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Neighbours Episode 2627 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2627
Australian airdate: 04/06/96
UK airdate: 09/12/96
UK Gold: 27/11/02
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Melissa Drenth: Aimee Robertson
Mike Spagnolo: Greg Ulfan
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou is down about Cheryl's kidnapping and Phil gives him a pep talk.
- Melissa is upset that her parents have kicked her out.
- Karl tells Sam that he'll have to use an eye patch for a few days.
Hannah and Toadie are walking around and looking at the treasure map. Toadie thinks it might be a map of somewhere else, even though they found it here. He suggests going down the library later to look at some old maps of Erinsborough.
Susan tells the kids that Mr Watson is setting up a stock market game - like the real thing, but without actual money. Toadie is interested. After class, he asks Billy to be on his team.
The Pub
Some journalists are setting up a camera. Sam is sitting at a table wearing a black eyepatch. He's just cancelled a photoshoot for this morning and his agent went nuts. She wants him to chuck in Handy Sam's. Phil tells him to think it through carefully.
Ramsay Street
Hannah is reading the contract between her and Toadie (apparently to formalise a 60/40 split). They both sign it. Then Toadie calls Sam who is walking past and asks him to witness their signatures. Sam is distracted and in a rush, so he signs it.
Sam is urging Lou to get down to the pub quickly before the cameramen leave. Marlene also urges Lou to hurry up and he tells her crossly to stop hassling him.
MARLENE: Don't forget, she's my Cheryl too!
Lou apologises and puts his arm around her. They head off together.
Toadie and Hannah are looking at some old maps, but they are not having any luck. Toadie suggests a local history book. Hannah says that Susan has one.
The Pub
Phil is trying to keep the journalists at the pub. He tries to keep them there by saying even though the main story isn't there, there might be other stories around(!) In desperation, he confesses to being Philippa Martinez and the journalist suddenly looks interested!
Just then Lou and Marlene arrive, and the journalist tells them he'l have to wait while he does an interview with Phil(!)
JOURNALIST: Rolling! Tell me Philip, what made you decide to moonlight as a woman?
Phil is aghast!
Billy and Melissa are messing around with water pistols when Toadie and Hannah arrive. Toadie tells him he's come to borrow Susan's local history book. Billy wants to know why, but Toadie won't tell him.
When Toadie has gone off to look for the book, Melissa warns Hannah not to let Toadie take advantage of her.
The Pub
PHIL: When I'm writing...I become Philippa...I am writing from a woman's perspective...it's like I can transform myself.
Lou coughs loudly.
PHIL:(winding it up)... and then I got the nomination for the award, and the rest is history! Cut!
The journalist thanks Phil and starts the interview with Lou.
JOURNALIST: Rolling! Mr Carpenter, in order to free Ms Stark, the Ecuador government must give in to the terrorists' demands. Are you afraid that they might not be prepared to do this?
LOU: That is my greatest fear, yes.
JOURNALIST: And how are the negotiations proceeding so far?
LOU: Well, we're just getting dribs and drabs through from our Embassy in Caracas, but nothing significant, we really don't know what the hell's going on.
JOURNALIST: If you actually fly over there, you might speed up the proceedings, have you considered that?
LOU: Well, of *course* I have, it's just that I don't have a valid passport, I'm waiting for one to be re- issued.
JOURNALIST: And in hindsight, do you think it was wise for Ms Stark to go there in the first place?
LOU: Cheryl is a very...um...independent woman. I realise now I should have tried harder to stop her, but we didn't realise the trouble that was going to pop up.
JOURNALIST: Isn't her son over there in prison right now, the reason for her mercy dash?
LOU: Her son is in El Piquaro, not Ecuador.
JOURNALIST: Yes, well, it's all South America isn't it? Hardly the safest and most stable region in the world. Didn't it ever occur to you that there might be problems?
LOU: Well, of *course* it did, but...someone had to go.
JOURNALIST: And now do you wish that someone was you?
Cut to the actual TV broadcast.
LOU: There's not a day goes by without...I wish I could relive that time. That I could be on that plane.
Lou is watching himself on TV.
LOU: Every day I blame myself for what happened. But it *has* happened. What we have to do now is concentrate on getting Cheryl released.
Lou turns off the TV before the end. Marlene, Phil, Lolly and Sam are also there. Marlene thinks Lou did a good interview, but Lou still feels guilty about letting Cheryl go to Ecuador.
LOU: Why didn't I renew my passport when Cheryl got her visa?!
Phil asks Lou what use he could be in Ecuador anyway, but Lou think he should be there for Cheryl and Brett. He goes off to his room.
Billy, Melissa and Susan are watching Lou's interview. Melissa is crying a bit and is feeling a bit emotional. She doesn't see her own mother and there aren't any rebels keeping them apart.
Hannah and Toadie are looking through Susan's local history book. Apparently many street names in Erinsborough were changed after World War 1 (as many of them were German). Bismark is now Sea View. Ryland Road is now Nelson Road. Toadie suddenly realises where the map refers to.
TOADIE: Tomorrow, the treasure is ours!
He hugs Hannah and swings her round!
Just then, Melissa comes in and thinks there's something going on between Hannah and Toadie. She tells Toadie that he's "disgusting for corrupting young girls"(!) Toadie and Hannah laugh.
Billy is phoning Melissa's parents to try to smooth things over between them and Melissa. Susan tells him she's proud of him.
Billy tries to talk to Melissa's father, but he hangs up on him.
Ramsay Street
Hannah and Toadie are off to look for the treasure. Melissa is watching them from the window. Hannah says that the thought of being Toadie's girlfriend makes her feel sick and Toadie tries not to be offended(!)
They head off, and Toadie puts his arm around Hannah for Melissa's benefit(!)
HANNAH: Toadie. Move it, or lose it!
Bily is berating himself for making things worse with Melissa's parents. Melissa herself comes in at that moment. Billy tells her awkwardly that he rang her father and is sad to hear that he hung up on Billy. Apparently Melissa's father said that he didn't care if Melissa never came home again.
Toadie and Hannah are pacing out the treasure map. It leads all the way back to Ramsay Street!
Billy comes round the corner on his bike and asks them what they're doing, but they won't tell him.
They head up Ramsay Street
Lou has had another sleepless night worrying about Cheryl. Marlene suggests that he goes to see Karl for a sleeping pill, but he says he needs to stay near a phone. Marlene says that he has to be strong for Danni and Louise. Lou says he'll go to see Karl today.
Outside No.26
Hannah and Toadie have reached the driveway of No.26. One more turn, and it seems that the treasure is buried under No.28!
TOADIE: My friend the doc is sitting on a fortune! This isn't going to be easy, Hannah. But, the Toad *never* says die!
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