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Neighbours Episode 2658 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2658
Australian airdate: 17/07/96
UK airdate: 21/01/97
UK Gold: 13/01/03
Writer: Piers Hobson
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Debbie and Stonie decide to go out to celebrate her new job.
- Cheryl tells Lou that she doesn't want to come round tonight and asks him not to push things.
- Stonie kisses Debbie on the way home from their night out. She runs off.
Coffee Shop
Debbie comes in to find Malcolm having an early morning coffee. She grabs a bottle of water while Mal rabbits on about making his first million. He asks her why she's so on edge. Stonie comes in and Debbie heads off. He tries to get her to stay for breakfast with him, but she rushes off.
Mal is intrigued and Stonie says they've had a "slight misunderstanding"
Phil tells Debbie that he's been worried sick about her. She is unrepentant and he rants that he cares about her. She says she's not a child and her private life is private.
Cheryl is a bit groggy this morning. Marlene says that Darren has been out all night. Cheryl hopes he won't get into any trouble. Cheryl tells Marlene that the counselling is rather gruelling. Marlene says that Cheryl could just tell Lou she loves him and go home, but Cheryl insists that it isn't that simple.
Phil is still writing his novel. Helen is heading over to see how Cheryl is.
The phone rings and it's some nutter calling for "Destiny Deborah". He's not happy to hear that Debbie's calls are being put through to his house! She says there won't be that many.
Helen pops in to see Cheryl and have a coffee. Cheryl says she's a bit brittle and taking things one day at a time. Helen says there's bound to be a fallout after what she's been through.
Cheryl answers the phone and it's Charles - the bloke from Ecuador. She looks very pleased and purrs down the phone.
CHERYL: It's so good to hear your voice!
Coffee Shop
Stonie is sleeping in the kitchen when Lou comes in. Lou wakes him up and orders a breakfast. Jo comes in and orders a coffee too. She tells Lou she's a bit lonely without Rob who is away on business until the weekend. Lou advises her that she has to go through the bad times to appreciate the good time.
Cheryl admits to Helen that the phone call was a bit of a surprise - Charles was one of the other captives and she "got to know him quite well".
Mal is talking to Stonie about his design. Stonie is still absolutely knackered. Mal asks what went on with Debbie. Stonie admits that he kissed her and Mal laughs. He asks if Stonie is going to tell Catherine. Stonie says there's nothing in it with Debbie, so no.
Phil is telling a caller that Destiny Deborah is taking a break. They ask him for his advice instead(!)
Helen asks Phil if he knows what happened in Ecuador. She probes him and thinks Phil knows about the affair. However, he didn't, so is shocked at this news.
Coffee Shop
Debbie has come to look for Stonie, but he's not around. Jo invites her to have a coffee with her. Debbie tells her about the telephone psychic job and Jo says how lonely she is without Rob.
Lou tells Phil that he hopes that counselling will work for he and Cheryl. Lou awkwardly goes to tell Phil about the affair, so Phil tells him that he already knows through Helen. Lou is shocked to hear that Helen knows, but says he can understand Cheryl needing a confidante.
Debbie comes round to see Stonie. She tells him she wants to talk about the kiss, but Mal comes in from the kitchen with a sandwich. She decides to see him another time, when he's free.
Mal tells Stonie that he has an idea.
Helen is on the phone to a Destiny Deborah caller. Debbie comes in and takes the call. It seems to be Mal on the phone. He starts asking Debbie about having two women at once and Stonie fights the phone off him. Debbie is cross to realise it's Mal on the phone and tells him to tell Stonie he's the "biggest loser he's ever met"
Lou invites Cheryl over to No.22 for a coffee (they've just come back from a counselling session). Cheryl says she's finding the raw honesty very difficult. Lou says it's their only hope. Cheryl says she'll have a coffee next time and he kisses her on the cheek.
LOU: You know, we may have our ups and downs, but in the long run, everything's going to be just fine, you'll see. Good night.
Cheryl does not look convinced.
Debbie is apoplectic with rage over the phone call and Stonie telling Mal about their kiss. Mal tells her to relax - Stonie didn't mean anything by it, and he won't do it again. Debbie says he'd better not and storms off.
Stonie tells Mal off for interfering. Stonie thinks Mal still has the hots for Debbie. He tells him he's been there and done that.
Debbie rants to Phil about the "ex- friends". Another call comes through for Debbie - someone saying he's "offended a lady- friend and needs to know if it's going to be OK". Debbie thinks it's Mal again and calls the caller a loser and suggests that he grows up! The caller says that he *is* a loser and Debbie realises that it's a real caller.
Cheryl is sniffing some flowers that she's been sent looking very content. Just then, Lou comes round, so she hides the flowers behind the sofa. He tells her that he's sent her some flowers and spots them behind the sofa. He realises that she thought they were from someone else and Cheryl looks guilty.
<<2657 - 2659>>
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