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Neighbours Episode 2631 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2631
Australian airdate: 10/06/96
UK airdate: 13/12/96
UK Gold: 03/12/02
Writer: Karyn Noble
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Luke decides to give up chemo.
- Mal tells Karl that Sam might have a job for him.
- Toadie and Hannah search for treasure under the Kennedy house with a metal detector.
- Libby writes a front- page article about Cheryl and Danni is apoplectic with rage.
Danni is ranting to Luke about Libby. Luke eventually tells her crossly to calm down. He points out that Libby hasn't lied about anything - Danni *is* under strain. Danni is not pleased. Luke tells her that he does care about her, but there's nothing she can do about the article now, it's already been printed.
Mal is telling Libby off for upsetting Danni. She protests that she was trying to get publicity to help the Starks. Karl thinks it's a good article, but agrees it is a bit personal. He tells Libby that it's all very well to be a hard- nosed journalist, but she shouldn't be surprised if she loses friends over it.
Toadie and Hannah are planning to look for treasure under the Kennedy house. Apparently Toadie has sent Billy a message to distract him(!)
Just then, Billy comes along. He tells Toadie that he's acting very suspiciously and thinks that he is in love with Hannah(!) Toadie says it's nothing like that - it's a business deal between them to tap into the Kennedys' cable TV. Billy says that they don't have cable(!) so Toadie is forced to tell him that he's looking for buried treasure. Billy still doesn't believe him(!)
Mal is playing air guitar to some very loud music. While he's in the middle of his routine, Sam comes in and laughs at him. He's come to offer Mal some work today.
Ramsay Street
Toadie and Hannah are heading to the Kennedy house with a spade, only to find someone has put a padlock on the door leading to the underside of the house. However, Toadie has anticipated this and brought a hacksaw(!)
Rob's House
Mal is admiring Rob's house and gardens. Jo tells them crossly that they'd better have the garden sorted pronto, and the gazebo built - she wants to use it for the wedding. This is the first Sam's heard of it - he thought Jo and Rob were getting married in Asia. It seems they have changed their minds.
Side of Kennedy House
Toadie has got the padlock off. He's also brought a replacement lock so Karl won't be able to get under his own house(!) They head under the house, shovel in hand.
Luke suggests to Danni that they watch some videos, but instead she apologises for going mad before. Luke says he doesn't mind - Danni is the only one that treats him normally!
Under the Kennedy House
Toadie is digging when Hannah hears someone coming. It's Billy - apparently he's popped home for a swim in his free period. Hannah tries to distract him, saying she's looking for Holly who has run off. Billy tells her that there shouldn't be anything between her and Toadie as he's too old for her. Toadie overhears this and cringes.
Jo is asking Danni if she knows any designers who can do her wedding dress. She smugly tells her that money is no object and Rob wants it to be the best day of her life. Danni starts to suggest some local designers, but Luke suggests Danni herself. Jo thinks it's a great idea - she wants something fresh and individual. Danni happily accepts. Jo suggests she comes over to Rob's house straightaway and drags her off!
Rob's house
Danni is amazed at the grandeur of Rob's house. Jo says she'd still love Rob even if her was poor, but that the perks aren't bad(!) She shows Danni some white fabric for her wedding dress.
Billy tells Luke that the swimming is helping his asthma a lot. He thanks him for his help.
Under the Kennedy house
Toadie has unearthed a metal box and is covered in earth. Outside, he struggles to open the box, but says he'll need tools. Hannah says they'll have to do it later, as they need to get back to school.
Garden of No.30
Billy is swimming while Luke watches. Luke says Billy is doing well to deal with his asthma naturally, and thinks more people should go natural. Billy thinks a mixture of both is the best. Luke thoughtfully says you could say the same for all illnesses.
Rob's garden
Jo is planning her wedding, but Danni is distracted by the beauty of the garden. Mal and Sam have started planning out the gazebo.
Sam comes over and excitedly tells them that Annalise has just called him from London - she wants him to go to London to be with her.
Karl and Billy are playing computer games when Libby comes in. She tells them that her article about Cheryl has been picked up by some of the national newspapers. Billy and Karl don't think the Starks will be very pleased, but Libby says it'll be good publicity - it'll put pressure on the politicians to do something.
Rob's garden
Jo tells Sam that he and Annalise are meant to be.
It's after school now, and Toadie is struggling to open the box. He looks through the toolbox for something to help him.
Danni is messing about with fabric. Sam is telling Luke about Annalise's request. Luke thinks Sam should go to London, but Danni doesn't think he should leave Marlene now, not with Cheryl missing.
Toadie has finally opened the box. He and Hannah peer inside...
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