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Neighbours Episode 2633 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2633
Australian airdate: 12/06/96
UK airdate: 17/12/96
Writer: Ian Coughlan
Director: Chris Adshead
Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Esmerelda Villio: Maggie King
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal/Sal
Libby tells Karl about the daily papers picking up her story.
Frank says they won't pay a ransom - it only encourages acts of terrorism.
Stonie asks Cath to move in with him
Cath says that she'd be moving in with everyone - not just Stonie. Stonie says the rest of his family are like little mice scurrying around the place - well, Toadie's more like a cockroach but she wouldn't notice them. They agree to move in together - Stonie looks a bit baffled, he reckons he can chuck out Toadie but Angie might be more of a problem. Cath says she's going house hunting - why doesn't Stonie come too? He thinks Angie'll be surprised but he'll do it.
Debbie appears at the pub to speak to Phil - she's going to cook for dinner. Phil reckons something more than dinner's cooking but Debbie tells him he's, "sooo suspicious." She says he hasn't asked her about uni but he tells her the talk about food is distracting (bless). She says she can get into a media course but the textbooks prices are a bit steep... "Oh, is that right?" not to mention the enrollment fees and amenities - Phil tells her not to mention them! He asks him how much dinner's going to cost him and Debbie can't believe he thinks she's some sort of blackmailer. He tells her of course not, blackmail's such a dirty word. She asks for a small loan and he says that he can't say it's for a bad cause so they'll talk about it tonight - after dinner!
In the niftiest shot of Ramsay Street at night ever, the light in 26's living room is extinguished. Classy. And then it cuts to...
Angie can't believe Stonie's leaving home. She asks if it's a bit soon - it's a big step but Stonie says that they're in love. Angie says he's already made his mind up so there's no point discussing it any further. She goes for a lie down.
Libby's on the phone - she finishes the call and yells Susan in. Susan says she knew the call was about Cheryl - is it good news? Libby says it's the best. Susan thinks that they've found Cheryl but nope, Libby's on a completely selfish track - it was her editor. They want her to do an ongoing series about the impact of the kidnap on the entire street. Susan says that it won't help the fued between her and Danni - not to mention her schoolwork. Libby says she can't pass up this opportunity but Susan tells her to let everyone know before she does it - especially Lou. Libby asks what she should do if Lou doesn't want her to do it and Susan says then she shouldn't. Libby goes to ask him.
Cath runs in and kisses Stonie - she can't stay because she's got to go to work but she's had some great news. She's got a friend who's moving to England for 3 months - maybe more - and he needs someone to move into his apartment. He's going in a few days so they can move in almost immediately. She runs off and Angie doesn't look too impressed. Her feelings obviously don't count for anything. She tells Stonie to sit down - it's time for them to talk.
Libby asks for the go ahead off Lou, pointing out that the more media coverage Cheryl gets, the more pressure will be put on people to do something about it. Lou says he didn't have a problem with the original article - just Danni and gives her permission to write it. He tells her not to mention finances - if the kidnappers think they can't pay, there's no telling what they'll do to Cheryl. Lou tells her to stick to the family angle and that he really appreciates what she's doing. He's late for work and as he turns out the light and leaves, the phone goes. In a rather sinister scene by Neighbours standards, a foreign accent (think Anthony Hopkins in Bram Stoker's Dracula) leaves a message saying they have information about Cheryl and that Lou should stay near his phone, they'll be calling him again.
Stonie yells at Angie saying that if he wants to go off and live his own life, he's entitled to. Angie says that she's just happy he's found someone that he thinks he can be happy with. Angie says she can't say she didn't want a bit more notice. She lays it on thick about how she'll have to be the whole family to Jarrod now - mother, father, brother (it'd be easier to swallow this if they hadn't all run off and left Toadie alone in the street a few months later). Stonie thanks her for taking it so well. Angie says it's probably best if she gets used to doing without him.
Phil says he's "F U double L" and if he eats anything more, he'll explode. (What's happening?! Phil's passed up a bun?! Is nothing constant in this world!?) Debbie asks how dinner was and Phil agrees to lend her the money. She thanks him but he hopes she's heard the operative word - LEND. She says she'll pay him back as soon as possible. Libby's at the door - she wants to celebrate her landing the story and Debbie agrees - she wants to celebrate her generous financial assistance.
Debbie suggests that whichever one of them gets rich and famous first gives the other $1,000,000. Lib says if she makes it $10, she's on! Debbie tells her she's a cheapskate. Stonie makes a comment about at least someone's happy. In the back, he stresses to Cath about Angie. He says that it's not Cath, it's him moving out that's the problem. Libby and Debbie are fantasising about what they'd buy if they were rich. Cath suggests that she'll move in and Stonie can move in later when he's ready. He thinks that's great. There's a call for Cath - she starts off by being about to tell her dad the good news but in the end a shocked Cath tells Stonie her mum's been hurt in a protest rally and she has to be on the first plane out tomorrow. (That's Bess yeah?)
Phil takes his first draft of his new book over to Susan. He's suffering from lack of confidence following Helen's criticisms. Susan tries to boost him up by telling him he has respect from his peers. He asks her if she'll be honest with him about it and any constructive criticism would be a great help. Susan says she'll be happy to read it but she's not an authority. He says she's an English teacher - she'll know about plot and characters. He especially wants her to look at the dialogue of the younger characters - Hannah seems to think he's got it all wrong! Susan laughs and says that it may be just as well - there's some areas he might not want to be too accurate on! He laughs too, saying that he told Hannah that. He tells her she's already building up his confidence. Susan says she's sure she'll enjoy it and if she has any comments she'll write them down. She says it's the least she can do for all of those fans he has out there - she can't let a little writer's block keep them from the next Philippa Martinez. (Awww, that was such a sweet scene.)
Stonie asks how long she'll be away. She says indefinitely and starts trying to plan what she has to do. Stonie tells her he'll hold the fort - she's not to worry. They hug and she says she'll be fine. She leaves in a hurry and Lib and Debbie exchange a glance.
Angie's crying in the kichen whilst watching a portable tv. Cath knocks at the backdoor. She tells Angie that she's come to say goodbye and explain what's happened in person. Angie says she hopes it's not too serious. Cath says that Stonie told her Angie was upset and she wanted to apologise because they just got carried away. Angie said that it was just unexpected and that she'd come to rely on Stonie more than she should. She says she should've been ready for him flying the nest - in fact, he already had because he'd moved in with Mal and Danni - Toadie and her only moved in because of Big Kev moving up North. Angie tells Cath that as long as they love each other, whatever they do is fine by her. Cath tells her everything's on hold until she knows what's happening with her family. Angie hugs her and tells her she'll keep Stonie on the straight and narrow until she gets back.
Susan's laughing at part of the book (is it me or would anyone else be put off by the author sitting next to them whilst they're trying to read?). Phil asks what's up and Susan says it's where he's describing Simon. Phil asks if it's funny and Susan stops laughing and says no...not funny "ha ha" exactly. It's whimsical! Phil's a bit bemused by this but Susan's saved by a laughing Debbie and Libby. Susan says they seem in suspiciously high spirits. Phil asks what they've been up to. They say they've been at TCS and start gossiping about Stonie and Cath's relationship. In the funniest bit of the scene, Phil and Susan stare at each other with a knowing look whilst Deb and Lib carry on chatting.
Cath's hugging Stonie at the station. Stonie tells her to stop worrying, he'll fix everything. He says he'll miss her like crazy. They hug again and she boards the train. Stonie asks about the play and Cath says someone will have to replace her. He tells her she's pretty irreplaceable. They hug again and the train goes. She mouths that she loves him from behind the glass and waves.
The phone in 22 goes again - Lou's asleep. He starts to shift as the answerphone kicks in. The person isn't happy that they're talking to a machine - they clearly left him instructions to stay by the phone but they do have more instructions. Lou starts to wake up. They say that if he wants to see his wife again, he should say nothing of this call to the authorities. Lou bolts to the phone and picks up the handset. He asks who the person is and they simply say the person who's telling him what to do. They tell him they won't call again and they'll say this only once (was anyone else getting reminders of "I vill say this only vunce?" ) and he will do exactly as they say, otherwise his wife will die a very unpleasant death - does he understand? An anguished Lou asks how he knows this isn't a practical joke. The voice tells him that in the mailbox, he'll find something of Cheryl's. He begs them not to harm Cheryl - he'll do anything they want but "please don't harm her."
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