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Neighbours Episode 2657 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2657
Australian airdate: 16/07/96
UK airdate: 20/01/97
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Pete Collins: Sudi de Winter
Elderly Patient: Pat Lawrie
Janet Collins: Linda Ross
Summary/Images by: Alan & Sayaka
- Debbie tells Mal she's hoping to become a telephone psychic.
- Toadie notices that the kid on the video the Kennedys are watching is wearing Stonie's leather jacket.
- Danni has a bad dream and Luke realises it was about him dying.
Stonie talks to Catherine on the phone, sad that they're so far apart - he wants to move to Tasmania as he can't hack being so far away from her. Toadie is watching cartoons and listening in. He reckons Stonie should do it - move to Tasmasia, but he wants to make sure he gets his room if he does!
Coffee Shop
Angie tells Karl she hasn't heard any news on her break- in and thinks it's best just to kiss your stuff goodbye and hold out for the insurance. She's sure they're long gone by now. Karl says he was going to ring the council about that old house today and thinks it should be demolished. Toadie overhears and looks aghast.
Hotel Garden
Luke tells Danni he used to think about death a lot when he was first diagnosed, but at Camp Quality he learnt a lot watching all the kids so pleased with living. He tells her life is beautiful and precious, they're together in an amazing place and he doesn't want her getting teary on him. He suggests they go and enjoy a picnic.
Debbie tells Stonie she's pretty much got the psychic job and can't quite believe it. She says the money's good and she can work from home, except for this afternoon because she's got to take her first call in front of them so they can listen in on how it goes. Stonie suggests he could be the first caller and they hatch a plan.
Coffee Shop
Pete turns up and Toadie chases him.
Pete seeks refuge in the abandoned bus and Toadie corners him. He rips into him for breaking into their house but tells him that he needs to do something about his arm before it falls off. Pete gives back the jacket, telling Toadie he got it off some guy. Toadie observes that his wound is infected. Pete runs off.
Coffee Shop
Stonie chats to Debbie the psychic on the phone and he asks her about his lovelife, she says there's a lady he's attracted to but there's nothing he can do about it until he's sorted his life out in other areas. She tells him that soon, very soon, something he thought he lost will be returned to him. Seconds later, Toadie turns up with his stolen jacket and he's dumbfounded.
Billy is bored of being grounded in the Surgery as there's nothing to do. Karl tells Billy that the old house is up for demolition within the week. He also tells him he can be grounded at home tomorrow, to help Mal out with the painting.
Coffee Shop
Stonie tells his Mum it's like Debbie knew it was going to happen, because she said he'd get something back that he lost. Toadie lets slip that he's thinking about moving to Tasmania and Angie thinks it's ridiculous, if Catherine wants to be with him she can come back to Erinsborough. He says it's not definite but either way it's his decision!
Hotel (Garden)
Danni and Luke decide to stop worrying and enjoy their time away - they get on with their picnic and have a laugh.
Toadie comes in to tell Billy about catching up with Toadie. Pete comes to the surgery to see Karl about his arm. Toadie and Billy glower at him.
Coffee Shop
Debbie tells Stonie she got the job and it's all thanks to him! He is very distant and tells her about the run- in with Angie. She says he needs a huge night out to take his mind off it, drinks on her. He's not too keen at first but agrees. She notices the jacket and he tells her what happened earlier.
Karl tends to Pete's wound and they chat, but he's very defensive. Karl says his parents must be worried sick but he says they don't give a stuff and he wouldn't understand. Karl says he might, things aren't always what they seem - like the robberies, people are convinced he's involved even if he says he isn't. Karl suggests they go talk to the police, but he won't do it.
Debbie tells Stonie that she got on well at her interview - she's now "Destiny Deborah"! Stonie is a bit down, thinking about Catherine. She suggests that they head our tonight and drinks are on her! Debbie is surprised to see his jacket is back.
Karl finishes up with Pete by giving him a tetanus injection and says he could call his mother for him and urges him to go to the police to clear himself from involvement in the robberies.
Debbie and Stonie are hanging out and Stonie is feeling better now. They decide to head off to the Pump Palace.
Pete eventually agrees that Karl can call his mother (Janet) and Pete dials.
She answers and he tells her he's treated Peter but he wants to talk to her about it - she says he's a big boy and his welfare is his own concern! Also he needn't think she's paying any of his medical bills either because it's his fault he gets in these scrapes. She won't pick him up so Karl gives him a lift home.
Lasiter's Lake
Debbie and Stonie head home in the early hours but stop off at the rotunda. Stonie is tired and lies on the ground pretending to be asleep. They end up on the ground together and Stonie kisses her, but she gets up and hurriedly says she's got to go...
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