it restrained?
BILLY: You mean strapped to a bed in a mental hospital? Fine!
Toadie says that it's better than being bored. Billy doesn't think Libby will be very happy, but Toadie says that if it works, she'll be rapt - a nd if it's bad, they can record over it.
Mal walks in and asks what they're doing.
TOADIE: We're composing a masterpiece, mate!
MAL: ...why do you hang out with him, Billy?
They start playing as Mal answers the phone and he tells them to stop.
BILLY: How come you counted me in and then you changed beat?
Toadie says that the rehearsals are stymieing them! He reckons they should improvise. Mal comes off the phone.
MAL: I just got asked to do a quote for an entire kitchen makeover!
TOADIE: And what are you going to make it over into? A toilet?
Mal says if he can find a willing cabinet maker, all of his business worries will be over.
Number 24
Darren is on the phone, angrily telling Narelle that 'it wasn't there'. Unseen by Darren, Cheryl comes in with the washing - and when he realises she's walked in, he tells the person on the other end of the phone that it isn't a good time.
CHERYL: Who was that?
DARREN: Nobody! ...a friend. Didn't know I was out.
CHERYL: Really(!)
DARREN: Yeah, well, I guess good news doesn't travel as fast as bad.
CHERYL: Aren't you supposed to be resting?
DARREN: Oh, you know what they say, 'no rest for the wicked'.
CHERYL: Good! You're definitely meant to be resting because you're no longer wicked.
Darren goes off to his room to rest as Marlene comes in and starts helping with the washing.
CHERYL: Worrying about Darren takes my mind off my other problems for a while.
MARLENE: Oh well, then you're in luck. Knowing Darren, you may never have to worry about your other problems ever again.
Number 28
Billy and Toadie are playing loudly. They finish the recording and go to play it back, but the video is just static.
BILLY: I've got a bad feeling about this.
They realise that they've recorded over the skateboarding video.
TOADIE: This is not good, is it?
BILLY: This is a disaster! And it's all your fault!
TOADIE: Well, get rid of the evidence!
They scramble to tidy up, yelling at each other as they do so.
BILLY: Now what?
TOADIE: I go home!
Toadie runs out of the house, leaving Billy alone.
Number 24
Libby tells Darren that she went past the abandoned house, but Darren is prickly that she doesn't trust him. Libby tells him that she trusts too easily and she's had some bad experiences with guys.
DARREN: Yeah, well, that's not my fault.
LIBBY: I know! But this time I'm making sure it's not my fault either.
DARREN: ...so does this mean that you're falling for me, maybe?
LIBBY: That's not what I said.
DARREN: Yeah, well, I was reading between the lines!
There's a knock at the door - it's Narelle, who starts berating Darren about the stolen property. Darren pointedly introduces Libby.
NARELLE: Get her out of here.
LIBBY: Excuse me?!
Darren makes an excuse to Libby, saying that Narelle is dating someone he used to be in prison with, and Libby leaves.
DARREN: What the hell was that all about? I only talked to you a few hours ago! What am I supposed to have done about it since then?
Narelle scoffs at his lack of concern. Darren says that stuff wasn't there. Narelle says that she wants to see for herself, and Darren tells her the place has been knocked down.
Narelle: Very neat! Rod told me you were a snake.
Darren says he can't force her to believe him. She tells him that he should've gone back to the house because Rod's stash might've been uncovered and he'd better find it before someone else does.
Number 22
Lou and Cheryl are having a bit of a stand- off, and Cheryl tries to coax him to sit down - but Lou isn't having any of it. Cheryl wants them to at least be friends.
CHERYL: Lou, please believe me, that I never meant to hurt you and I wished things hadn't turned out the way that they have. I think you're a wonderful man and I admire you.
LOU: As much as you admire Charles?
Lou says he's pulled the pin on their relationship because he's been hurt. He tells her that it would've been easier to stay with her, but he doesn't deserve to be treated the way she's been treating him.
LOU: That's it. It's all over. But that doesn't make it any easier for me. Even having you here... (He turns away from her) Maybe one day we can have this conversation, but it won't be today. I'm sorry.
CHERYL: I'm sorry too. ...I didn't mean to put you through this Lou. ...I miss you.
They're both in tears, but Lou doesn't turn to look at her.
LOU: Goodbye Cheryl.
She leaves and Lou looks devastated.
Number 24
Mal is excited about the kitchen quote and tells Darren all about it. Darren is stoked and they have a beer to celebrate.
Number 22
Philip asks Lou if he's seen a lawyer.
LOU: Are you saying she's only apologised in order to get a better deal for herself?
PHILIP: No, that's not what I meant at all.
LOU: Because that would make her out to be a prize bitch and she doesn't deserve that.
PHILIP: I just think she won't give in without a fight.
LOU: You know... You're the only one who's had the guts to call it like it is. And you're spot on. I'm sitting here waiting to be ambushed, like a fool!
Philip says he didn't really say anything! Lou realises that he and Cheryl are about to fight for their child and their business, and he needs to be prepared - because Cheryl will be.
Number 24
Cheryl, Darren and Marlene are talking about the kitchen project. Darren says he doesn't like waiting around with quotes - he just wants to get on and do it.
MARLENE: Some people get quotes during the day just for company.
Cheryl tells him to ignore Marlene, and that she's sure Mal's customer is legitimate. Marlene answers the door to Lou, who wants a private word with Cheryl.
MARLENE: Darren, come and look over the bathroom. I'd like you to give me a quote for doing it up.
Darren is incredulous - but leaves with Marlene.
Lou tells Cheryl that he's been thinking about what she said, and she's hopeful that he wants to be friends. Lou says that he wants half of everything he co- owns and a share of everything he's contributed to, as that's fair. She asks about the house and the pub - and Lou says they could sell up and split the money, or she can buy him out.
CHERYL: Louis, I can't possibly buy you out, and you know that.
LOU: All right, then let's look at another solution. One whereby you can keep everything you already have: I'd like you to give me custody of Louise.
Cheryl is stunned.
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