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Neighbours Episode 2655 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2655
Australian airdate: 12/07/96
UK airdate: 16/01/97
UK Gold: 08/01/03
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Philip East
Guests: Casper Mack: Adam Fiorentino
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Karl tells Susan that the Police Association have been in touch to say they know his father and will pass his details on.
- Hannah and Casper kiss.
- Stonie and Darren get into a stand- off at the pub.
Stonie and Darren are still mouthing off when Jo gets back from the toilet. Cheryl comes in and puts a stop to it. Jo takes Stonie off, and Cheryl tells Darren that they'll talk about this incident later.
Coffee Shop
Stonie and Jo are sitting at a table. Angie says that senseless fighting doesn't solve anything and tells him to grow up. Stonie insists that he didn't start it, it was Darren. Angie says Darren just got out of jail - Stonie knows what Shane was like when he got out of jail, so he should give Darren some space to adjust. Stonie isn't happy.
Cheryl tells Darren off for fighting with Stonie. Darren is ridiculously over- sensitive about everything. He brings up the subject of Lou and tells her to sort things out with him.
Lou and Phil are playing draughts. Phil thinks marriage counselling is a good idea. The session apparently went well and he and Cheryl ended up in each other's arms afterwards (yuk). Phil awkwardly tells him that they still need to talk, it isn't all about sex.
Susan is looking at blue paint colours, but Karl wants beige instead(!) Susan answers the phone, "Kennedy Interior Design"...but it's a call for Karl from a lady called Joy. She's the wife of Karl's real father.
Helen is folding laundry and Casper is distracted. Phil comes in and chats to Casper about what he's doing on his holiday. Helen invites him to come over and keep Hannah company.
Karl is on the phone to his real father's (Ron) wife.
KARL: I'm very sorry you feel that way, but if I could just explain...no, I know that, and I do understand...hello?
She has hung up. Apparently she called Karl a "sordid product of her husband's youth"(!) Karl is upset. He doesn't think he'll be meeting Ron.
Front of No.26
Casper and Hannah are putting their skateboard kit on. He tells Hannah he's been invited over duringn the holidays. Phil comes out and tells her that Michael has rung, and he's arranged for Hannah to go and stay with him for the holidays. Hannah's face is a picture.
Lou has brought some flowers over for Cheryl. She looks a bit awkward, but thanks him. Lou enthuses about the counselling session and hopes they can spend more time together. He wants Cheryl to come home. Cheryl points out that they've only had one session so far and she wants to sort Darren out first (so he doesn't come between them) Lou takes this well and offers to help with Darren. They hug, but Cheryl doesn't look entirely happy.
Karl is understandably in a very bad mood. Susan wants him to sit down, have a cup of tea and talk things through, but he doesn't want to. Libby comes out and Karl mocks her skateboarding video, saying it's a waste of time. Libby is cross.
Darren tells Cheryl that he's going to catch up with a couple of mates, and then start looking for somewhere to crash. Cheryl isn't pleased to hear that some of these friends are just out of jail too. She points out that part of his parole is that he doesn't meet up with former crims, but Darren says they just won't invite their parole officer(!)
Cheryl tells Darren about Lou asking her to move back in. She isn't sure she's ready yet.
Coffee Shop
Darren comes in and finds Libby sitting at a table. He messes around with her video camera and then introduces himself.
DARREN: Pleased to meet you.
She gingerly shakes his hand.
Cheryl is telling Karl that she's emotionally very up and down. He urges her not to bottle her feelings up and suggests a course of anti- depressants. Cheryl says she doesn't want that. He assures her it's a valid treatment and she relents.
Coffee Shop
Libby is surprised that Darren is absolutely nothing like Brett. Apparently Brett has mentioned Libby in a few of his letters to Darren. He cheekily invites her back to his place to "make a video of their own" and she laughs.
Angie comes over and Libby introduces her to Darren. Angie pointedly tells him that she's Stonie's mum. Darren orders a bacon and egg roll and invites Libby to see a band with him tonight to "celebrate the day he met her".
Susan comes in to buy a muffin and by luck, Stonie has just made some.
STONIE: Mmmm, piping hot, just like you, Mrs K!
Angie tells Susan that Libby was talking to Darren Stark earlier. Stonie tells them that Darren is trouble and Susan looks a bit worried.
Front of No.26
Casper is heading off and Phil is putting his stuff in the car. Hannah is going to Michael's place tomorrow morning. While Phil is looking for his keys, they kiss and hug goodbye.
Coffee Shop
Darren has popped in for the third time. Angie gives him a few veiled warnings about fighting with Stonie and then suggests that if he wants to see Libby, he only need go over to the Kennedy house(!) She suggests that Darren is scared of Karl. Angie says that Darren and Stonie are identical. He insists he's not bothered about Libby and says he just wants a cappuccino.
Karl comes in ranting that he can't open his briefcase again. Susan comes over and calmly opens his case, telling him that he has to come to terms with the phone- call. Karl says maybe Ron didn't know his wife was making the call, so he's going to wait and see what happens next.
Karl says that he's heard Libby and Darren were getting friendly earlier. He tries to open his briefcase and once again it is stuck(!)
Darren is on the phone to a dodgy bloke he knows from the prison (coincidentally his name is also Ron!) He tells Darren that he's calling from the inside and he needs him to go and get some money from a stash for him - as one last favour.
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