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Neighbours Episode 2632 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2632
Australian airdate: 11/06/96
UK airdate: 16/12/96
UK Gold: 04/12/02
Writer: Xenia Michael
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Frank Mathieson: Jim Howes
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Marlene tells Lou that he has to stay strong.
- Catherine kisses Stonie.
- Toadie and Hannah are opening the buried treasure from under the Kennedy house.
Toadie and Hannah look through the box it appears to be an old diary. Also, there's a doll wrapped in a cloth. Toadie is not impressed. He tears up their contract and tells Hannah she can keep the lot. She is delighted and goes off to go through the box properly.
No.22 (evening)
Lou is on the phone to Brett, but there is no news about Cheryl. Marlene says maybe the Australian diplomats are working behind the scenes. Lou hopes Marlene is right, but decides to get on to Frank Matheson at Foreign Affairs again.
Coffee Shop
Angie asks Catherine and Stonie to cover for her at the Coffee Shop while she goes to sort out Toadie.
Stonie tells Catherine that Toadie is very bright - he could go on to do anything, even Prime Minister! Stonie is happy just being with Catherine. They are both looking forward to the play tonight.
Ramsay Street (night)
Angie wants to know what the contract with Hannah was about. He tells her that it was just a crazy idea that went wrong and it's all over now. He asks Angie to pay his debt to the solicitior for him. She agrees, as long as he washes dishes at the Coffee Shop every morning this week before school.
Hannah excitedly shows Helen the diary and the doll from the box. The diary starts in 1890, and belonged to someone called Charlotte Sparrow. Helen looks at the doll and says it could be very valuable.
No.32, the following morning
Stonie and Catherine are canoodling in the kitchen (yuk). Toadie cringes, but Stonie says he's just jealous(!)
STONIE: Good one, idiot, now you've gone and embarrassed her.
TOADIE: Mate, she's with you. How could I possibly embarrass her any more than that?!
Toadie says he does live there so is entitled to eat his breakfast in peace! Angie comes in and badgers Toadie to get down to the Coffee Shop to wash dishes.
Coffee Shop
Hannah shows Marlene and Angie the doll. Marlene thinks it could be valuable. Toadie overhears and looks horrified. Hannah says she's going to take it to the museum.
On the way out, Toadie tells Hannah that they need to talk. In the kitchen, Hannah points out that Toadie tore up the contract so it's tough.
In the main Coffee Shop, Angie answers the phone and it's Lou, looking for Marlene. Marlene comes to the phone.
In the kitchen, Angie tells Toadie he'd better wash the dishes properly.
Apparently there has been some news about Cheryl, and the man from Foreign Affairs is coming round. Angie says it might be good news and wishes Marlene well.
Toadie comes out of the kitchen and Angie tells him to leave Hannah alone.
Lou tells Marlene that there has been some new developments in Ecuador. Marlene is worried that Cheryl is dead. But just then, Frank from Foreign Affairs turns up and tells them that Cheryl is definitely alive - the leader of the rebels rang the American Embassy and gave them a list of names. The rebels haven't made their demands clear yet, so they'll just have to wait and see. The Australian Government definitely wouldn't pay a ransom, as it only encourages acts of terrorism. The family could choose to pay themselves, but they wouldn't advise it.
Catherine and Stonie are kissing in the kitchen. Catherine is pleased that Angie let her stay over last night. Catherine is worried about what to do when her lease runs out at the end of the month, she hasn't got much time to go house hunting. Stonie offers to help her.
Marlene comes in through the back door. She sits down with Helen on the sofa and tells her that she's finding it hard to remain strong in front of Lou. She's worried about Lou, saying he's on a sort of auto- pilot. Now Sam is talking about leaving - to be with Annalise in London. Helen is glad to hear this news, although the timing isn't very good. Apparently Marlene has told Sam to go to London. But she'll miss him a great deal and starts to cry. Helen comforts her, saying he'll only be a phone call away.
Coffee Shop
Hannah comes in and Toadie tries to negotiate with her about the doll. She tells him the doll is worth over $100 dollars - maybe up to $2000! He is mortified, but she re- iterates that he was the one that tore up the contract.
Stonie and Catherine are rehearsing the play. They start talking about their relationship and Catherine says she's really enjoying being with him. She suggests that they go flat- hunting, but he says he has a better idea - she could move in to No.32 with him!
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