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Neighbours Episode 2652 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2652
Australian airdate: 09/07/96
UK airdate: 13/01/97
Writer: Helen MacWhirter
Director: Philip East
Guests: Pete Collins: Sudi de Winter
Casper Mack: Adam Fiorentino
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Alan & Sayaka
- Hannah falls over while skating so Casper tries to boost her confidence.
- Stonie tells Angie they've been robbed again.
- Billy and Toadie wait with an injured boy.
Toadie knocks loudly on the door and Karl answers it. He explains that they're going to meet the boy at the surgery.
Karl examines the boy who is rather uncooperative. Susan ushers Toadie and Billy out. Karl tries to find out more about the boy, but he doesn't want a bar of it. He tells Karl his name is Mickey Mouse(!) and that his parents don't care about him. He suggests that he fell down and got amnesia so he can't tell Karl who his parents are(!)...yeah, like that'd happen! ;) When Karl's back is turned he steals Karl's pen(!) When Karl starts quizzing him about drugs he bolts out of the place.
Garden of No.26
Hannah tells Casper she wants to be friends but he starts to blush. He says he gets nervous around her, he hasn't been around girls much and doesn't know what to say to them. Hannah says girls are no different to guys and most of the time they want to do the same things. He thinks he's a super- dork but she says he doesn't come close. He asks if she's had any boyfriends and she says only a couple and they haven't been right for her. He asks what is 'right'. She says he'd have to be kind, thoughtful, into the same things as her - like skateboarding. Casper says his girl would have to be into skateboarding and have long hair that's kind of wavy. Hannah asks if it's like hers. He says yes and they are about to kiss when Phil calls them inside and spoils the moment.
Karl and Susan quiz Billy and Toadie about what they were doing at that house. They say they were just passing the house (for the first time), then suggest it's on the way back from 'Pinhead's' house but Susan says they've never hung around with him. They're told to stay away from the house from now on.
Next day, Mal tells Karl and Susan that he could help repaint the house but they're unsure. He says he could do a job that's twice as good at half the price, so Karl says he can do it.
Mal and Karl want Billy to give their tools back, but he says he can't and Mal drops Billy in it when he says he thought he needed them to do up that old house. Susan and Karl demand to find out the truth. Billy says that Casper first discovered it and he and Toadie thought it would be fun to hang out there, but he's never seen the injured kid before - he must use the place to sleep in. Mal isn't at all happy about him leaving his tools there.
Ramsay Street
Casper and Hannah are skateboarding. Libby goes over and chats to Casper about his skateboarding and says she's putting together a short video about youth culture and wants to know if he'd like to be in it. Both he and Hannah say they'll do it.
Further down Ramsay Street
Billy tells Toadie that he's been banned from ever going back to the house, but Toadie thinks they just have to be more careful and they can't let those kids have the place.
Meanwhile Mal and Karl head off to the house to try to get his tools back. Karl also hopes to run into the boy again.
Car park
Libby videos Casper but in the middle they are harassed by another group of skaters lead by Pete, the kid from the house. He takes the camera but gives it back when Casper grabs his board. They skate off.
Coffee Shop
Karl tells Billy they went back to the house and got Mal's tools back. They saw the kid too but he ran off and Karl asks Billy if he knows anything else about him - he says he doesn't. Karl says he can't believe anything he says anymore and can't remember when things were worse between them. Billy's sorry but Karl says he'll be feeling worse when he gets his punishment.
Garden of No.26
Casper and Hannah are washing Holly. They start mucking about with a garden hose and look set to get romantic when Phil interrupts again! He tells Casper his Dad called and he can go home very soon.
Karl tells Susan the beautiful pen she gave him for his birthday has gone missing and the only unaccountable one is the kid from earlier. He wants to call the police.
Billy and Libby watch the video and Karl and Susan come in. They spot that the kid from the house is the one on the video. Libby tells them what happened earlier but leaves them to it because she has to head over to the 'Robinsons' (interesting as she never knew any Robinsons!) to arrange another meeting with Casper.
Ramsay Street
Libby runs into Hannah watching Casper skate and they talk about her feelings for him. She's scared he'll forget about her if he goes home. They arrange another meeting and Casper says they might have to go a bit further out of town to another skate park.
Toadie watches the video and spots that Pete is wearing Stonie's leather jacket so he must have broken into their house. Karl says they've got him and goes to call the police.
Front of No.26
Casper and Hannah chat about how they're going to stay in touch and he says that maybe they could get together sometime. She says it'd be like best friends but he says he wants more than that, she's the greatest girl he's ever met. They kiss.
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