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Neighbours Episode 2654 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2654
Australian airdate: 11/07/96
UK airdate: 15/01/97
UK Gold: 07/01/03
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Philip East
Guests: Simeon Smith: Scott Meneilly
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Luke asks Danni about Luke. She tells him about his cancer.
- Debbie tells Phil that her job interview went well.
- Danni and Luke almost kiss, but he pulls away, saying it's a bad idea.
Darren is moaning that the family and Debbie are over- sensitive(!) Marlene tells him he'll have to prove that he's changed and win people's trust back. Marlene points out crossly that everyone is going through a very bad time, so Darren had better keep out of trouble. She thinks he should try to get a job, and she'll give him some money to keep him going in the meantime.
Luke tells Danni that he *is* interested in her, but the cancer has really worn him down and his body isn't behaving as usual (say no more). He feels embarrassed that his body is knackered and all he can think about doing is sleeping. He goes off to his room.
Coffee Shop
Debbie tells Mal that she's considering a new job as a telephone psychic(!) Mal tells her he's leaving the Coffee Shop to give his own business a go.
Marlene screams loudly and Darren thinks she's in trouble, but she just wants him to get up to have breakfast(!) Darren says Marlene could be a prison guard! They talk about Cheryl and Lou a bit, then Marlene says she needs some shelves putting up at the shop.
Things are still awkward between Luke and Danni. Luke tells her he's going to look for a job today. They talk about Darren and Luke says that he deserves a second chance. Luke finally tells Danni that things were a bit confused last night, so he kisses her.
LUKE: I just wanted to make sure that you understood.
Danni is pleased and says she's willing to give him a second chance. They kiss again.
Jo has arrived home from honeymoon (oh no). She sits down and tells Marlene what a good time she had in Europe.
Coffee Shop
Stonie tells Mal that he's decided to leave the Coffee Shop. Stonie is not pleased. Darren comes in and Danni introduces him to Mal and Stonie. It seems Darren and Mal will be working together down at the bric- a- brac shop.
A house somewhere
Debbie is at an interview for her telephone psychic job. She speaks to a lady called Sally about her life. She tells her she can sense that she's a well- educated woman and she can sense a career chance in her future. Also, she can see a man in her future that she'll meet through work. Sally is delighted. Debbie hangs up and says she feels lousy.
Darren and Mal are back from the bric- a- brac shop and are having tea with Marlene and Danni. Danni says that maybe Darren could work for Mal full- time. Mal isn't keen and Darren stomps off. Mal tells Danni that he doesn't have enough work for two people yet.
Front of No.24
Danni follows Darren out. She tells him to give Mal another go, but he walks off.
Danni comes back in and has another go at Mal, accusing him of discriminating against ex- crims(!) Mal is cross and tells her off. He says he'll think about giving Darren a job, though.
Jo is talking to Helen when Mal and Stonie come in. Stonie tells Mal that he's thinking of moving to Tasmania to be with Catherine.
Darren is ranting about people in Erinsborough not giving him a go(!) Marlene tells him straight that he's been mouthing off constant self- pitying drivel since he came home. Darren had better take responsibility for his own problems and get himself sorted out. Darren isn't happy, but tells Marlene that he won't be going back to jail. He heads off to 'check out the Erinsborough night life'
Darren comes in. Mal goes over to him to clear the air about the job. Darren speaks to him much more politely this time. He goes over to the bar and sees Jo there. He tells her his mother owns the bar, and Jo realises who he is. They sit down for a drink.
Danni comes in to find Luke has lit many candles and is opening a bottle of champagne. He tells her that he thinks he's falling in love with her, but he's concerned about his future, health- wise. She tells him to just shut up and kiss her!
Mal and Stonie are playing darts. Stonie tells him not to mention Tasmania to Angie.
Jo and Darren are still sitting at a table. When Jo pops to the Ladies, Stonie tells him that Jo is high- class and married! Darren says he doesn't care and a bit of an aggressive stand- off ensues.
<<2653 - 2655>>
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