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Neighbours Episode 2616 from 1996 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2616
Australian airdate: 20/05/96
UK airdate: 22/11/96
UK Gold: 12/11/02
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Holly: Trained by Luke Hura
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Phil is on the phone to Helen who is coming home. Debbie is worried about seeing her.
- Jo and Rob laugh about Marlene and Sam checking him out to see is he's "suitable" for her.
The Pub
Sam comes in and Lou says there's no word from Brett, but Sam has just come for a list of jobs. Lou says Cheryl hasn't got a visa yet, so can't fly to Ecuador to help Brett. He suggests Sam pops round to the house about the jobs. Lou tells Sam that he should get an agent to help him out with modelling work.
Helen has arrived home. She is having a cup of tea with Hannah and Phil. Helen's hip is a bit sore, but she was glad to be with Rosemary. Helen asks where Debbie is and guesses that she's a bit apprehensive about Helen's return. But it's OK - Rosemary and Joel aren't back together, Joel has left the company. Anyway, it wasn't just Debbie and Joel's affair that led to Rosemary's breakdown, there were other factors too.
Coffee Shop
Toadie thinks Angie should invest in the stock exchange. He reckons he could do it himself(!) but Angie prefers to rely on Phil. She does say he can use an imaginary $1000 for a few weeks, and if he makes money on his stock choices, she'll consider giving him real money to invest. Toadie is pleased.
Toadie is also getting into Eastern Medicine, which is apparently working for him.
Hannah tells Helen about Phil being nominated for an award. She congratulates him, but Phil doesn't think that he'll win. Anyway, he's not sure he's ready to come out of the closet as Phillippa Martinez even if he does win!
No.24, the following morning
Jo is on the phone to her dad saying she can't go with him. Apparently he's been offered a tour of Asia. He wants Jo to go with him, but she doesn't want to leave Rob. Sam says it's the opportunity of a lifetime and she gets cross with him.
Phil is explaining to Helen that he feels like a different person when he writes as Phillippa, and he might not be able to write anymore if he blows his cover. He asks Helen to fill in for him instead!
Hannah is writing a foreword to her romance novel "Lover Prince". Toadie walks by, grabs her notepad and mocks her. Hannah says Toadie is more like a frog than a prince!
Phil suggests that he and Helen go out for lunch. She sees right through this and says he's trying to bribe her(!) Phil tries a different tack of emotional blackmail, but Helen sees through that too(!) Helen wants to know what would happen if he won, but Phil doesn't think that will happen.
Coffee Shop
Angie and Jo are talking about Tarquin's tour of Asia. Angie assumes that Jo will be accepting and is shocked to hear that she's not. Jo says she doesn't want to leave her new job with Rob, but is clearly thinking about changing her mind and going to Asia.
Hannah is working on her novel. Toadie comes along again and asks how the "sex manual" is going(!) Toadie asks if Hannah really thinks he's a frog. Toadie says he acts the tough guy, but he's rubbish at talking to girls. Hannah tells him to get a grip - he's fine when he's talking to her and she's a girl.
Toadie suddenly has an epiphany and realises he's fine with Hannah. Romantic music plays.
TOADIE: Hannah, don't you see?
HANNAH: See what?
TOADIE: You and me...we're great with each other.
HANNAH: This, is great?
TOADIE: Maybe this, is love!
Hannah looks rather worried(!)
Hannah arrives home. Phil tells her he's written about ten pages of his book today. He asks her to make him a cup of tea as he's had a breakthrough with his story. Hannah is shocked to hear that Jade and Simon have got together in the book. Apparently Jade has been hiding her true feelings(!)
There follows a book- dream sequence. Hannah (as Jade) meet Toadie (as Simon). They talk, and Simon explains that she hasn't seen the real him, and they shouldn't deny their true feelings. "Jade" is doubtful, but "Simon" proves he loves her by kissing her.
Hannah protests that Jade would never be with Simon. Phil thinks it's a terrific twist - love can strike where it's least expected.
No.22 (verandah)
Cheryl and Marlene are having a cup of tea. Cheryl is beside herself with worry about Brett. She's very angry that everyone was on Brett's sidewhen he wanted to sail around the world, and now he's in trouble.
MARLENE: Oh, come on, come on! It'll be alright! He's Brett!
CHERYL: He's gullible and he's naive and he's inexperienced and...lord knows what's happening to him in that jail!
Marlene tries to calm her down by talking about Sam's search for an agent. Cheryl asks Marlene to leave her alone for a while.
In a fit of terrible acting, Jo is absently stirring a saucepan and thinking.
Sam is going out to meet someone called Peter about agents. Jo tells Sam and Marlene that she's decided not to go to Asia.
JO: I can't leave. Because of Rob. And you may as well know, I'm in love with him.
MARLENE: In love...?
SAM: ...with Rob?
JO: I know it's happened all so quick, but everything just fell into place. He's so wonderful and I can't leave him. I'm in love with Rob Evans.
Marlene and Sam roll their eyes (and so do I)
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