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Neighbours Episode 2628 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2628
Australian airdate: 05/06/96
UK airdate: 10/12/96
Writer: C.M. Covington
Director: Geoff Hunt
Catherine O'Brien: Radha Mitchell
Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Mrs Drenth: Mary-Rose Cuskelly
Casserole: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal/Sal
- Cath and Stonie talk about how they're different
- Hannah and Toadie discover the treasure is under No 28
- Lou isn't sleeping
- Billy tells Mel he rang her parents - they said they didn't care if she never comes home again.
Coffee Shop
Hannah and Toadie think the money is on the Kennedys' property. Hannah suggests giving Karl a share but Toadie reckons that locating the exact spot, sneaking in and getting it would be the best bet. They decide to use a metal detector - Toadie's going to "borrow" the school one.
Stonie's whinging about uni but Angie's more interested in the stockmarket. Stonie says that Cath thinks "issues" are more important than rehearsing. Angie's stocks have slowed right down. Stonie thinks Toadie and Hannah are going out together but Angie says she doesn't want to know.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Stonie runs into Cath but she doesn't want to rehearse - it's Erinsborough Tree Planting Day. They disagree and in the end, Stonie and Cath end up rehearsing whilst he's planting trees. Stonie tells Cath its her line but she wants him to plant trees. She gets annoyed and reels off her line with minimum effort. Stonie says it needs emphasis - heart and soul - and recites the line. Cath asks if he's a director and tells him to leave her alone.
Lou's in Karl's surgery. Karl points out that he's feeling rough because of Brett and Cheryl. He tells Lou to sleep - he gives him some tablets to help him sleep and warns him only to take one. Lou's phone rings - they've released Brett! Lou's ecstatic - Brett's fine. They're both worried about Cheryl. Lou says that if anything happened to her...and then stops himself.
Outside No.28
Toadie and Hannah are checking the garden - Toadie tries under 28. The detector goes off and Toadie exclaims that they've found it.
Billy tells Mel that Hannah loves having Mel in 26 but Mel reckons they'll be sick of her soon because she's going to be there for a while. Billy tells Mel that her parents are just acting strangely and they do love her but Mel's upset - she wants everything to go back to normal. Billy tells her to give her parents some time but Mel thinks that they really don't want her back and she can't stay at the Martins forever. Billy tells her he loves her.
Outside No.28
Hannah says they have to go back to school but Toadie says they need to get the stuff out of 28 before the Kens get home. Toadie goes to return the detector whilst Hannah gets some spades.
Lassiter's Lake
Cath tells Stonie his acting stinks and points out that what she's doing is worthwhile. She says he's wooden, over the top, uses gestures which are too big - he tells her to show him want she means. She starts acting with him.
Toadie returns to 28 where Hannah's waiting. She says she needs to stay on guard whilst Toadie digs (Hansy-babes!?).
Coffee Shop
The Kennedys are eating at the Coffee Shop and Angie sits with them for some gossip about Brett. Angie says they hope they find Cheryl soon. Karl says he keeps thinking of Susan in Africa. Susan says that Cheryl doesn't even know that Brett's been released. Angie points out that now Brett's been released, Cheryl needn't have gone.
Under No.28
Toadie's digging and they're nearly there when they hear something - yeah, nice watch, Hannah! It's Susan with Cassie in the garden. Hannah shuts Toadie under the house and hides in the garden behind the trellis. Susan leaves and Hannah goes to Toadie and says they ought to leave. Toadie says he's staying for the treasure. Hannah agrees to stay.
Billy and Susan are washing up and making tea. They discuss Mel and Billy says he should've kept out of it. Susan says she can hear something and Billy asks if the Drenths have planted a bomb in the house. He suggests it's a rat or a possum and Susan tells Billy to go and look. The phone rings - it's Mrs Drenth for Billy. He agrees to meet her at the Coffee Shop.
Coffee Shop
Billy refuses any refreshment and says he was shocked when she phoned. She says that they're worried about Mel - her husband just has trouble dealing with it. They want to know she's ok and Billy says she's hurt. Mrs Drenth says that she was going to phone but her husband said that Mel would come back. Billy says Mel's in a bad way, she's a mess. Mrs Drenth says that they love her but Billy tells her that Mel's not 100% sure of that. Billy gives her good luck.
Under No.28
Hannah tells Toadie to be quiet as he scrabbles with a box - just as Karl appears! Toadie says he's collecting soil samples - and Karl's soil is the envy of the street. Karl tells him to get out and makes Toadie fill in the hole before leaving!
Billy tells Mel what her mum said and Mel's pretty happy at Billy's comments. A knock comes at 26 - it's her mum. They hug.
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