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Neighbours Episode 2634 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2634
Australian airdate: 13/6/96
UK airdate: 17-18/12/96 (episodes merged)
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: No guests
Summary/Images by: Alan
Sam gets a call from Annalise wanting him to come to London. Lou talks to one of the kidnappers on the phone and he tells her not to harm Cheryl.
Lou talks to Phil about the call and tells him that the kidnappers are going to send him something in the post to prove that they have Cheryl, he says he hasn't told Danni or Marlene yet.
Karl talks to Mal before work and can't believe he is enjoying working with Sam all day.
Sam tells Marlene he hasn't decided whether to go to live with Annalise or not. Marlene gives him her blessing to go, even though she would like him to stay. She wonders if it is worth throwing away his business and modelling career and he says he'd like to talk Annalise into coming back instead. He begins to wonder if she is as important to him as he thought because he's not sure he wants to give everything up for her.
Phil and Helen think Lou's mad not to have informed foreign affairs about the calls from the kidnappers, but he is concerned about Cheryl's safety as they have told him to keep quiet.
Sam makes a snap decision to go to London - Mal asks him about his business and he says that one of his mates will give him some money to take on his regulars.
Lou continues to wait for the postman to arrive. When he does, he drops off a parcel and when Lou opens it he sees Cheryl's passport inside.
Karl continues to pester Mal about his job but Mal is determined not to give him the satisfaction of knowing that he's about to lose it.
Lou reads a letter from the kidnappers demanding $50,000. He is still determined not to call the foreign office. Phil tells him he doesn't know how to deal with something like this, just as Marlene walks in and asks what is going on. She sees Cheryl's passport and thinks the worst, so Lou is forced to explain.
Sam tells Mal he's got his airline ticket and Mal is forced to come to terms with the fact he'll need to find another job. Sam asks him what he wants to do but Mal says he has no idea.
Lou and Marlene talk about what has happened and decide that provided they have time to do it, between them they should be able to raise $50,000.
Sam gets a call from a client but he doesn't have time to take on another job so Mal steps in to help. He then suggests to Sam that he could run Handy Sams for him while he's in London, but Sam already has a friend who's willing to stump up $5,000 to take it over. Eventually Sam agrees that Mal could do it if he could match the same offer. They talk to Karl about it but he is very skeptical and wants Mal to make a contribution himself. Susan and Karl argue about it that evening after Susan agrees to help him out. Karl says he never shows any commitment but Susan is thrilled that he'll be able to see what it's like to be the boss at last. Karl's snobbery about manual labour shows through and Susan says he is acting like this because Mal's not turning out to be the son he hoped for.
Helen and Phil think Lou and Marlene are being foolish to do what they're doing without talking to the authorities - Phil says they can't even be sure Cheryl will be released when they hand over the money and they may even put her in more danger. They both realise that it's not going to be as easy as handing over the cash.
Karl tells Susan that she may be right, perhaps he is a bit elitist. She says they shouldn't assume Mal will change his mind about Handy Sams and agree that they do want to help him, but Karl says they have to come up with something that will help Mal but protect their investment.
Sam tells Marlene that he's going to England next week. He says he'll sort out his room in case she wants to rent it out while he's gone. He asks how she's feeling and she says she's ok, but when he leaves it's obvious that she's deeply upset...
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