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Neighbours Episode 2659 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2695
Australian airdate: 18/07/96
UK airdate: 22/01/97
UK Gold: 14/01/03
Writer: Kate Langbroek
Director: Helen Gaynor
Guests: Darren Stark: Todd MacDonald
Pete Collins: Sudi de Winter
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cheryl gets a phonecall from Charles, a fellow hostage.
- Darren invites Libby to see a band with him.
- Peter the runaway turns up to get his infected wound tended by Karl. Karl offers to drive him home.
- Lou realises Cheryl thought the flowers he sent were from someone else.
LOU: I don't believe this. I thought - you told me it was all over between you and this, this...
CHERYL: Charles, and it is.
LOU: Is it?! So you were expecting flowers from him as opposed to me?!
CHERYL: I wasn't expecting flowers from him, I just didn't expect more from you, that's all.
LOU: Oh, really? So you just threw them down behind a chair in case they were from Charles?
CHERYL: Lou, Charles is in another country now. It's over.
LOU: Is it? Then how does Charles know where to send you flowers, Cheryl? This is a very recent address for you.
CHERYL: Alright, I have spoken to him. But only once, he rang me at the pub.
LOU: He what?!
CHERYL: He just wanted to know how how I was going.
LOU: Come *on*, no more lies, please!
CHERYL: I'm not lying to you!
But Lou is enraged.
LOU: One minute your pathetic affair's over, the next you're expecting flowers from the bloke and then you've got to hide them from me...do not take me for a complete idiot!
Just then, Darren walks in. He tells Lou to cool it. Lou stalks off.
Libby and Hannah have been filming Hannah skateboarding, but it's difficult with the camera shake. Libby says they could get some board- eye shots.
Darren pops round looking for Libby and asks how her film is going. Darren says he could make her something to wheel the camera on. Or - they could shoot from Cheryl's car.
Lou storms in and tells Phil about the Charles issue.
Abandoned House
Darren is looking for a stash of money. Apparently it's under the floorboards somewhere. He locates the correct one, but someone is watching him.
Apparently Pete's mother couldn't give a stuff about him and the house was a wreck. Susan says there might be a reason, such as unemployment or alcoholism. Karl doesn't know what to do.
Abandoned House
Pete sees Darren and asks what he's up to. Darren tells him to get lost.
Cheryl and Helen are having a cup of tea. They awkwardly talk about Charles. Cheryl tells her about the flower incident and now Lou is upset.
Coffee Shop
Darren meets up with Libby and Hannah. He flirts with Libby. Hannah heads off, saying that three's a crowd. Darren orders them some cappuccinos. Libby says he's really arrogant and not quite what she expected. He invites her out to dinner tonight and she agrees.
Susan comes over and tells Libby not to be late for their family dinner tonight. Libby says she has other plans and Susan tells her in no uncertain terms to un- make them. Darren looks put out.
Susan and Helen are having a cup of tea. She tells her she's concerned about Darren and Libby. Libby can't see past the charm at the moment, and she wants to know if Darren has a good heart underneath it all. Helen isn't sure.
Coffee Shop
Libby and Darren are having their third coffee. She tells him that she'd love to interview him. He asks her about her love live instead, but agrees to be interviewed. Libby tells him she'll cancel the family dinner and go out with him.
Libby comes in and tells Karl that she can't make the family dinner tonight. He drags her into his office and interrogates her. She is forced to admit she's having dinner with Darren Stark. He tells her she's not having dinner with him and she'd better be home for the family dinner or else. Libby isn't happy and storms out.
Coffee Shop
Libby tells Darren that she can't go out with him tonight. He takes it well and says he'll have a chat with Karl about it.
Darren tells Karl that he understands why he doesn't want Libby going out with him. He asks Karl to invite him to the family dinner instead!
DARREN: You can say no if you like, I just want to spend some time with your daughter in whatever circumstance. So come on, a yes or a no?
DARREN: Well, thanks for breaking it to me so gently, Doc!
He walks off leaving Karl looking concerned.
Lou comes round after a long day at the pub. He observes that Cheryl has put his flowers in a vase. Cheryl wants to explain about the phone call. Lou doesn't want to talk anymore.
LOU: I've been doing a lot of thinking and nothing adds up. You say you want this thing to work, and yet your actions tell me differently.
CHERYL: So, it's all just me?
LOU: Pretty well, yes! I mean, you're the one who went off overseas! You're the one who's been freezing me out ever since you got home! You're the one who had the affair that looks as though it's still happening!
CHERYL: That is *so* unfair!
LOU: Cheryl, face it! When the wheels fell off our relationship...you didn't want to come to counselling...I had to almost twist your arm. It's obvious you didn't want it to work!
CHERYL: That is not true!
LOU: I love you. We may never have married, but I have been as committed a husband as could be.
CHERYL: I didn't mean to hurt you, and you can trust me.
LOU: I can't, I can't! I don't know what's true anymore or what's not true! We'd be always fighting and I will not let that happen in front of Louise.
CHERYL: So...what are you saying, that you're giving up on us?
LOU:(pained) Giving up?! Cheryl, this is the hardest decision I've ever made in my life!
CHERYL: Darling...
LOU: No, no, no, look, you've given me no option. Cheryl, it's over! We're through.
CHERYL:(shocked) No! No, you're upset, you...you can't give up on us just over a bunch of flowers!
LOU: It's *not* that easy, don't make it so trivial! Goodbye.
He walks out.
Phil arrives home from working at the pub. Helen and Hannah are chopping vegetables. Phil isn't happy to hear that Hannah has been at the skate park, and especially with Darren Stark! Hannah moans that she's a good skater now but Phil treats her like a little kid.
Libby and Darren are having a drink. Darren says he wants to take her somewhere special next time.
Karl and Susan come in. They tell Libby that she's underage and must come home immediately. She insists that she was just on her way home. Susan takes Libby out the car while Karl reads Darren the riot act.
KARL: If you don't stay away from her, I will issue a restraining order.
<<2658 - 2660>>
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