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Neighbours Episode 2636 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2636
Australian airdate: 17/06/96
UK airdate: 19/12/96
UK Gold: 10/12/02
Writer: Scott Taylor
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Esmerelda: Maggie King
Federal Police Officer: Androo Allen
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Cheryl's kidnappers ring Marlene.
- Karl has an accident in Malcolm's car.
- Jo hates the wedding dress that Danni has designed for her. She decides to cancel the wedding.
Coffee Shop
Karl and Susan come in and find Stonie in a very bad mood. His mood is not improved by Karl telling him that there's been an accident with his car. At first he talks about killing Malcolm, so Karl is forced to admit he was driving.
STONIE:(dangerously) You trashed my car?!
KARL: Yeah, yeah I did.
Stonie is not impressed.
Marlene is trying to get through to Lou at the Foreign Affairs department. Just then, a woman randomly runs into the house with a dodgy Ecuadorian accent. She demands the money now.
Danni is ranting about Jo's dislike of the wedding dress. Luke is quiet, but points out that maybe it was a bit *too* up to date for a wedding. He points out that the end result wasn't the same as the sketches, so Jo is within her rights to be upset.
Danni is not happy.
Marlene gives the weird woman all the money she has in the house, but they need time to get them out of the bank. The woman just shouts at Marlene saying she's going to demonstrate the amount of trouble she's in.
Coffee Shop
Stonie is working and revising his lines for the Shakespeare play at the same time. Debbie says that he could record Catherine's lines to practise with. Stonie is very stressed. He tells her about the car accident.
DEBBIE: What are you driving in the meantime?
STONIE: A bus.
DEBBIE: Stonie! You can't let him get away with that!
Debbie says that maybe Karl could lend Stonie his own car, or at least hire him a car until it's fixed. Stonie smiles.
The weird woman has searched the house for money, and is now taking Marlene's jewellery.
At that point, Debbie knocks on the door and the woman tells Marlene to get rid of her.
Debbie has come to give Marlene some muffins, but Marlene says it's a bad time and to give them to Danni instead.
Luke and Danni are both sulking. We hear their thoughts in a voiceover. Danni has decided to be honest, while Luke has decided to lie(!)
There's a knock at the door and it's Debbie with the muffins. She tells her that Marlene is acting very strangely and thinks she might be in some kind of trouble. Luke, Danni and Debbie decide to go over there.
Danni, Luke and Debbie arrive and find the house in shambles and Marlene gone. Danni rushes upstairs and finds Lolly is still there, and she's fine. There's no sign of Marlene, though. Debbie tells her about the ransom demand (Debbie overheard Phil and Helen talking about it - but this is the first Danni has heard of it)
Karl is doing step aerobics when Stonie comes in. He tells him that Karl owes him a car so he can do his pizza round. Karl refuses to lend him his car, saying he's a nasty, nasty man(!) He tells Stonie to ask the insurance people to give him a hire car.
The Bank
Marlene and the weird woman are in the queue at the bank. The woman says she'd better get the full $50,000 or else.
Danni is appalled that she didn't know about the ransom demand. Just then, Lou comes in and assess the situation. He is very worried about Marlene. Apparently Foreign Affairs think the ransom demand isn't genuine - it's just someone who saw the story on the news and is trying to cash in. He works out that the imposter must have taken Marlene down to the bank. Lou rings the police.
Marlene and the weird woman come out of the bank with $10,000. They walk through the shopping centre and the woman says that the $10,000 has bought Marlene some time. Just then, the police come along with Lou. The woman drops her dodgy Ecuadorian accent for an Australian one. The police take her off. Lou explains that the woman had nothing to do with Cheryl and comforts Marlene.
Karl shows Susan his keep- fit videos - "Losing Your Love- Handles"(!). He tells her about Stonie wanting his car, and Susan says Stonie has a point - they owe Stonie a car (morally, if not legally)
Apparently the con artist's son lives in Ecuador, went through Cheryl's luggage, and posted it home to him con- artist mum (as if). He says he'd better send the passport to Foreign Affairs. Helen comforts Marlene saying that she handled things very well.
Stonie and Debbie are talking about Karl. Debbie thinks Karl should hire Stonie a car.
Suddenly they hear Helen in the living room saying, "My God, no!"
Debbie and Stonie rush in to the living room, and Helen tells them that she's seen a news report about the situation in Ecuador. They've found a number of bodies, and Cheryl may be one of them.
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