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Neighbours Episode 2617 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2617
Australian airdate: 21/05/96
UK airdate: 25/11/96
UK Gold: 13/11/02
Writer: Rick Held
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phil asks Helen to pretend to be Phillippa Martinez at an award ceremony.
- Marlene offers Danni a job.
- Jo tells Marlene and Sam that she's in love with Rob.
Danni is working on some dresses and feeling overwhelmed. Luke sits down with her. They both agree not to mention either chemo or Brett's situation to each other. Danni is feeling guilty about all the times she rowed with Brett. Luke tells her it's normal for brothers and sisters, and Cheryl will help him. Danni needs a mannequin for her clothes and Luke offers his services(!)
Phil is writing the last of his book and is in tears. Helen tells Debbie not to mock her father, and Debbie totally over- reacts and starts going on that she's a home- wrecker and a shameless hussy and then stomps off. Helen thinks she should have a talk with Debbie when she's calmed down.
Hannah says that Phil is worried about the awards ceremony.
PHIL: Gentle Helen, I beseech thee! Only you can save me from this terrible plight. How could one so fair deny me this, my humble request?
Helen laughs but does not relent.
Danni is using Luke as a mannequin. They're having fun, but then Debbie comes in and tells Danni crossly that Luke is supposed to be resting. Luke tells them he's fine.
LUKE: Why don't you make yourself useful and help Danni with this hem. A little shorter, darling, what do you think?
DANNI: Sure.
LUKE: Truth, now, do I look fabulous or what?!
Coffee Shop (in the kitchen)
Toadie is cooking Chinese herbs in a saucepan and Angie reels at the smell.
ANGIE: I hope there's nothing illegal in there, is there?
ANGIE: Well?
TOADIE: No, Scout's Honour.
He scoops some out and drinks down in one gulp. He goes to be sick, but then manages to keep it down, saying he feels great already(!)
Jo is sitting up thinking. Marlene gets up having had a nightmare about Brett in jail.
Jo says her life seems to swing from one extreme to another. Marlene thinks that Rob does have real feelings for him, and she should go and talk to him about the Asia trip. Apparently Rob is away on business for a week, so Marlene suggests a letter...or a fax! Jo says she doesn't want to make a fool of herself again, but Marlene says love is always a risk.
MARLENE: No pain...
JO: ...no gain.
MARLENE: Exactly!
No.32, early morning
Toadie is already dressed for school and using a boxing ball. Angie comes out in her dressing- gown and he tells her he feels great! He decides to head off early to school.
ANGIE:(to herself) Not my son. Couldn't be. The real one's been abducted by aliens!
Bric-a-bric shop
Danni is showing Marlene the clothes she's altered (somehow in just one night!) Marlene thinks they're all marvellous. They have a conversation about Marlene dressing old - Danni thinks there's no need. She resolves to run Marlene up a nice colourful shirt.
Luke is tired this morning and Debbie tells him off. Luke says he liked hanging out with Danni last night and it broke some of his stress.
Debbie offers to take Luke to the hospital as she has the use of Phil's car today. Luke isn't sure as he wants to be independent but eventually agrees.
Bric-a-brac shop
Danni is showing Marlene some fabrics.
Jo comes in and tells Marlene she's sent the fax to Rob. (How romantic!) Danni asks her about Asia and raves on about what a great opportunity it is.
Outside the Pub
Angie is looking at stocks with Phil and Lou. Her shares haven't done well and she's basically lost her money. She doesn't blame Phil, though.
Cheryl comes over and tells Lou that her visa has come through - she's flying to Ecuador tomorrow. Lou looks worried. Apparently Cheryl will have to take 3 places and then have a lift to where Brett is. She says she has a really bad feeling about this trip.
Coffee Shop
Phil tells Angie that the shares may have fallen, but the whole market did. The company is still trading, and the shares could come back up again. Angie could just hang on to her shares and hope that they climb again. Angie decides to stay with the shares, saying she's got a good feeling about them.
Hannah and Phil are having a cup of tea. Phil feels bad about Angie's shares. Helen tells him to forget it and go to the awards ceremony. Phil goes on about how he can't blow his cover, etc.
HELEN: Alright, I'll do it.
PHIL: Do what?
HELEN: Go to the awards as Phillippa Martinez.
PHIL: You will?!
HELEN: But if you win, Philip...
PHIL: Oh, Helen, that's the best bit of news I've had all day!
HANNAH:(coming into the room) Can I go too?
HANNAH: Typical!
HELEN: Just remember, Philip, you owe me a big one.
PHIL: The biggest!
Helen wonders where Debbie is. Hannah says Debbie is at Luke's - again. Helen still wants to talk to her, but Phil says Debbie is pretty fragile.
Luke sits down in the kitchen and looks awful. Debbie fusses over him a bit.
Danni comes in and Luke wants her to show him the designs she's worked on today. She takes a couple out, but Debbie glowers at her and then has a bit of a rant about how selfish Danni is and how Luke should be resting. When Danni has gone, Luke tells Debbie crossly that she's driving him crazy and she needs to give him some space. She stomps off.
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