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Neighbours Episode 2637 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2637
Australian airdate: 18/06/96
UK airdate: 20/12/96
UK Gold: 11/12/02
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Helen thinks the doll Hannah and Toadie found might be valuable.
- Phil is downcast that Susan and Helen don't like his writing.
- Helen tells Debbie and Stonie that a number of bodies have been found in Ecuador - one of them might be Cheryl's!
Karl, Susan and Libby are also watching the news report about the "unidentified bodies". Libby says she might go over to the Starks to condole with them, but Karl says they probably need some space.
Lou is on the phone, frantic, to the Foreign Affairs department. Apparently they don't know anything, though. Marlene is beside herself and Helen is trying to comfort her. She's convinced that there haven't been any ransom demands because Cheryl is already dead. The phone rings and it's the media. Lou slams it down.
Coffee Shop
Phil is telling Hannah about the 1960s as she's seen "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Angie reminisces about the 1960s, saying her life was a lot simpler back then!
Hannah tells Phil that she likes his book, although there were some weird plot twists.
Libby is on the computer while Susan and Karl look at travel magazines. Eventually Susan drags everyone out for a walk, but as they're about to leave, Lou comes over to ask Karl to take a look at Marlene.
Hannah is reading Charlotte's diary and tells Phil she's glad she didn't grow up in the 1890s. Kids had to work really hard back then. Phil has a look at the diary and says it's incredible - even over 100 years ago, kids had the same problems. Phil says he'll write his book in the same style - from the heart.
Karl has given Marlene a sedative and Helen is looking after her. Karl thinks Cheryl could still be alive, and they should stay positive. Marlene is convinced that Cheryl is dead.
Just then, Lou's mobile phone rings - it must be Foreign Affairs.
Lou has taken the call, and apparently the body they thought was Cheryl's is not, after all. Everyone reacts with relief. Apparently the rebels are going to release one of the American couples taken hostage at the same time, so there is still hope.
No.26, the following morning
Phil has been writing his book all night(!) Hannah gets some breakfast. Helen has apparently stayed over at Marlene's. Phil tells her that there's only a couple of pages left to go now, then he's off to the publisher's.
Libby is on the phone to her editor, asking to do a follow- up story on the Starks. However, the story has been given to someone else and Libby has been re- assigned. Apparently now that the story has gone national, the paper want it written by a more experienced journalist. Libby's story is going to be about Hannah's diary.
No.26 (Hannah's bedroom)
Hannah is enthusiastically telling Libby about the diary. She says that their lives were basically the same, and she felt the same way about parents, school, boys etc. Also she read Jane Ayre and Hannah has to read that too. Libby asks her exactly where she found the diary and Hannah is forced to admit it was under the Kennedy house!
Coffee Shop
Angie is listening to 1960s music when Karl comes in. He tells her that the chap who crashed into him wasn't insured. So there's not much they can do for Stonie. Angie points out that Karl took the car without permission, so he should pay for at least part of the repair. Karl apologises again, but Angie says that money talks!
Phil, Susan and Marlene are having a cold drink. Marlene is feeling a bit better today and tells Susan that she'd like to give a little party for Jo's wedding - sort of a hen night. Would Susan help her organise it? Susan would.
Hannah has reached the end of the diary. It talks about burying the diary and the doll as Charlotte is going away to boarding school.
Karl and Libby are doing aerobics and talking about Toadie and Hannah's box. He's not very happy that they stole it from under his house(!)
Karl pops round the see Hannah. He quite aggressively tells her to tell Toadie to gives him the key for the padlock for the space under their house. He goes on to say that Hannah and Toadie robbed him, but he won't go to the police as long as he gets a share in the proceeds of the sale of the doll - the largest share(!)
Karl is crowing about telling Hannah off. Libby rolls her eyes. Karl says he hasn't had so much fun since he went gnoming(!)
Phil drops in to see Lou. He thanks Phil for all his support - he feels so helpless about Cheryl. Lou says he's decided he's had enough of waiting. There's something he can do, and he's going to do it!
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