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Neighbours Episode 2648 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2648
Australian airdate: 03/07/96
UK airdate: 07/01/97
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Ada Pentland: Amanda Levy
Pete Collins: Sudi de Winter
Photographer: David Verrall
Summary/Images by: Alan & Sayaka
Angie and Debbie wonder if the robbers are still in the house but Stonie searches the place and doesn't find anybody, they don't realise that the guy is actually hiding in the loft above the laundry. They decide to make a list of things that are missing for the police, while Angie is worried that they've been through her undies drawer!
Cheryl tells Lou she has arranged the magazine interview for tomorrow. Apparently the interviewer thinks the family angle is very important and is bringing a photographer to take photos of everybody, including Marlene and Danni. Cheryl is uneasy about it and wants it just to be left at her story. Lou tells her he is looking forward to the interview so that he can finally find out what happened in Ecuador.
Angie is shocked to find that a lot of their food is missing. She and Stonie make a list of what's missing - not very much as it turns out. The robber is watching Debbie in the kitchen from the loft space hatch.
Bric-a brac Shop
Marlene has had a lot of old clothes in and wonders where she's going to put it all. Lou rushes in and asks Danni to open the pub - it's an emergency as Kev has had to go to the dentist urgently, and Lou has to attend the interview with Cheryl. Marlene asks how Cheryl is, and how she feels about the interview. Lou says he doesn't know. Marlene hopes that the interview will break the dam, and Cheryl will then open up to them, too.
LOU: I miss her. I want her back.
MARLENE: I know. We all do. Fingers crossed.
Lou is surprised she hasn't dressed up as she normally would in front of the camera. She says it's hardly a normal situation.
Danni gets a call from Luke - he's having a great time at Camp Quality. Marlene teases her about how much he must be missing her.
Ada Pentland arrives at No.22 with her photographer, he'll be taking some casual shots while they chat. They get straight down to it and Ada gets out a tape to record the interview.
Angie can't believe that the vegemite has gone missing(!) She and Stonie head out and when they leave, the robber climbs back down from the roof space.
Cheryl talks about the kidnappers and says they hardly spoke and they never saw their faces, but she was in fear of her life. She says she was fed adequately and most of the time they were kept in the same room but they could go out for bathing and whenever nature called.
Ada suggests it wasn't as bad as her family were fearing and says to Lou that he must have felt better to hear it, but Lou says he would have done if this wasn't the first time he had heard about it. She interviewer is surprised to hear that Cheryl hasn't spoken about it to Lou. The photographer captures the tension between them.
The robber is stealing some more food. When Stonie comes home, he disturbs the robber who makes a hasty getaway through the back door. Stonie is oblivious to this.
Lou goes on to talk to the interviewer about the confidence trickster, Esmerelda, and how she had the family fooled.
Ada asks about the other captives and Cheryl says they got along very well. Ada continues to press on the fact that the situation wasn't as horrendous as her family feared. Cheryl says they were in fear of their lives so she and the other captives comforted each other by telling stories, singing and things like that.
Lou asks why on earth she didn't tell him about that as she came back refusing to talk about it and led him to believe it was so traumatic she'd fall apart if he mentioned it. She says it's an experience she's trying to forget. Marlene and Danni come in and overhear this last bit.
Coffee Shop
Marlene and Danni discuss how much Cheryl has changed and how distant she's being. They agree that Cheryl's behaviour isn't making any sense and wonder if she's not telling the truth. If she's not - what is Cheryl hiding?
Bric-a brac Shop
Marlene and Danni come into the shop and find that it's been robbed. Marlene can't believe it after everything else that's happened. She is terribly upset and Danni tries to comfort her, and rings the police.
Stonie tells Angie they've been robbed again but they can't work out how it happened. Angie doesn't want to stay there that night but Stonie says he and Toadie will keep watch. She wonders if the robbers were hiding there the whole time and wants Stonie to check the whole place over.
Bric-a brac Shop
Some of the clothes are missing, and a travelling rug. Marlene is still very upset and asks Danni if she'd mind if she went home. Danni tells her to go, she can handle the police.
Once they are alone, Lou and Cheryl talk about the interview and she isn't happy with how Lou badgered her in front of Ada and the photographer. He says it's interesting that she doesn't want to talk to him but is happy to talk to some journalist.
Cheryl says that saying stuff to people who are close to you is very difficult and she doesn't know what to say to him. He asks her if she has something to hide as in the interview she looked like a woman lying through her teeth, a superficial piece of rubbish.
LOU: I am tired of it. I would like to know the truth for once!
CHERYL: Do you really? Do you really want to?!
LOU: Can't be any worse than this!
CHERYL: Well, we'll see about that!
She pauses, emotionally.
CHERYL: When I said that I got close to the others...
LOU: Yes
CHERYL: I...had an affair with one of them.
Marlene comes in and overhears this last sentence.
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