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Neighbours Episode 2646 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2646
Australian airdate: 01/07/96
UK airdate: 03/01/97
UK Gold: 24/12/02
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Casper Mack: Adam Fiorentino
Skate Punk 1: Luke Anderson
Skate Punk 2: Gabriel Egan
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Hannah tells Casper that she wants to be his friend. Casper is very nervous.
- Karl wonders whether to meet his real father, who is very ill.
- Casper finds a body under a sheet in the abandoned house.
Abandoned house
Casper runs to get Billy and Toadie, but by the tie they get there, the body has got up and absconded. Toadie and Billy think he was imagining things.
Hannah tells Helen that she's frustrated that Casper won't teach her to skate.
Abandoned house
Toadie makes fun of Casper over the mysterious body. Billy is less sure and says that Casper must have seen something to be so upset. Casper decides to head off.
Karl is wondering whether to contact his real dad. Mal comes in with some laundry, as he couldn't figure out how to work Rob's washing machine(!)
Mal asks Karl about the car and before they can bicker too much, Susan takes Mal off to do laundry. Karl is still brooding.
Phil is writing his novel on a laptop when Casper comes in. He tells Phil he's off for a skate, but when he looks for his board, it's gone.
Car park
Hannah comes along wearing a helmet and carrying Casper's board. Some other skaters mock her. Hannah gets on the board and rides OK for a short distance. She looks pleased.
Abandoned house
Toadie is just finishing off a spray- painted mural. Billy tells Toadie off for being unkind to Casper. Toadie is looking forward to the house being the party house. One room will be for chill out, one for music and dancing, and one for "entertaining babes"(!)
Hannah comes in and puts Casper's board back behind the couch. Casper comes in from the kitchen and tells her that his board is missing. Hannah says Helen has probably tidied it away. Casper has another look behind the couch and the board is there. He is confused. He heads straight out for a skate. Hannah asks if she can come with him and watch. He shrugs.
Mal is on the phone to Sam telling him that everything is fine. Karl advises Mal to get a book from the library on accounting, or consider doing an evening course in business.
When Mal has gone, Karl tells Susan that he's decided to contact his father. He's made a list of hospitals in the area to ring around.
Abandoned house
Billy is cleaning the windows while Toadie goes through the list of jobs left to do. He thinks they can get everything done by Saturday night for their first party. Billy tells him off again for being unkind to Casper. Toadie agrees to invite him to their party.
Ramsay Street
Casper is reluctantly showing Hannah some skating moves. He tells her that "chicks don't skate". Just then, Toadie and Billy come along. Billy invites Casper to come and have a look at their work so far. Hannah comes up behind him and they all tell her to get lost. When Hannah has gone, Toadie gives him a key to the abandoned house.
Abandoned house
Someone pulls on the padlock Toadie and Billy have installed.
Hannah is wearing baggy shorts, much to Phil's amusement. Susan calls round to ask Phil about his new novel that she's heard about on "Ye Olde Erinsborough Grapevine"(!)
In the living room, Hannah "borrows" Casper's board again and makes off down Ramsay Street.
Back in the kitchen, Susan doesn't think Phil's book is raunchy enough(!) Phil asks her for suggestions.
SUSAN: I thought you'd never ask!
Abandoned house
Casper enters the house. Someone is watching him from an inner room. He looks at Toadie's mural and then opens the padlocked room (which contains all the tools). He shuts the room behind him and replaces the padlock. But then he hears a noise, so sprints out of the house.
Phil and Helen are spellbound by Susan's storytelling. Apparently Susan used to nick her brother's naughty magazines when they were young. (What brother?!) Susan says it's not that hard - the story is straightforward, Phil just has to put the detail in.
A road
Hannah is riding Casper's board. She comes to a slope and falls off the board, straight into the path of a van...
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