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Neighbours Episode 2635 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2635
Australian airdate: 14/06/96
UK airdate: Edited and merged for BBC broadcast 18/12/96 - 19/12/96
UK Gold: 09/12/02
Writer: John Upton
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Charlie Moyes: Damien Bodie
Esmerelda Villio: Maggie King
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Susan thinks that she and Karl should support Malcolm.
- Lou gets a phone- call from Cheryl's kidnappers.
- Jo asks Danni to design her wedding dress.
No.30 (night)
Danni is working on Jo's dress and Luke thinks it's going well. Danni says that it's quite a groundbreaking dress, both traditional and forward- looking. Luke thinks she should get a magazine article to show herself off. Danni thinks it's a great idea.
No.22, the following morning
Marlene tells Phil that Lou has decided to go to the authorities about the phone- call. Marlene is beside herself with worry, and Phil comforts her, saying she has to stay positive. Apparently Lou has gone to see Foreign Affairs. Phil heads off to open the pub.
Susan tells Karl that they can spend some time together this afternoon, but Karl is concentrating on looking through the phone book. He's got an idea - if Mal is willing to sell his half of the car to Stonie, they can top up to a decent deposit, and the bank will lend him some money too. Susan doesn't think Stonie can afford to buy Mal out, but Karl is already on the phone ringing someone for a valuation!
Danni pops round. They talk briefly about Cheryl, then Danni shows Marlene Jo's wedding dress.
Ramsay Street
Debbie tells Luke that she enrolled in University this morning and is looking for a part- time job, as she only has a few shifts in the pub at the moment.
Marlene is very distracted about Cheryl's situation. Danni puts on Jo's wedding dress and asks Marlene what she thinks.
Susan has written down some notes about Phil's book for him. Phil is slightly concerned that Susan and Helen have different criticisms(!) He looks rather despondent.
Apparently Marlene thought the dress was "unforgettable". Just then, Charlie, the kid with cancer, pops round to see Luke. Luke introduces him to Danni. He tells him he's got Camp Quality coming up, but he doesn't have a companion yet. Luke agrees to go with him. Charlie knows Luke is refusing chemo, and can't understand why anyone would stop fighting. But they'll have a good time at Camp.
Ramsay Street
Karl and Susan are off to get a valuation on Mal's car - but he can't even get the driver's door open. Karl gets in through the passenger door and crawls over to the driver's seat, while Susan gets in on the passenger side. Karl drives off, but the car is pretty rubbish. Susan says maybe the furry dice will be worth something!
Karl and Susan arrive back in Ramsay Street in a taxi. Apparently the car was rear- ended and has been towed off by tow truck! Karl babbles on, but Susan is in a very bad mood.
SUSAN: Karl, do you have any idea how little I am interested in exactly what saved us at this moment?
KARL:(mildly) I think it's interesting.
SUSAN: Well, you would! That's because you react by going off at things when you're in a crisis! So far you've yelled about the idiot that hit us, you've analysed what saved us, you've given a lecture to a *very* shaken man about the use of mobile phones...
KARL: ...while driving!
SUSAN: While driving.
KARL: Which is illegal.
SUSAN: Alright! And you have told a tow- truck driver how to do his job!
KARL: Because he hasn't locked the wheel in place properly, you winch a car like that, you'll do serious damage.
KARL: Doesn't mean you take less care of the front.
SUSAN: Karl, sweetheart, I love you, but please, SHUT UP! Just for a little while. Let me catch my breath. Then we'll go somewhere lovely for lunch and you can talk about this all you want to.
KARL: Fine.
She staggers into the house with all the accessories from Malcolm's car, and Karl follows.
Jo has come to see Marlene. Marlene asks her about the wedding and Jo is hoping that her father will be able to make it. Jo says she'd like Marlene to be in the wedding party, as she thinks of her as part of her family now. Marlene is pleased.
Danni is trying to finish Jo's wedding dress. She observes that Luke looks awful and he tells her he's decided to go back to chemo - in fact, he's just been for his third session. Danni is very pleased and hugs him. He's feeling very sick, but intends to do both the chemo and the "alternative" stuff too.
Just then, Jo arrives to see the wedding dress. Danni tells her that it's not quite finished yet, but she can see it.
Karl is still banging on about the car accident, even though the other driver has admitted liability(!) They're surprised to see that Debbie is filling in at the pub and order two coffees. Karl drives Susan to distraction. She tells him that they'll have to cover the difference in the deposit, and apologise to Malcolm.
Marlene is playing with Cheryl when the phone rings. She answers it with trepidation, and it's the kidnappers. A female voice tells her in a dodgy Ecuadorian accent that they haven't done what she asked, and now there'll be trouble.
Jo has put on the wedding dress, blindfolded so that it will be a surprise. Danni whips off the blindfold and Jo is dismayed to see that it is *very* short and not at all what she wanted. Danni says it's an original dress, but Jo says she'd rather die than wear it. She woodenly stumbles off to cancel the wedding!
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