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Neighbours Episode 2653 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2653 (Darren Stark is released from prison)
Australian airdate: 10/07/96
UK airdate: 14/01/97
Writer: John Upton
Director: Philip East
Guests: Cabalistic Carol: Marie-Therese Byrne
- "How Great It Is" by Paul Norton
- "Getting Away With Murder" by Paul Norton
- "When My Man Cries" by Nikka Costa
- "Living Thing" by The Badloves
Summary/Images by: Sal
- Cheryl tells Marlene that Darren has been paroled early. He'll be home in a few days.
- Lou and Cheryl agree to see a marriage counsellor.
Number 26
Debbie is checking out psychic hotline advertisements in the paper. She and Helen talk about their popularity, and how much money can be made from them. Debbie reveals that now Lou and Cheryl are back at the pub, she needs a new way of making money. Phil walks in and is highly amused at the idea.
PHIL: Don't tell me, they didn't advertise anywhere, you just SENSED a job open?
Debbie closes her eyes and picks an advertisement to enquire about a job with.
PHIL: You won't get to first base!
DEBBIE: Oh! How do you know? You aren't the one who's psychic!
Debbie asks Helen's advice, who pauses and then says that she believes Debbie will ring the number. Debbie laughs and says she must get her powers from Helen and skips off to make the call.
Chez Chez
The marriage counsellor has an appointment free in the morning, and Lou is trying to get Cheryl to agree to go, although she isn't keen. Lou gets annoyed when Cheryl makes excuses and tells her that she's the one who wanted to talk things through.
CHERYL: What if it doesn't work?
LOU: It's got to. There's far too much at stake for it not to.
Number 26
Debbie is on the phone to a psychic, who has asked her to prove her psychic powers. Phil and Helen can't believe what Debbie trots out in response and subsequently manages to land an interview!
DEBBIE: Well, what have you got to say now, you non-believer?!
PHIL: I never knew my daughter was such a shameless, conniving shyster!
HELEN: Oh, Philip - you've known that for years!
They all laugh.
Number 30
Luke arrives back with Danni from the camp. He's exhausted due to the kids wearing him out. Danni asks if the kids know that they have cancer, and Luke says they're aware. He says that's the great thing about the camp - everyone knows, so everyone relaxes because everyone is the same.
Danni says that she understands the camp is a positive place, but it still must be pretty depressing. Luke reckons it's the opposite - it's inspiring. Danni asks if he missed her - and he says he did an awful lot. She runs off to get him a surprise.
Number 22
Someone is knocking on the door of a darkened Number 22. There's no answer. The door opens and in enters...Darren Stark! He drops his bag and looks for Cheryl. He glances at some photos on the side, including one of himself as a youngster. He goes to the fridge, grabs a beer and pockets some money bills that he comes across. Obviously he's not *that* reformed!
Chez Chez
Lou and Cheryl are bickering over who should be the understanding party over what happened in Ecuador. They agree to put it out of their minds until they see the marriage counsellor. Darren enters, with his bag, and he embraces Cheryl and then shakes hands with Lou. Darren asks for a beer as a welcome home present, and Lou leaves them to it.
Cheryl tells Darren that they're having some problems, so she's staying at Marlene's - and he will be too. Darren asks if Lou's done the wrong thing by her but Cheryl tells him that Lou hasn't. She tells Darren that it's between her and Lou and the kids should keep their noses out of it. Darren gets a bit offside, and Cheryl tells him that it's ok to be curious - he just isn't allowed to interfere. She hugs him again. She wants them all to help him so his life can go in a completely new direction - and Darren agrees.
Number 30
Danni's made Luke sandwiches and set out champagne. She gives Luke a card which tells him how pleased she is to have him home. He's not sure the sentiment is returned - the camp was a great break, but now he's back to reality. Luke thanks her for her welcome home, and he knows how much she loves champagne... Danni is saddened - she did this for Luke, not herself. Luke tells her that he was just stirring, but says he'll eat the sandwiches in the morning - he's exhausted and goes to bed.
Number 24
Darren is flicking through the tv channels. Marlene points out that there's a guide, so he doesn't have to channel surf.
DARREN: Yeah, well, where I came from, doing this with the remote would get your head kicked in.
MARLENE: Well, you're safe here. I can't kick that high!
Marlene offers to make his bed up, but Darren takes the sheets - he's had so much practise, he can do it better! Marlene asks what Darren's financial situation is like. He tells her he's flat broke.
MARLENE: Cheryl said you learnt cabinet making in there. Didn't they pay you? Or has all the money gone?
DARREN: Yeah, I blew it each week on a couple of Mars bars. The fellas always ribbed me for having such expensive taste(!)
Marlene apologises. Darren says that the prison service doesn't pay you anything much, so when you get out, you're stuck. He's going to go job hunting tomorrow. Marlene offers him a loan, but Darren refuses, saying he'll take one in the future if he needs one, but not just yet. She offers him Sam's old clothes, which he agrees to - he's got a better chance at a job if he's dressed to kill! Darren says that Marlene's house - with its locks on the bathroom and food in the fridge is a little bit of paradise.
Number 26
Phil and Helen are finishing breakfast. Debbie comes in ready for her interview with Cabalistic Carol - she's not sure what Carol is like, so she's gone for quirky but not off the wall.
PHIL: Why don't you have something off the shoulder? I mean, if the woman's a cannibal?
HELEN: Philip, the word is "cabalistic" of which you are well aware!
DEBBIE: What does that mean? I meant to look it up incase she asks me.
PHIL: It means she eats human flesh.
HELEN: Ignore him!
Helen explains the definition. Phil wonders how Helen knows all of this stuff, but she says that when Debbie mentioned the word, she looked it up. Phil tells Debbie not to get too carried away when she gets there. Debbie tells him not to be boring, but Phil warns that vulnerable people use psychic hotlines. Helen agrees with him, but Debbie tells them to chill out. She says if there's anything suss, she'll give it a miss.
Number 30
Danni answers the door to Darren, clutching her pillow.
DARREN: Good to know some things never change.
DANNI: Hiya Darren.
DARREN: Life's great love affair, Danni and her pillow!
He looks around Number 30, telling Danni he called around yesterday but no-one was in.
DANNI: How long are you here for?
DARREN: Oh? Can't wait to get rid of me?
DANNI: Well, you haven't exactly made it easy for Mum, you know.
DARREN: Well, that's all in the past! This time I've got plans!
DANNI: Yeah? Such as?
DARREN: Such as...I'm done with trouble. I'm going to be everyone's mate this time around.
Luke walks in in his dressing gown. Darren introduces himself, mistaking Luke for Ben. Danni explains that Luke is her flatmate and that she and Ben split up.
DARREN: Sorry, didn't mean to panic you. You don't want to be tied to this one unless you can help it, do you!
DANNI: Darren!
Luke laughs, but Danni isn't impressed.
LUKE: Danni's told me a fair bit about you. It's good to finally meet.
DARREN: (aggressively) Yeah, well, don't jump to any conclusions until you hear my side of the story! Love the haircut, by the way. Got the boots to match?
Luke says he doesn't go looking for trouble. Darren says that he's one of the nice guys - he can tell. Danni mocks him, saying that he can usually tell and he's usually wrong! Darren says he has to leave, and asks Danni for some money for his bus fare to the job centre.
Coffee Shop
Debbie is paying for some food. She turns around to leave and there's Darren.
DARREN: Hi babe.
DEBBIE: What are you doing here?
DARREN: Come on to all of your old boyfriends like that, do you?
Debbie looks shell shocked.
DARREN: Hey, I just wanted to say I was sorry.
DEBBIE: Yeah, well, after what you did to Michael...
DARREN: Well, guilty as charged. But..I'm a different man. A changed character.
DEBBIE: Really(?)
DARREN: I swear to God... You're looking great, by the way. Just like I remember, only, older. Do you want to catch up and see a movie or something?
DEBBIE: No thank you!
Debbie pushes past him. Darren calls after her.
DARREN: Come on, Deb, it's destiny! You know that! El destino! You and me!
DEBBIE: (disdainfully) Yeah, I've got a bus to catch.
Darren watches as she leaves.
DARREN: (to himself) See ya.
Number 22
Lou is drying some dishes. Marlene pops over to pick Lou up for the radio show, but Lou tells he that he forgot to ring her - he and Cheryl got an appointment with the marriage counsellor. He asks her to do the show alone, which Marlene agrees to. She notes that Lou is nervous and tells him that there's no need - the fact they're both agreeing to go to the counsellor means that they must both want to save the relationship.
LOU: And right at this delicate stage, in walks another problem - wearing big hobnail boots!
MARLENE: Darren?
LOU: Yeah.
MARLENE: Yeah, but look, I really think he's learnt his lesson, you know? I don't think we can hang him yet.
LOU: He just worries me, that's all. He's only here because he's got nowhere else to go, which means he's trapped and bored - just the right ingredients for stirring the pot!
Marlene reckons that Lou's worrying about nothing - they can handle Darren.
Cabalistic Carol's
Carol is reading Debbie's CV. Debbie admits it's not relevant to the area, but she has worked in Australia as a waitress and in New York as PA. Carol tells her there's two stages to the interview - firstly her personal details, and then a test of her psychic powers. Debbie is a bit flustered at this and asks what the tests will entail, but Carol tells her to turn to her psychic powers as they'll tell her what to expect!
Number 24
Danni is with Marlene in the kitchen. Darren walks in.
DANNI: Why can't relationships ever work out the way you want them to?
DARREN: Whose relationship are we talking about?
DANNI: Nobody's.
DARREN: (sneering) Not you and Andre Agassi?
Darren says that Luke doesn't seem like her type.
MARLENE: What happened at the employment agency?
DARREN: Not much, there isn't a big call for cabinet makers with prison experience this week(!)
Darren turns his attention back to Danni.
DARREN: So, what's with you and Agassi?
DANNI: His name's Luke.
DARREN: What's with you and Luke then? Apart from shaving his head to fit some image.
DANNI: For your information, he's not interested in any sort of image, ok? Apart from a healthy one. He has cancer, ok? And he's one of the bravest people I've ever met.
DARREN: Sorry.
DANNI: All right then, shut up.
DARREN: How the hell was I supposed to know?!
Danni storms out. Darren reckons she's in love.
Cabalistic Carol's
Debbie is being tested for her psychic powers. She's clearly making up rubbish but somehow Debbie succeeds in matching what Carol was thinking about. Carol picks up some "positively charged" cards and tells Debbie she has to place her hand on one and work out which emotion each card is charged with. Debbie guesses at love.
CAROL: Actually, it's hate. But love and hate are so close in origin that a novice would always mix the two. There's no question, Debbie - you have the gift.
Carol tells Debbie that she's looking for more qualities - such as a good phone manner, and being intuitive to clues left by callers.
Chez Chez
Phil is working behind the bar. Lou comes in and thanks him for filling in. He says that he's not holding his breath over the counselling, but it was polite and things seemed ok.
LOU: And guess who's coming to dinner?
PHIL: Sidney Poitier?
Number 22
Lou and Cheryl are drinking wine. Cheryl says that she hopes Darren's learnt enough to not throw his parole away. Lou doesn't want to talk about Darren - he wants to talk about what they went through at the counselling. He says that hearing Cheryl say it's over between her and Charles made him much happier. Cheryl warns that they made progress in the talks, but they shouldn't continue them now. Lou agrees.
LOU: We are going to make it, aren't we? The thought of a custody battle over Louise scares the daylights out of me. I hope you know how much I want us back together. The way it was.
CHERYL: I understand that, but I-
LOU: Hey, shh shh, no buts. Time for talking's over, remember?
Lou slowly leans in and kisses Cheryl. She seems slightly uncertain.
Number 26
Phil is working on his laptop in the kitchen. Debbie arrives home.
DEBBIE: Ask me how the job interview went.
PHIL: You got it?
DEBBIE: Ohhhh, Daaadd!! You're a psychic too! The whole family has the gift!
Phil says he doesn't believe it. Debbie says it's not official yet - she has another test to do but she'll get on the job training to help her to prepare for it.
PHIL: Without wanting to be a wet blanket-
DEBBIE: Ohh. Which you're going to be anyway!
PHIL: Are you getting paid for this on the job training?
DEBBIE: We didn't get to that.
PHIL: That's not a good sign.
DEBBIE: I'll sort it out with Carol.
PHIL: Psychicly, I suppose?(!)
Debbie laughs - why not! Phil wonders if she's taking it too seriously, but Debbie shrugs her shoulders. All she knows is that she's having fun and she's almost employed - which is better than what she was that morning.
Number 30
Danni and Luke are leaning against each on the sofa. Luke has fallen asleep, and then wakes. They look at each other and Luke takes Danni's hand and then kisses her.
DANNI: Come on. Let's go somewhere more comfortable.
She pulls him up and they go to kiss again - but then Luke pulls away. He tells her it won't work - it's a really bad idea. He apologises, and walks away.
<<2652 - 2654>>
Helen Daniels, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2653
Helen Daniels, Debbie Martin

Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2653
Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter

Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2653
Danni Stark

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2653
Darren Stark

Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2653
Darren Stark

Darren Stark, Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark in Neighbours Episode 2653
Darren Stark, Lou Carpenter, Cheryl Stark

Luke Handley, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2653
Luke Handley, Danni Stark

Darren Stark, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2653
Darren Stark, Marlene Kratz

Philip Martin, Debbie Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2653
Philip Martin, Debbie Martin, Helen Daniels

Debbie Martin, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 2653
Debbie Martin, Helen Daniels

Darren Stark, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2653
Darren Stark, Danni Stark

Debbie Martin, Darren Stark in Neighbours Episode 2653
Debbie Martin, Darren Stark

Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2653
Debbie Martin

Debbie Martin, Cabalistic Carol in Neighbours Episode 2653
Debbie Martin, Cabalistic Carol

Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2653
Lou Carpenter, Philip Martin

Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 2653
Cheryl Stark, Lou Carpenter

Debbie Martin, Philip Martin in Neighbours Episode 2653
Debbie Martin, Philip Martin

Danni Stark, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2653
Danni Stark, Luke Handley

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