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Neighbours Episode 2625 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2625
Australian airdate: 31/05/96
UK airdate: 05/12/96
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Sally-Anne Kerr
Mrs. King: Patricia McCracken
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sal/Sal
Luke and Danni kiss.
Lou tells everyone at 26 that Cheryl's been taken hostage and they don't know if she's alive.
Danni wants to know what Debbie said and from Luke's dismissive attitude she guesses that Deb's in love with Luke but the feelings aren't reciprocated. Danni's quite pleased at this news - despite Luke's insistence that Debbie's on the rebound from Joel. Luke gets Danni onto the subject of the rent - they need another tenant. Luke says he might have to tell people about him having cancer and Danni thinks that's a big step forward. Danni sends him off to his counselling appointment and he runs into Phil - who's looking for Danni. He tells her to go home immediately - it's not news about Brett, it's her mother.
Hannah catches Toadie smoking and knocks it out of his hand. They argue about whether he's smoking again whilst Holly starts digging the soil. Toadie says he's stressed about money and Hannah tells him that she's spent all of her monthly allowance. Toadie's peeved that Angie hasn't given him any money for the stockmarket yet - he'd have made mega bucks by now. Hannah says he doesn't know anything about the stockmarket apart from what Phil told him. Holly's dug up something and Hannah claws away at the dirt.
Lou, Marlene, Danni, Helen and Phil are in 26 - the embassy aren't too clear on what's going on as the details about the hijack are hazy and unconfirmed. Lou says they'll have to be patient. Helen says they'll find her. Phil says they should stay positive but Danni's worried about ransom money (always the drama queen! ).
Toadie and Hannah have found a box - Hannah thinks it's buried treasure but Toadie thinks that it's probably an old coin collection. They make up a wild story about how the box got there and Toadie thinks that he's going to be rich. They argue over who owns it (Hannah says Holly dug it up, Toadie says his cigarette made Holly dig it up) and Hannah says Toadie's the greediest person she's ever met. They then argue over where to open it and they eventually settle on 26.
In the kitchen, Toadie's trying to open the box...he eventually succeeds and....we cut to the next scene.
Karl's talking to Dahl, taking him off the papers and telling him that he can't go to work with him. What a fantastic bird. Mal arrives home and Karl clicks that Mal didn't go to uni. Mal says he wants to quit - he hates his course. Karl wants him to think about it but Mal's made his decision. Mal says he doesn't know what to do with his life. Karl isn't impressed - he doesn't want to support a lay about. Mal points out that Karl told him it's his happiness which counted but Karl tells him that if he thinks he can waste time at home, having Karl and Susan support him, Mal's in for a very rude shock.
Hannah and Toadie have got a couple of coins - English coins from 1888 - and a crumpled, aged plan. They think it's a treasure map. It says Erinsfield when Helen wanders in - they hide the box. Toadie tells Helen that they're working on local history and he wants to know if Erinsborough was ever called anything else, seeing as she's been around forever! Helen says that over 100 years ago, it was called Erinsfield although she's offended by Toadie's mention of her age.
Luke's got a monologue going on (it's meant to be his diary about cancer) - about him and Danni. He says he's fallen for her but he doesn't know how she feels. He says that he thinks she could only feel pity for him. He thinks he's attracted to the way she's full on and damn the consequences.
Hannah and Toadie are trying to locate one point of reference - and they've found a line of trees. Hannah says they're not old enough but Toadie says they've obviously been replaced. Hannah starts to pace but Toadie wants to discuss money. He proposes 60%:40% to which Hannah doesn't agree. Toadie crumples the map up and tells her she's on her own. Hannah doesn't like this but she agrees to the split - Toadie tells her he'll throw in some free financial advice! They then argue about who should pace out the steps - Hannah wins but Toadie marches behind.
Mal appears to talk to Luke about uni. Mal says he can't stand it anymore and Karl seems to think it's the holy grail. Mal points out that Luke's degree obviously hasn't got him very far. Luke says that it means if he goes into the police force, he'll get promoted quicker - it'll open more doors. Mal says he thought Luke had given up on that. Luke tells him about having cancer. Mal can't believe it. Luke says it's made him realise that every moment is precious.
Hannah and Toadie have ended up by the bridge at Lassiters - Hannah continues and they're at the Coffee Shop. Toadie exclaims the treasure is on his property - it's all his! Hannah points out that the treasure is no-one's - Angie only rents the Coffee Shop and if there is any treasure, it's under a tonne of concrete.
TOADIE: For once, Hannah, you've got a point.
Lou can't believe his passport is out of date and Marlene points out that in emergencys, the process can be speeded up. He points out that they can also slow it down if they don't want him to go. Lou can't believe this has happened - they should've taken better care of Brett to start with. He says Cheryl brought this on herself - she drove Brett away and then at the first sign of a mishap, she's off again to interfere. Marlene points out that he bought the ticket and Lou says he shouldn't have done. Danni screams that he shouldn't criticise Cheryl - she could be dead.
Luke comforts Danni as she moans about Lou's attitude to him. Lou arrives and Luke leaves the room. He apologises and says that he loves Cheryl a very great deal - and Brett - and he's only angry because his mind is full of 'if only' and 'what if' and he's just looking for someone to blame as he feels so hopeless. Danni says they're family and they should stick together in a crisis. They hug.
Toadie and Hannah are in the Coffee Shop and Toadie's trying to come up with plans to get the money. He points out the line of trees might be inaccurate - they decide to try again with a different landmark.
Danni talks it over with Luke and Luke says that these sort of things are exhausting - a bit like when Deb was fussing over him. Danni suggests that she might go and speak to Debbie and Luke says she doesn't have to. She says she'd appreciate it if the tables were turned and goes to speak to Deb at the surgery.
Karl's talking to Mal - trying to convince him to defer his entry. Mal suggests that Karl just wants to tell people he's got a son who's at uni. As they're 'discussing' they hear raised voices from the reception of the surgery and Karl goes to investigate. Danni and Debbie are arguing - Karl points out that it isn't an afternoon chat show but Danni says she's leaving anyway - Debbie's really lost it and needs help. She leaves and Karl apologises to his patients. Mal makes his escape as Karl ushers Deb into his office. He tells her he doesn't care what her personal problems are, she shouldn't bring them to work. She apologises to no avail as he sacks her on the spot.
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