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Neighbours Episode 2645 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2645
Australian airdate: 28/06/96
UK airdate: 02/01/97
UK Gold: 23/12/02
Writer: Victoria Osborne
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Guests: Casper Mack: Adam Fiorentino
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Karl is terrible at massage.
- Phil has a barbecue for Casper and Hannah.
- Some yobs chase Toadie and Billy.
Karl is still nagging Susan to death to have a massage from him. She keeps saying no, but is finally forced to relent.
A road
Billy and Toadie have managed to get away from the yobs. Billy is carrying the doll in his mouth!
Susan has had her massage. Karl is trying to get her to lie down to relax. Susan says her back is very itchy and asks Karl to scratch it.
Casper is watching a skateboard video. Hannah tries to engage him in conversation, but he is distant. She offers to introduce him to Billy and Toadie and he agrees.
Karl is scratching Susan with a hairbrush. She is ranting about the massage oil which she is clearly allergic too(!) She goes off for a shower.
Just then, Hannah and Casper pop round. Susan is very short with her and ends up shutting the door in her face.
Coffee Shop
Hannah asks Angie if she's seen Billy and Toadie. She introduces Angie to Casper.
ANGIE: Casper? What a haunting name!
She laughs raucously and Casper doesn't look impressed. He decides to go off and have a skate.
A road
Billy and Toadie are completely knackered, but they have managed to get away from the yobs, and they still have the doll. Just then, Casper comes around the corner on his skateboard and bumps into them. They are relieved that he's not one of the yobs. They get talking and Casper realises they must be Billy and Toadie. He offers them a place to hide out to make sure that the yobs are really gone.
An empty house
Casper tells Billy and Toadie that the house is empty - he uses it to hang out sometimes. He says there are quite a lot of empty houses around if you look for them. Toadie thinks it would make a good party house(!)
Billy and Toadie decide to head home.
Susan is appalled to hear there was black pepper in the massage oil(!)
Karl answers the phone to his father, who tells him his real father, Ron Davies- Smythe is very sick, and wonders if Karl wants to visit him. Karl doesn't know whether he will.
Billy, Toadie and Casper come in. Toadie gives Hannah the doll, much to her joy. He explains that Miss Etheridge has sent it back to her. Toadie says he wants to be co- owner again for when Hannah sells it. Hannah agrees, but says she doesn't intend to sell it.
Billy, Toadie and Casper decide to borrow some tools to go back to the house. Toadie tells Casper that he needn't come - he and Billy can handle it.
Karl is debating whether to visit his real father when Angie pops by looking for Toadie. She tries to gossip about Cheryl, but just then Toadie and Billy come in. Angie tells Toadie he'd better be down at the Coffee Shop in half an hour. Billy asks Karl to borrow some tools.
Hannah is appalled that Toadie and Billy have cut him out of their gang. Casper is rather depressed about it, but Hannah encourages him to go after them - he did find the house after all. Hannah wants to come too, but Casper won't let her. She rants at him that she's tried to be friendly to him but he's just thrown in back in her face.
An empty house
Casper arrives. Toadie and Billy are already there. They are talking about the tools when they hear a loud creaking...
Karl says that Tom is his real dad - not some stranger. But he's a bit curious to meet his real dad all the same.
Angie is watching a weepie movie when Toadie comes in. She berates him for not going to the Coffee Shop to help Stonie. She wants to know what he's been up to and says he'd better be on the right side of the law! Toadie decides to head down to the Coffee Shop after all, before Angie can ask him any more questions(!)
Karl is still going on about his real dad. Susan thinks that there are two sides to every story, and Karl should talk to his real father to find out his angle.
Billy comes in. Karl wants to know what Billy's been doing with his tools. Billy says lies and says they've been fixing up playground equipment. Karl says that's what his taxes are for(!)
Casper is making a sandwich and ignoring Hannah. She offers him some casserole and apologises for ranting at him before. He's still very withdrawn and barely talks to her. He wanders off to watch TV.
No.32, the following morning
Angie is hoovering and wakes Toadie up. She still wants to know what he's been up to. Toadie answers the door to Billy and Casper who want to get cracking on the work at the empty house.
An empty house
Casper, Toadie and Billy have arrived. They climb in through the window with some tins of paint.
Casper walks down the corridor and starts in surprise - there's a body lying underneath a blanket in one of the rooms.
<<2644 - 2646>>
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