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Neighbours Episode 2618 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2618
Australian airdate: 22/05/96
UK airdate: 26/11/96
UK Gold: 14/11/02
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Dahl: Trained by Jason Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Debbie is crying in the kitchen after getting home from Luke's house. Helen comes out and asks if she's alright. Debbie is very sensitive and tells Helen that she's not binging on food. She bursts into tears, saying she can't do anything right and Helen comforts her.
Danni and Luke are having a cup of tea and talking about Debbie. Danni asks if there's anything going on between Debbie and Luke. He tells her that there's nothing between them - they're just friends. They probably wouldn't even be friends if Debbie hadn't found out that Luke was sick. He decides to go and have a lie down.
Debbie apologises to Helen for the whole Joel thing. Helen says they can put it behind them. While she didn't approve of Debbie's affair, it wasn't the only reason for the split and Rosemary's breakdown.
They talk about Luke. Debbie eventually tells Helen that Luke is sick - with cancer. She doesn't know how to handle it all.
No.22 (outside)
Cheryl is saying goodbye to Danni, Lou, Marlene, Karl and Susan before leaving for Ecuador to sort Brett out.
Karl is extremely angry that Debbie has revealed Luke's cancer to Helen. Debbie is very upset, but Karl is unmoved. Helen wants Karl to advise Debbie on how to support Luke. Karl tells Debbie that they may have to consider her position at the surgery.
KARL: The first question you should ask is, what do you want from Luke? Isn't it time you got honest with yourself?
Billy is looking for Mel. Susan comes over and tells him that the Drenths have moved her to a girls' school in Eden Hills. They also refused to meet with Andrew. Billy is horrified, but there's nothing they can do.
Coffee Shop
Marlene asks Lou if he's heard from Cheryl. He says she probably hasn't even taken off from Australia yet(!)
Marlene tells him that Danni is going to design for her at the shop. Lou thinks it's a good idea to have designer clothes for more normal people. Marlene asks if Lou can think of a name for the fashion range?
Bric- a- brac Shop
Danni is surveying her finish pieces, which are hanging all over the shop. She has done a lot of stock re- arranging too!
DANNI: Hmmm. Not bad.
Luke is writing in his journal about his chemo and the little boy, Charlie. There's a knock at the door and Debbie comes in. She tells him she's come to apologise and he says they should forget that last night happened. Debbie is grateful.
DEBBIE: I also wanted to know, where I stood.
LUKE: Well, now you do. Friends.
DEBBIE: That's all you want from me?
LUKE: Deb, I hope you're not talking relationships here.
DEBBIE: Well...
LUKE: The only thing on my mind at the moment is survival, alright? The last thing I need is romantic complications, can't you see that was exactly what I was trying to avoid in the first place?
DEBBIE: Yeah, sorry, I can. I'll finally get it through my thick head.
LUKE: Deb...
DEBBIE: I'll see you around.
LUKE: Deb, don't...
She makes a sharp exit.
Bric- a- brac shop
Marlene is not impressed that Danni has totally rearranged the bric- a- brac shop. Danni says she needed more space to work, but Marlene is not impressed. She suggests that Marlene gives the new layout a try, but Marlene is very cross.
Billy throws his lunch in the bin. He's tried to ring Melissa, but her parents won't let him speak to her. He reckons it's like living in the Dark Ages(!) Susan has already rung herself and had no luck either. Billy wonders if Mr McKenna will ring them, but Susan says she thinks he won't, as Melissa leaving the school might mean the allegations against Andrew go away. Billy despairs.
Bric- a- brac Shop
Marlene is making Danni put the shop stock back where it was originally. Danni isn't impressed and says Marlene needs a more modern strategy.
Lou comes in and tells them he's come up with the name for her fashion label - Funk Fashions. Now it's Danni's turn to be unimpressed.
Billy is ranting about Melissa's parents and Karl and Susan are trying to calm him down. Billy says Melissa is as good as locked up in her house.
The phone rings and it's Melissa herself! Billy asks her if she can get away from the house for a while, but she can't. She puts the phone down as her father is apparently yelling at her. Billy wants to go round to the house, but Karl and Susan don't think it would be wise.
Bric- a- brac Shop
Danni and Marlene are bickering about interfering in each other's businesses. But they eventually make up. And neither want to call the label "Funk Fashions"(!)
Karl has just told Billy to stop staring at the phone when it actually rings(!) Billy answers it and it's Melissa's father. Apparently Melissa has run away. Karl takes the phone and tells him that Melissa isn't with them.
Billy is practically beside himself with worry, saying Melissa could easily be on a bus to Darwin.
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