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Neighbours Episode 2626 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2626
Australian airdate: 03/06/96
UK airdate: 06/12/96
UK Gold: 26/11/02
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Geoff Hunt
Guests: Rob Evans: Graham Harvey
Frank Mathieson: Jim Howes
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Lou tells Danni that he feels so helpless over Cheryl's abduction.
- Rob tells Jo that she can change anything she likes in his house to make it hers too.
- Karl tells Debbie off for letting her personal feelings interfere with her work. He sacks her.
Phil is getting ready to work behind the bar at the pub with a bow tie on(!) He's already finished the books for the pub and at least it's something he can do to help the family.
Debbie comes in ranting that she's been sacked, but Phil has to get to the pub. When he's gone, Helen says she's not surprised that Karl has sacked Debbie - her job was already precarious over the Luke situation. Debbie explains that Danni just went on and on at her. Helen explains that Cheryl has been taken hostage by a group of rebels in Ecuador, so Danni is not having a great time. She suggests that Debbie lays off Danni for a while and she agrees.
Lou is distracted and hoping his passport comes through tomorrow. Phil rushes in and Lou admires his bow tie, saying he looks very professional(!) Lou sends Danni home to help Marlene with Lolly.
When she's gone, Lou thanks Phil for helping out. Lou is extremely worried about Cheryl. Apparently a bloke from Foreign Affairs is coming around tomorrow, and Lou is worried he has bad news for him.
LOU: I've got to brace myself, mate. I mean, if Cheryl's...(he tails off)...if she's not coming back...I've got to be ready for it.
Lou, Danni and Marlene are meeting with the Foreign Affairs man. He is explaining that he's going to help them deal with media interest. He tells them they do have some information about Cheryl, although nothing about Brett. Apparently Cheryl is alive and well, but the longer she's held, the greater the threat to her life. They don't know much about these rebels, but they seem to be amateurs. They are more likely to panic and hurt Cheryl.
Rob's house
Jo is on the phone to her father, telling him that she and Rob are getting married. Rob is discussing garden plans with Sam.
Jo hands the phone to Rob. He speaks to Tarquin about the marriage and they seem to be getting on well.
Lou, Danni, Marlene and the man from Foreign Affairs are having a cup of tea. He warns them that every journalist in the country will descend on them tomorrow. He advises them not to say anything derogatory about the rebels, in case they get wind of it in Ecuador. He gives Lou a mobile phone so he can contact him easily.
Rob's house (Mansion), the following morning
Sam is getting on with the gardening. Jo comes out and says she's excited about having a cottage garden. Sam is confused - Rob has ordered native plants. Jo says it won't matter if she makes a few changes.
Karl shows Rob in. He asks Karl for a letter of referral for a neurologist - he wants to have his vasectomy reversed. Karl says he can put him in touch with someone. Rob tells Karl that he wasn't initially keen to have more children, but the idea has grown on him.
Lou is on the phone to the media telling them to stop asking him questions. He puts the phone down and it rings again straight away. Marlene answers this time, while Danni goes to answer the door. Fortunately, it's just Libby. They chat about the situation with Cheryl.
Inside, Libby asks Lou and Marlene how they are. Marlene tells Lou that he should rest, but he is determined to do his radio show.
Rob's garden
Sam is pruning some of the trees, but Jo doesn't want him too. She ends up whacking him in the eye with a branch.
Radio Erinsborough
Lou and Marlene are doing their radio show. A caller rings in and immediately asks them about Cheryl. The caller explains that she went through the same thing when her husband was abducted and killed in South- East Asia(!) Marlene quickly cuts the line and Lou looks very rattled.
Rob's garden
Rob has returned. Sam shows him his eye and Rob insists on taking him to see Karl.
Karl has had a look at Sam's eye. Fortunately it's only grit and a scratched cornea, but Sam will have to wear an eye patch for the next few days. Sam says he has to do a advertising shoot tomorrow!
Lou is having a drink at the bar. Phil thinks Lou is drinking rather early in the day. He's really concerned about Lou. Lou takes his advice and decides to think positively - after all, drinking won't help things.
Garden of No.22
Debbie has come to see Danni who is playing with Lolly. She's come to apologise to Danni for yesterday's spat. Danni accepts her apology.
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