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Neighbours Episode 2630 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2630
Australian airdate: 07/06/96
UK airdate: 12/12/96
UK Gold: 02/12/02
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Rob Evans: Graham Harvey
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Rob seeks Karl's advice about a vasectomy reversal.
- Libby comes to see Danni. Danni says that journalists have been hassling them for an exclusive.
- Luke tells Mal that he's skipped his chemo and he's not going back to it.
Luke comes in and find Danni looking at a map of Ecuador. She apologises for not coming with him to the chemo today. He explains that he didn't go, and he's decided not to go anymore. Danni is appalled, but keep calm and asks him to tell her the whole story from the start.
Mal is playing the guitar, much to Libby's annoyance as she is trying to write an article on the computer. Karl comes in and tells Mal his playing is awful(!) Libby tells Karl that she's writing an article about Cheryl's kidnapping - he warns her not to upset the Starks. She says she's just trying to help them.
Mal tells Karl that Luke has given up his chemotherapy. Karl is appalled and wonders if Luke has a deathwish.
Luke is telling Danni all about chemotherapy and how it destroys other cells as well.
DANNI: So...you're going to "meditate" yourself better?
LUKE: Amongst other things.
Luke reckons there are loads of books on alternative treatments to cancer.
DANNI: Yes, and if any of them were successful, there'd only be one book!
Luke won't listen though.
DANNI: Other than sitting around going 'Om', what else are you going to do.
LUKE: Well, I'll be changing my diet, my attitude, my lifestyle, I'll be taking herbs and using colour and sound vibrations.
DANNI:(dubiously) Hmmm, sounds great.
LUKE: Danni, I'd really like you to support me on this one.
DANNI: Yeah, well, you know, I'd really like to, but I can't because I think you're being irresponsible! This is *your life* you're playing with, you know? And I know the after effects of chemo are really awful, but it's the best treatment there is.
LUKE: Danni...I don't want to fight with you right now. I have to keep calm. Let's just agree to disagree, alright?
Danni sighs and looks worried.
Jo comes in and asks Marlene if there's been any news about Cheryl, but there hasn't been. They move on to talking about Jo's visit to Rob's son. Apparently he wasn't all that friendly, but he was polite. Jo tells Marlene that she really wants children of her own. But there is a chance that Rob's vasectomy can be reversed. She just hopes it will work.
Karl tells Rob that there's a very slim chance that his vasectomy can be reversed. Rob's vasectomy was done over 10 years ago when the technique was different - modern techniques have a much better chance of reversal. Rob should assume that there'll be no more children. Rob wonders if he should call of his engagement to Jo, to let her find someone who can give her kids.
Ramsay Street
Luke is getting the post in when Debbie comes back from a jog. She tells him she's trying to get her life into order. He invites her in, saying Danni is over at her mum's.
Luke makes Debbie a cup of tea and a herbal one for himself. They sit down to have a chat. He avoids talking about the chemo and doesn't tell her he's stopped doing it. Debbie tells Luke that she's decided to get herself sorted, and Helen is going to help her find a course at Uni to enrol in.
Debbie tells Luke that she's avoiding Danni at the moment as they haven't been getting along very well. She does feel very sorry for her about the Cheryl situation though. Luke says he has a few ideas about how they can help.
Debbie pops over to see Danni and apologises for not being very nice to her recently. She tells her she knows how it gets during a family crisis because she went through a lot with Julie. She offers to take a few of Danni's shifts at the pub, just to take something off her plate. Danni agrees and says she'll bring her hours over later.
Coffee Shop
Jo and Rob are having coffee and Jo is babbling inanely about home decoration. Rob tells her that she might not want to be with him at all anymore.
JO: Oh, no. You got the test results back.
ROB: it looks like there's no chance of a reversal. I'll never be able to have kids again.
JO: Well...it's not the end of the world. And I'm certainly not moving back into Marlene's. I love you, Rob.
ROB: Is that going to be enough?
JO: Of course it is.
ROB: I know how much having kids means to you.
JO: Well, it's not the be- all and end- all.
ROB: You're very sweet, Jo, but I know you're lying. We can't just wish this problem away. You might think you can hande it now, but the time will come.
JO: Well, we won't let it.
ROB: I want you to think seriously about it, Jo, really seriously. Imagine your whole life without any kids. We have to sort it out now, it's not too late for you to back out.
JO: Yeah, but...
ROB: I wouldn't blame you one bit.
He heads off, tell her to have a hard think about what she wants out of life, and whatever she decides, he'll understand.
Luke is putting a "guided meditation" tape to help him imagine his body filled with gold light and health.
DANNI: Oh, well, I guess it can't *hurt* you.
LUKE: Oh ye of little faith!
He lies down on the sofa to listen.
Just then, Karl pops round and Danni lets him in.
LUKE: It might not seem like it to you, but I was doing something important.
KARL: Well, I'm sorry to disturb you(!), but I think this is important.
LUKE: Like 'why have you quit chemotherapy'?
KARL: Why have you?
LUKE: I decided to try something different.
KARL: Can't you see you'll be throwing away all the good work we've done?
LUKE: I haven't seen any results of this 'good work'. Apart from a lot of sickness and unpleasant side- effects.
KARL: These things take time, it's not going to happen overnight. You knew that from the beginning.
Luke shows Karl his tape.
LUKE: Neither is this, it's a lot less painful.
KARL: It's a lot less effective too. Look, I can't stress too forcefully, chemotherapy is the best treatment available for cancer...don't throw that away on a whim.
LUKE: It's not a whim! It's a considered choice!
KARL: It's stupid.
Luke laughs.
LUKE: Well, you're entitled to your opinion, and I'm entitled to mine. It is, after all, my body and my life.
KARL: Yes, and I'm trying to help you preserve both to the best of my ability.
LUKE: Well, I absolve you of all responsibility!
KARL: Luke, I'm not talking Hippocratic Oath here or medical ethics...I'm talking to you as a *friend*.
LUKE: Well, as a friend, would you mind letting me get back to my cure? Now if you don't mind, I was meditating.
He lies back down on the sofa and closes his eyes.
Jo says everything fine - they can adopt or try IVF. Rob is pleased and says they should get married ASAP. Jo suggests going to Asia to get married so that her father can attend. Rob agrees.
No.22, the following morning
Danni and Marlene are having breakfast. Danni asks Marlene why she's so bright. Marlene says she likes to be busy to take her mind off things. She tells Danni that they can't put their lives on hold - it won't help Cheryl. Marlene suggests that Danni works on her designs today to make the time go quicker.
Helen pops round with the Erinsborough News. She shows them that Libby has written a front- page article. Marlene looks at it and says it's just the sort of publicity they need - front page news. The headline reads, "HOSTAGE FAMILY ANGUISH"
Karl is having breakfast. Mal tells Karl that Sam might have a job with him. Libby rushes in with the paper and is delighted that her article is on the front page.
Just then, Danni storms in.
DANNI: How dare you do this to us!
LIBBY: What?
Danni says that the article is nothing but muck- raking. Specifically the bits about Cheryl's financial problems and her relationship with Ben...they have nothing to do with Cheryl's disappearance. Libby says it was just background information.
DANNI: If you thought at all, I bet all you thought was what could get you the front page. Well, congratulations, Libby, you succeeded. I hate you. My family hates you. And none of us will forgive you for this!
She storms out.
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Danni Stark, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2630
Danni Stark, Luke Handley

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2630
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Danni Stark, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2630
Danni Stark, Luke Handley

Joanna Hartman, Marlene Kratz in Neighbours Episode 2630
Joanna Hartman, Marlene Kratz

Karl Kennedy, Rob Evans in Neighbours Episode 2630
Karl Kennedy, Rob Evans

Luke Handley, Debbie Martin in Neighbours Episode 2630
Luke Handley, Debbie Martin

Debbie Martin, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2630
Debbie Martin, Luke Handley

Debbie Martin, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2630
Debbie Martin, Danni Stark

Joanna Hartman, Rob Evans in Neighbours Episode 2630
Joanna Hartman, Rob Evans

Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2630
Joanna Hartman

Danni Stark, Luke Handley in Neighbours Episode 2630
Danni Stark, Luke Handley

Karl Kennedy, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2630
Karl Kennedy, Danni Stark

Luke Handley, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2630
Luke Handley, Karl Kennedy

Rob Evans, Joanna Hartman in Neighbours Episode 2630
Rob Evans, Joanna Hartman

Helen Daniels, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2630
Helen Daniels, Danni Stark

 in Neighbours Episode 2630

Libby Kennedy, Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2630
Libby Kennedy, Danni Stark, Malcolm Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 2630
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark in Neighbours Episode 2630
Malcolm Kennedy, Danni Stark

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