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Neighbours Episode 2647 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2647
Australian airdate: 02/07/96
UK airdate: 06/01/97
UK Gold: 26/12/02
Writer: Craig Wilkins
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Pete Collins: Sudi de Winter
Casper Mack: Adam Fiorentino
Leith Davidson: David Watson
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Stonie tells Debbie "who else could have done it?"
- Hannah is riding Casper skateboard and careers into the path of a van.
A road
Fortunately, the van just avoids Hannah, but the skateboard is run over and broken in two.
No.32 (Kitchen)
Stonie and Debbie are rehearsing for the play. Debbie is nervous, but Stonie tries to get her to relax. As they go through the lines, Angie comes in and tells Stonie she is very proud of him and she's invited all her mates(!) Stonie starts to lose his previous confidence and looks worried(!) They decide to head off to the final rehearsal.
Hannah has brought the skateboard to Mal. He says he can't fix it, but he could shape a new piece of wood. However, this would take a few days, so he suggests that Hannah goes and confesses.
Coffee Shop
Phil is trying to write at a table while Angie rabbits on about the play. She sits down and asks to read his work (in fact, she snatches it off him). When she reads it she's a bit shocked, saying it's a bit hot. Phil is pleased!
Hannah comes in with the skateboard behind her back. Casper calls her a thief and a liar and he hasn't even seen the board yet(!) When he does see it, he's stunned and then runs out of the house without a word.
Community Centre
Stonie wants to work out some "worst- case scenarios" with the director of the play. He tells him to get on with it! Debbie tries to calm him down, saying he'll be fine.
The director speaks to the group, saying there'll be a professional in the audience tonight - the casting director of one of the biggest theatrical companies in Australia. The random extras seem very excited about this(!) Stonie looks even more nervous!
Lassiter's Lake
Hannah has come to find Casper. She tries to apologise, but he is really mad. She explains that she borrowed the board to learn to skate so she could get to know him better. He tells her to get lost.
Community Centre
The final rehearsal is not going very well for Debbie. The Director tells her to just have confidence. The Director tells Stonie that he's been overdoing things with his part, he needs to stop putting in dramatic pauses and he's putting Debbie off(!)
Mal tells Phil about Hannah's near miss with the truck, and about wrecking Casper's skateboard. Phil is shocked.
Mal goes on to ask Phil about his romance novel, and Phil is a bit shocked that Mal knows about it(!) Mal says he's got a great story for Phil - it happened to a friend of his. A story of unrequited love. Phil starts to look interested, but then Mal says it ends with the girl breaking the guy's skateboard into a million pieces!
Abandoned House
Casper is sitting reading a magazine when he hears a noise at the front door. It's Hannah. Casper opens the door to reveal a sign "No Morons Allowed"(!) She tries to apologise again but he just slams the door in her face.
Phil tackles Hannah about the skateboard incident. He tells her off for stealing Casper's skateboard, and says she'll have to save up and buy him a new board. Phil says he can't help her out financially as it was Hannah's mistake. Hannah says she'll have to sell the doll.
Community Centre
Things are going a bit better for Debbie, but Stonie has got stage fright and says he can't do the play. The Director tells him that he has to overcome his stage fright, and he'll be brilliant tonight. Stonie suddenly feels sick and rushes off.
Phil is mad that Hannah is going to sell the doll. Hannah says that she has to replace the skateboard somehow. She begs Phil for a loan, or maybe she can sell her horse riding gear instead. She might even buy a skateboard with the leftover money. Phil isn't keen on this at first, but relents and says she'll only be able to ride it in Ramsay Street under supervision.
HANNAH: You're the boss.
PHIL:(seriously) Hannah. Don't forget it.
Someone climbs in through a window.
Coffee Shop
Casper comes in and chats to Mal, who is covering the evening shift while everyone is at the play. They talk about the skateboard. Mal insists that Hannah is not a malicious person. Casper reckons that you can't trust girls, but Mal says he has a bit of a skewed view of the world, and he should give Hannah a chance.
The Pub
The Director, Phil, Angie, Debbie and Stonie are having a drink after the play. Apparently it all went very well, although Stonie threw up after every scene(!)
The casting agent had to leave after the first act too, as she also was unwell.
Someone is raiding the fridge in the dark. When they hear Angie and Stonie approaching the house, they climb up the kitchen shelves into the roof space.
When Angie and Stonie come in, the kitchen is in shambles. Angie tells Stonie to call the police - the perpetrator might still be in the house.
<<2646 - 2648>>
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