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Neighbours Episode 2629 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2629
Australian airdate: 06/06/96
UK airdate: 11/12/96
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Catherine O’Brien: Radha Mitchell
Philip’s Fan: Caroline Wilson
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Alan
- Phil and Helen talk about him working at Chez Chez, Helen says what he's doing for Lou is very kind.
- Cath and Stonefish practice a scene from the play they're rehearsing.
- Luke writes in his journal about Danni and how he can't stop thinking about her.
Mal and Susan talk about Billy and Melissa and how the Drenths invited them both over for peace talks. They also talk about how Mal's getting on - he says he's glad he doesn't have his course to distract him anymore, he wants to dabble in a few different areas. Susan thinks he hasn't found his 'thing' yet.
Coffee Shop
Cheryl's story makes the paper and Angie wonders what she could do to help out. She also reads that her shares have gone down again and wonders if she should sell them before she loses the lot. Stonie suggests she could give all the money to him, while Cath suggests she donate it to the Erinsborough tree planting project! Angie decides that if she sells she will give it all to Lou so that he can afford to go to Ecuador. She decides to go to Phil for more advice.
Luke writes in his journal about what a big help Danni has been. Mal comes over and invites him out to the beach.
Coffee Shop
Stonie and Cath muck about at The Coffee Shop while washing up and end up kissing.
Phil asks Helen what she thinks of his newest book - she finds it difficult to answer but he says he's relying on her honest criticisms. She says it's the worst thing she's read in years.
Coffee Shop
Luke and Mal go to TCS after the beach and chat about Danni. Luke asks him if he's totally over her and he says he is, Mal asks if anything is going on between them but Luke says that it's an odd time for him to be getting involved with someone at the moment - they're good friends. Mal thinks that's a good basis for something else and he wouldn't mind if they got together.
Angie tries to get advice from Phil but he tells her to visit a professional stockbroker - he's a writer not a financial advisor. She says thanks for nothing. When she goes, a lady comes over and says she's a big fan of his book and all her friends are as well - they all come over wanting him to sign their copies. She says they can't wait for the next one, as it's sure to be the best yet.
Coffee Shop
Angie calls a stockbroker but he won't tell her anything over the phone so she has to go and see him in an hour.
Luke tells Mal he's been getting into macrobiotics, listening to relaxation tapes and trying to think positively. He's feeling the best he's felt in ages, but he's got a chemo session that afternoon. He thanks him for taking him surfing because he'd almost forgotten what it feels like to go out with his mates. He thinks he'd be better if he just went with alternative medicine because he's achieved more in the past few weeks doing it his own way than he has doing what the doctors tell him to do.
The Pub
Phil serves some drinks to some fans in the pub. Stonie and Cath talk about their relationship and she says they need to negotiate some guidelines as it will save them a lot of pain in the future. She asks what it is about her that he finds annoying or wants to change, he skirts around the issue but eventually says the environmental rallies as she seems to go to one every night. She says it's an important part of her life but he thinks one a month might be better. She says she could cut down to four a month. He asks what she'd like to change about him and she says they're over- rehearsing the play and could just do it on the weekends. He doesn't think they'll be ready in time but agrees to three rallies a month and three rehearsals a week. They also want a romantic night at home occasionally!
Helen talks to Susan about Phil's book and how bad it is - weak characters, cliched dialogue, etc. Susan says as long as she keeps her criticism constructive it should be fine. Helen adds that she's no writer but Susan thinks she's on the ball. Helen thinks she's getting in too deep but Susan says she just needs to swot up on romance novels if she really wants to help him.
Coffee Shop
Stonie and Catherine are planning a candlelit dinner. Mal comes in and is pleased for them.
Angie goes back to Phil and says she's not sure about the stockbroker's advice to hang onto her shares - he reminds her that originally she was only doing this for a laugh but now she's got really serious about it. She says she wants to help Lou so he says she should sell, she asks if that's his advice but he says he doesn't want to advise her - it's nothing to do with him.
Helen buys a load of romance novels for 'homework' and Phil tells her he really appreciates her helping him out.
Coffee Shop
Luke runs into Mal at TCS and Mal says he's looking really bright, he thought chemo would knock it out of him. Luke says he skipped it and it's the smartest thing he's ever done, he's had it with heavy treatment and he's not going back to it ever again...
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