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Neighbours Episode 2638 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2638
Australian airdate: 19/06/96
UK airdate: 23/12/96
UK Gold: 12/12/02
Writer: Luke Devenish
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Karl tells Hannah that he wants a share in the sale of the doll, as it was found under his house.
- Angie tells Karl that he's partially responsible for the damage to the car, as he was driving it without permission.
- Lou tells Phil that he's had enough of waiting - he's got an idea.
Lou explains that his new passport has come through, so he's decided to go to Ecuador. He's got a flight booked for tomorrow. Phil offers to look after the pub for him.
Karl pops around with a travel bag for Lou - for example, water purification tablets and a first aid kit. He's also already had all his vaccinations. Karl is concerned, but Lou says at last he feels like he's doing something.
Danni comes in and Lou tells her that he's off to Ecuador. Danni wants to go with him.
Billy and Toadie are looking up stuff online for their assignment about the stock market. Toadie is amazed by the Internet, and says they should use it to look for scantily- clad women! Billy isn't impressed.
Karl comes in and tells Toadie off for digging under his house. Toadie makes a sharp exit(!)
When he's gone, Karl tells Billy that he's thought of a solution to the problem of Stonie's car.
Lou is refusing to take Danni to Ecuador with him, saying he can't let another member of the family put themselves in jeopardy. He gently tells her that she needs to keep herself safe for when Cheryl comes home.
Coffee Shop
Angie tells Stonie that she's had a work with Karl about getting Stonie a hire car. He is very pleased. Toadie comes in and tells Angie he's been working on an assignment with Billy. When Stonie has gone, Angie asks Toadie to think of a nice birthday present to give Stonie.
Billy is on the phone to Melissa talking about which shirt to wear to the movies(!) Karl mocks him a bit. Billy asks Karl for some money to buy clothes, so that he doesn't shame Karl(!) Karl laughs.
Ramsay Street
Mal is loading up the ute when Toadie comes to ask him for a job. Mal reluctantly agrees and tells him to get to Rob Evans's place after school. Billy comes along and Mal says he could use Billy's help too, there's a lot of work to be done.
Shopping Centre
Stonie sees Debbie. She tells him that she's attending to some business that he might be interested in, but she won't tell him what(!)
Coffee Shop
Stonie tells Angie that the accident isn't all bad if he gets to drive a cool hire car.
Billy and Toadie come in. Angie shows them Libby's article about Hannah's treasure. Toadie is not impressed that he's not mentioned in the article(!) He explains to Angie that he was involved in the hunt for the treasure.
Rob's garden
Mal is on the phone to Rob when Karl comes along. Apparently he's on his way to pick up Stonie's hire car. Mal tells Karl that Jo has turned into a real dictator and checks up on him every hour.
Coffee Shop
Debbie comes in and tells Stonie and Angie that she has some interesting news, linked to her interesting business from this morning. Stonie is dying of curiosity, so Debbie finally tells him that she's auditioned as an extra for the play - but they ended up giving her Catherine's old part instead! Stonie is pleased.
Karl comes in and tells Stonie his hire car is ready. Stonie rushes out, telling Karl he's a legend.
Lassiter's Car Park
Karl shows Stonie his hire car.
Lou is doing a last check of his stuff before leaving for Ecuador. He says goodbye to Lolly and Danni and then anxiously waits for Phil to arrive to give him a lift. Phil finally arrives and Lou leaves with him.
Lassiter's Car Park
Stonie is not impressed with his hire car which is a bomb. Karl says it's of exactly the same value as Stonie's original vehicle(!)
Rob's garden
Jo is bossing Malcolm around via phone. Toadie and Billy arrive to help.
Danni is helping Phil out at the pub to take her mind off things. They talk about Jo's dress and Danni feels really bad about it. Karl comes in and Phil tells him off for being the "neighbourhood killjoy" regarding Hannah and Toadie. Karl tells him he was just winding Hannah and Toadie up - he won't really demand a share in the sale of the doll.
Coffee Shop (kitchen)
Stonie and Debbie are rehearsing the play, but Stonie's heart isn't in it. He's still upset about the hire car which he'll be embarrassed to be seen in(!) He finally admits that it is a fair replacement, but he doesn't have to like it.
They rehearse again and Debbie says she's really enjoying it.
Rob's garden
Mal, Billy and Toadie start messing around, dancing to music on the radio, and the gazebo ends up falling down.
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